The best fight scenes

The best fight scenes

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Quite a long time, I enjoy finding the best fight scenes in films and serials, and once again scoring in the search engine endless queries such as: Martial Arts, Fighting scene, Fierce Fights, Best fight scenes, Best fight, Top fight scenes, Best Fight, Best fights in the movies, best fights of the movies, best battles, fight scenes, best fight scenes in the movie, best action scenes from the movies, best fight, best fight in the movie, martial arts movie, martial artists, the best fight etc., I really wanted to find a channel where all this would have been collected in one place.
And then I had an idea, why not do it yourself, since nobody has not reached. Accordingly, on this channel, I will try to publish the most comprehensive collection of scenes melee fights, battles, duels, brawls of films, TV series, short films, trailers and games worthy of respect.
P.S. By the way, if you have any suggestions on a particular video, I'll wait :)


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