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I play Rainbow Six Siege a lot. I will start to do funny moments soon but for now I can't. Until then I will share with you guys some of my knowledge in the game. I may start doing more games as well when I start doing funny moments. I stream as well but for some reason I feel I do worse when I stream so I don't often. If you want to check it out, it's the same name as my YouTube channel. Slogan: Subscribe For More Autistic Content)?


08:14 Putting in Work - Rainbow Six Siege
115 views | Nov 04, 2017
08:29 New P90 Meta - Rainbow Six Siege
124 views | Nov 04, 2017
07:21 M870 Is Back - Rainbow Six SIege
111 views | Nov 04, 2017
08:46 My Own Meta - Rainbow Six Siege
112 views | Nov 04, 2017
09:10 That Claymore - Rainbow Six Siege
130 views | Nov 04, 2017

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