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Video My Honest Opinion About Anthem After Playing It For A Day. New Anthem Gameplay!


  • so recently I was flown out to Sweden to
  • check out anthem and go hands-on with it
  • for an entire day so I have a lot to
  • talk about in this video we're gonna be
  • talking about what I didn't like about
  • the game what I did like about anthem
  • and then of course my worries about the
  • game as well but do not take this as
  • like a review of any kind what you are
  • going to be seeing with this new
  • gameplay here is that it is very much
  • work in progress so keep that in mind
  • things are subject to change just
  • remember that as we go forward so yeah
  • we got a lot to talk about you're gonna
  • be seeing some really cool interceptor
  • javelin gameplay as well now remember I
  • am going to be doing a massive anthem
  • giveaway this is going to be huge so
  • check out the description below all I
  • ask is that you are subscribed to my
  • channel here on open world games be sure
  • to turn on the bell notification icon if
  • you want to stay updated about all
  • things amp them I'm gonna be showing off
  • some really cool stuff in the future
  • believe you me so stay tuned but see
  • that description if you want a chance
  • for winning a copy of anthem on either
  • ps4 Xbox one or PC well yeah let's dive
  • straight into this right now so what did
  • I like about anthem from my time playing
  • the game so I did play the game at e3
  • then I got the chance to also play it in
  • Sweden special thank you goes out to EA
  • for flying me out paying for my hotel
  • and the trip and allowing me the chance
  • to share this with you guys so goes
  • without saying the game is downright
  • gorgeous I mean the Frostbite engine
  • still has it of course if you don't know
  • the Frostbite engine is running games
  • like Battlefield 5 star wars battlefront
  • II for speed these are really
  • good-looking games and no doubt anthem
  • is gorgeous so this is running on PC
  • it's ultra settings gonna be 60 frames
  • per second so that's really nice I have
  • not gotten to see the console version
  • just yet so I'm hoping that one really
  • stands up as well but seeing battlefield
  • and a lot of the other games they look
  • pretty pretty good on the consoles South
  • the game is really good-looking so also
  • this game is very much driven
  • by that loot experience going out
  • finding that rare weapon the legendary
  • gear and stuff like that so there's
  • gonna be a wide variety of loot and
  • weapons with this game and from my time
  • my day playing the game I only played
  • before I think it was like 6 hours or
  • something like that I got a lot of loot
  • and a wide variety of weapons so I got
  • to experiment with you know a lot of
  • different things in that regard so I was
  • pretty impressed from just the 6 hours
  • with how much Lu I actually obtained so
  • that was really noteworthy to me walking
  • away from this experience playing
  • Hampton now we didn't get to really play
  • with a lot of the super rare weapons
  • though from what I understand there's
  • some really cool variants in terms of
  • weapons and the rarity for those weapons
  • so you'll be getting those rarities you
  • know based on your difficulty that you
  • play on so this is going to be basically
  • the normal difficult that you are seeing
  • here and then there's like a total of
  • six difficulties two of them I think
  • it's like three of them maybe need to be
  • unlocked it can't remember but yeah
  • that's gonna really up the chance of
  • getting those rare and legendary weapons
  • and gear for sure and I think that's
  • gonna be where our players are gonna
  • really be entertained by it and the
  • highlight was really playing with
  • friends you know it's playing with
  • fellow youtubers here Rexy and then
  • tired in they were a blast to play with
  • so I think this game is gonna be really
  • driven by the experience of playing with
  • others and then of course beyond just
  • the weapons I was also impressed by the
  • fact that there are four different
  • javelins they all have their own unique
  • abilities in play styles as you can see
  • with the Interceptor
  • he is absolutely shredding everything I
  • mean he is so much fun to play with
  • while in this case it's a she you could
  • choose whatever whichever one you want
  • male or female of course from out the
  • gate that's based on your pilot and then
  • you have your javelins but yeah this was
  • my favorite javelin no doubt just going
  • in there and absolutely racking every
  • thing and they are extremely speedy here
  • so I you can't actually do this get this
  • you can actually have basically four
  • interceptors so it's it is four player
  • co-op this game but you can have four
  • interceptors if you want to just go into
  • stronghold or whatever whatever now they
  • said that's going to make it more
  • difficult but that would be so much
  • freaking fun in my opinion as you can
  • see my buddies here are both the
  • Colossus javelin that's basically the
  • tank javelin which can shoot down
  • mortars and all sorts of stuff but yeah
  • you can go in and do whatever you want
  • with this game in terms of your classes
  • and I imagine that they would be adding
  • more down the road as well considering
  • that also you got to remember that the
  • DLC is going to be free but I am gonna
  • be talking about concerns with that in
  • just a moment as well so there are
  • concerns with that no doubt so yeah
  • there's various abilities you can unlock
  • new abilities and I think you can
  • upgrade them as well and then you could
  • go further in and customize your javelin
  • now this is where it gets crazy
  • I got to actually mess with this but I
  • can't show you the footage darn it but I
  • can show you this this is from the
  • Bioware stream and the customization
  • options in this game are crazy good so
  • that's something that is very impressive
  • with this game for sure they like taking
  • the technology from car games and this
  • is how I view and put them onto a
  • javelin so it's so extensive I was so
  • impressed with the customization for
  • sure so absolutely amazing what you can
  • do here you can see some of the results
  • that you can actually create this is the
  • I think this is the mr. Ranger javelin
  • might be the storm javelin I think it's
  • the Ranger dabble
  • yeah but they're customizing the Ranger
  • javelin here and then you can also
  • customize the storm javelin see how you
  • can make your storm javelin look any way
  • you want you get really ridiculous with
  • it as well so I Rexy actually made a
  • pink
  • what was it Colossus he thought it was
  • red we're gonna say it's pink pinkish
  • red so you can have bright vibrant
  • colors if you want to or just have
