Welcome to my channel. This is mainly a Sonic channel featuring reviews, game play or try outs of people's Sonic hacks or mods or fan games, other official Sonic games, and other retro games from the 16-bit era (and on occasion, some modern games). My name is redhotsonic (also known as RHS) and yes, it's an OC I created back in 2002, but I stuck with the name because I'm well known in the Sonic community! Enjoy yourself and if you want to see more in the future, do not forget to subscribe and show your support! Please be aware, even though I try to keep it at a bare minimum, there may be swearing in some videos.


00:00 Let's Try Sunky the Game - Part 3
12K+ views | Apr 21, 2019
00:00 redhotsonic 06?
23K+ views | Mar 27, 2019
00:00 Let's Try Rouge in Sonic 1
8K+ views | Mar 03, 2019
00:00 Let's Review - Sonic Eraser
16K+ views | Sep 12, 2018
00:00 Freedom Planet - A Mini Review
4K+ views | Jun 14, 2018
10:28 Let's Try - Sonic Mania Overpowered
72K+ views | Apr 26, 2018
20:28 Let's Try Sonic Megamix Mania
4K+ views | Jan 01, 1970
08:30 Let's Try - Sonic Mania CD Mods!
24K+ views | Jan 01, 1970

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