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Hi, I'm Chelsea and I'm a travel & lifestyle writer. My mission is to support, guide, and empower people to develop the mindset for alignment and joy through intentional living, lifestyle design, and travel. You can find me over on chelseadinen.com and on Instagram @ChelseaDinen

Through my own self discovery journey and finding clarity around my values and goals, I have found immense freedom to start my own business, dive into the world through solo travel, and find purpose in every step. My channel infuses the practices of hygge and travel, helping us all create conscious, positive change in our lives! Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss any of my videos and vlogs! xo

Please note, I am currently not filming new YouTube videos. If you're interested in collaborating together, collaborations will only be featured on my blog & Instagram.

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/ChelseaDinen
Blog: http://chelseadinen.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ChelseaDinen


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