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Thanks for stopping by at Aden. This channel is all about GOURMET FOOD and STREET FOOD. In 2019 interesting restaurants can be filmed (free) in Italy, Japan, Thailand, Corsica, England, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greek Islands. Get in contact!

I work with models and actresses. Get in contact!

Not interested in Networks, Video Licensing etc.

Aden Films videos can embedded in any website (including Facebook) using the Youtube player with the URL of the video of the Aden Films channel. No re-uploads. "Fair Use" is fine, example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwQV1Sz7hyk&t=204s

Comments: Thanks for your comments below the videos. Disrespectful or inappropriate comments towards cooks or towards people in the video will be deleted. Rude commenters (spammers, haters) will be banned. Restaurants or food places can have the comment section below their video closed if they dislike the comments.


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