  • something that makes more sense in terms
  • of lore whatever
  • now also beyond you know your weapons
  • and your javelins that you can get new
  • gear for you can all
  • to upgrade your pilot themselves so
  • there's a progression tree for your PI
  • that so as you can see all these things
  • working together the game seems to have
  • a pretty extensive progression tree to
  • it over all and some randomness in there
  • to keep you going back into the open
  • world in the strongholds and the
  • missions and tried the higher
  • difficulties to try to get those super
  • rare weapons all right so it's really
  • important to note beyond the four player
  • co-op and the multiplayer and the PvE
  • experience there's something called for
  • Tarsus if you did not know now I can't
  • show you footage up be roaming around
  • for Tarsus but I can show you stuff from
  • the bio hour livestream and yeah it's
  • going to be where you can actually talk
  • to NPCs and this is what I would
  • consider the single-player type
  • experience where you will be taking on
  • story missions and stuff like that and
  • actually talking with other NPCs and the
  • paths that you can choose are you know
  • diver you can actually diverse to
  • several different paths with this game
  • as well so there's going to be choice
  • and consequence regarding your actual
  • decision-making in this hub space which
  • is going to be for Tarsus then you'll
  • have the ability to upgrade your javelin
  • from here take on missions and stuff
  • like that so that's really cool and it
  • is in first person so it's first person
  • in for Tarsus and then it's a third
  • person when you head out into the open
  • world take on your missions and stuff
  • like that let me know what you guys make
  • of that by the way would you prefer to
  • have the option to switch the
  • first-person we're not actually
  • exploring in the open world I didn't
  • mind it at all I'm so used to playing
  • third person games so I was like who
  • cares I mean I love seeing the
  • customisation personally that's just me
  • but yeah I didn't mind that at all
  • maybe it would be cool to see options
  • but considering you're flying I could
  • see that could be a little bit maybe a
  • little weird who knows so yeah for
  • Tarsus is really cool and the story has
  • me actually really really intrigued as
  • well and then we got to talk about this
  • there's these huge mammoth creatures
  • that do roam the open world known as the
  • tight
  • so I really want to see more from math
  • as well but guys remember to stay tuned
  • to the channel I will keep you guys up
  • to date on all things regarding that but
  • overall I was really impressed with the
  • difficulty settings the sense of being
  • able to replay this game in that regard
  • and also I did like how the loop system
  • the randomness was kind of tied to the
  • difficulty so the more you up that the
  • more chances you get for getting higher
  • rarity gear and stuff you got to
  • remember that strongholds are gonna be a
  • big part of the game - they aren't
  • raised they're going to be extensive
  • like missions where you can actually get
  • better loot and stuff and they pretty
  • much always end with a epic boss battle
  • of some kind so that's really cool to
  • know but also let's go ahead and talk
  • about what I did not like about anthem
  • what are my worries about this game so
  • that's gonna be a really good question
  • with this one for sure so I did actually
  • get to try this game solo and I think
  • this game is a lot more fun playing with
  • friends just goes without saying so just
  • remember that going into this
  • single-player you still do it single
  • player but I think it's gonna be a lot
  • more fun with friends now also the pic
  • concern is microtransactions as I said
  • before the DLC in this game will be free
  • that's really cool but the
  • microtransactions are going to be tied
  • to Cosmetics only that's also really
  • cool but I'm still worried about how
  • grimy this experience is going to be if
  • it's super grindy with the
  • microtransactions I'm gonna be really
  • worried because I still think cosmetics
  • are super important although they're not
  • enhancing gameplay in any way and you
  • have to say Cosmetics are extremely
  • important to any game and then
  • considering that it is free DLC how much
  • free DLC will we actually get down the
  • road that's gonna be the question and I
  • think that's gonna be dependent on the
  • success of the game itself when how the
  • game sells on a base and then also
  • beyond that when it comes to micro
  • transactions up well find out about that
  • one that's something I'm also really
  • really concerned
  • so we'll see also this game is PvE only
  • that means you and your buddies versus
  • AI and there is no PvP as of yet at
  • launch so I'm worried about that too you
  • know you have other games that do you
  • I'll have PvP but they could add that
  • down the road for me
  • I usually just lately I've been playing
  • a lot of PvP games so I think there's an
  • actual need for more PvP games like
  • anthem gear so maybe they'll add it down
  • the road let me know that even worries
  • you the lack of PvP
  • now also with a game like this the end
  • game is super important it's basically
  • everything is the lifeblood of the game
  • after you have actually completed it how
  • much does it enhance the longevity of
  • the game so that's another thing that is
  • going to be concerning of course the
  • game has six difficulties you have to
  • unlock a few of those and that's gonna
  • ramp up the difficult for a stronghold
  • the open the world and stuff like that
  • but again it's going to come down to
  • that in game will they be adding stuff
  • that really keeps us in the world of
  • anthem in the long term so we'll have to
  • wait and find out so yeah overall I
  • stepped away from this game I had fun I
  • feel like the controls are stellar I
  • felt like you know the Interceptor class
  • they're freaking awesome I'm gonna say I
  • recommend if you want someone that is
  • really like a guerilla warfare type
  • character go with the Interceptor
  • javelin for sure but yeah there's a wide
  • variety of javelins on offer you know so
  • many types of gameplay styles supported
  • you know beyond just getting in there
  • and you know being a ninja and slicing
  • and dicing so guys thanks for watching
  • hopefully enjoy the video stay tuned for
  • more coverage of anthem remember I'm
  • doing that big anthem giveaway so if you
  • want a chance to win a copy of anthem on
  • either ps4 Xbox one or PC be sure to see
  • that description for a chance to win
  • then also be sure to subscribe and stay
  • updated but guys thanks for watching
  • stay tuned for more and I will see you
  • next time take it easy

