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True artists don’t just arrive on the scene fully formed, they have to find themselves. Even with a few hits in the bag, the search takes time, and it might be a few laps around the sun before things get dialed in – but when that happens it’s like a switch is flipped. Heading into his second album for Big Loud Records, aptly titled Laps Around the Sun, that quest for self discovery was heavy on Chris Lane’s mind. Two whirlwind years of chart toppers and jam-packed shows had gone by for the breakout country talent, but the North Carolina native still felt restless. With Laps Around the Sun, this rising star had a bigger, bolder picture in mind, aiming for tunes “everybody can love, and everybody can feel.” “There’s a certain vibe to this album,” Lane says, describing the serene confidence behind his new brand of modern country.


02:42 Chris Lane - Fishin'
497K+ views | May 30, 2019
04:16 Chris Lane - Let Me Love You
818K+ views | Jan 18, 2019
02:00 Watershed 2018
6K+ views | Aug 06, 2018
04:38 Chris Lane - For Her
13M+ views | Sep 19, 2016
01:03 For Her (Cut x Cut)
2K+ views | Feb 25, 2016
03:25 Chris Lane - Fix
11M+ views | Jan 08, 2016

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