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Welcome lovie!
I'm Isabella Demarko, 20 years old and YouTube has been a passion of mine since the age of 13, I pretty much live here. I pour my heart and soul into this channel, and my viewers and subscribers motivate me every step of the way. You rock, Thank You for supporting my channel.

Grab a cup of tea and a biscuit and get comfortable, (Or you know.. just zonk out for a bit, you deserve it.)

Remember, you are always welcome here ♥

Beauty, Hair, Nails, Fashion, Hauls, Comedy, Advice, Chit Chat, Tutorials.. The Whole Shebang!
Enjoy! I am Isabella Demarko. Lots Of Love xXx

P.S I am Not a Beauty Guru, I just make YouTube videos.

***I am a Acting Student and have experience in Modeling***
Please contact: Isabella.byford@gmail.com If you'd like book me for acting or modeling jobs.


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