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That's right! I got the opportunity to play Anthem and now show off new Anthem gameplay to you all while talking about what I did and did not like about the game. This is definitely NOT an Anthem review, so keep in mind that the game is very much in beta and work in progress!

►►GIVEAWAY UPDATE! Winner has been announced. Congrats to Brandon Wilkinson from the UK for winning a copy of Anthem!


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On a world left unfinished by the gods, a shadowy faction threatens all of humankind. The only thing that stands between these villains and the ancient technology they covet are the Freelancers.

Join with up to three other players and assemble high-tech, hand-crafted, uniquely powerful exosuits. Explore vast ruins, battle deadly enemies, and claim otherworldly artifacts. With every mission, you and your Javelin exosuit grow in power. Fight the dangers of an ever-changing world. Rise united to defeat evil. Triumph as one. Anthem invites you to experience a co-operative Action-RPG set in a new and mysterious world from BioWare and EA.


Individual heroes unite to triumph as one: The heart of Anthem is a connected, social experience. Team up with up to three other players in cooperative adventures that reward both teamwork and individual skill. Each player’s choice of Javelin exosuit will shape their contribution and strategic role on the team. Set out together on an expedition or drop a contract to call in friends to assist with difficult challenges. As you explore, you will discover a gripping story filled with unique and memorable characters. Seamless and intelligent matchmaking will ensure you can quickly and easily find other players to adventure alongside.

Choose from an arsenal of customizable exosuits: Every time you enter the world as a Freelancer, you will access your collection and select a powerful Javelin exosuit – armor designed to provide its pilot with incredible offensive and defensive capabilities. Move at incredible speed, rocket across the skies, or safely roam watery depths. As you play, you will constantly have the opportunity to progress both your own abilities as a Javelin pilot and the combat and traversal capabilities of your exosuits.

Personalize your Javelins to showcase your accomplishments: The Javelin exosuits – and accompanying gear, weapons, and equipment – can be heavily customized and personalized. As you rank up and defeat powerful foes, you’ll gather loot and complete milestones in the game, unlocking amazing personalization options that turn your Javelins into testaments to your ability and achievement.

Explore an ever-changing world of danger and mystery: Powered by EA’s Frostbite game engine, Anthem’s visually spectacular, evolving, and open world features unpredictable conditions, hazards, and enemies. As a live service experience, Anthem will change and grow over time – introducing new stories, challenges, and cataclysmic events. This world is both beautiful and deadly – and will strategically challenge you with each new expedition you embark on with your Freelancer team.


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