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RaceSpot TV is a live broadcasting team with a difference. We focus on the things that matter to viewers the most, and that’s providing a top quality product every single race. No gimmicks, no false promises, just awesome online broadcasting.

RaceSpot TV was founded in late 2013 by Rafael Sanque, Hugo Luis and Wil Vincent. The premise behinds the brand was simple, to strip away all the jargon being used to sell broadcasts at an overly inflated price, and concentrate on the core product at hand; producing the best quality broadcasts, with the best Audio / Visual experience possible. It’s a simple message, and one which we uphold to this day. Instead of ‘fancy’ series intro videos or ‘custom number plates’ for every driver, we let the action on the track provide the visual immersion, backed up by some of the best commentary and analysis in the business. Combine that with a graphical overlay that combines both form and function harmoniously, and we think that we’re onto a winner.


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