Welcome to Retronauts Video Chronicles, a video companion to the Retronauts podcast (www.retronauts.com). Currently, you'll find three active projects here: Game Boy Works, a game-by-game exploration of the Game Boy's worldwide catalog; NES Works, a similar project focused strictly on the American NES library; and Super NES Works, a similar survey of the American Super NES library. I also host a few different streaming series, notably Gintendo (an excuse to game and sip cocktails) and Cart-ography (featuring live game mapping).

If you'd like to support these ventures, though, you can contribute to the Retronauts Video Chronicles Patreon campaign (http://www.patreon.com/gamespite) or the Retronauts Podcast campaign (http://www.patreon.com/retronauts). Or you can buy related books on Amazon.com (e.g. Game Boy World 1989 and Good Nintentions). Thank you for watching!


02:28 Gintendo Stream #040: Super Metroid
6K+ views | Jan 01, 1970
14:12 Athena: The Famicom tape cassette
7K+ views | Jan 01, 1970

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