Video Trying on Our Old Quince Dresses w/ LIFE AFTER QUINCE

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Trying on Our Old Quince Dresses w/ LIFE AFTER QUINCE
Trying on Our Old Quince Dresses w/ LIFE AFTER QUINCE thumb Trying on Our Old Quince Dresses w/ LIFE AFTER QUINCE thumb Trying on Our Old Quince Dresses w/ LIFE AFTER QUINCE thumb


  • [Music]
  • we look like a bunch of weirdos like
  • everyone's staring at us
  • I can feel the high it has been three
  • years since circuses and being on my
  • dream quinceanera the show has brought
  • us all together and were all super super
  • close friends which has led to some
  • drama as you see me all my pepper King
  • says but today we're here at awesomeness
  • TV and we're playing all that drama side
  • and we're gonna try on our teens
  • addresses so stay tuned after the video
  • to watch a special sneak peek of life
  • after King's death season four so
  • [Music]
  • I did it Wow let's see cherry
  • how do you feel 3 is it like no tight so
  • wait why did you join your dress like
  • what made you want to pick it out I was
  • going through their catalogue and I just
  • like saw it and I was just like for like
  • I want that one this is so fit your
  • style like would you change anything um
  • I don't think so like I would have any
  • eye and your skin tone goes like so
  • perfect good yeah I still really like
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • that's where they really have you though
  • grab it yeah would you do anything like
  • differently with your dress first of all
  • I wouldn't order online big no-no but
  • honestly the outcome of it was like so
  • good so I regret warning online but not
  • really you know what I mean why did you
  • choose black premises my theme was the
  • Great Gatsby so they're all like yeah so
  • this dress is just perfect for their
  • great gatsby cuz it's like you know pop
  • even though it's black
  • can I see your name is Emily yeah I
  • remember seeing my Maleficent I love in
  • my like Godfather made this for me and
  • she made like another one that matched
  • my other dress as well which is really
  • cool
  • [Applause]
  • oh that was a lot more blue I didn't
  • know it had like that pink and green and
  • typical is so
  • [Music]
  • oh you look so cute when I did the whole
  • process I only tried on two dresses it
  • was like another blue one and this one
  • but I fell in love with this one cuz
  • he's the top her personality is like
  • Pepe and Concannon and I feel like that
  • dress goes with you this very Kitsch
  • it's not too much either yeah and a lot
  • of people like expected more I guess but
  • they like like the fanny I kept it
  • simple
  • [Music]
  • did I love the way red looks on you
  • it looks like a princess yeah yeah it
  • does
  • Oh little flower so I like to dress
  • Ramona but they didn't have the exact
  • red I wanted so I had it remade and then
  • I added like a couple - she said
  • it's really good to make it personal
  • that's really cool and then my Nonna's
  • she added like little rhinestones inside
  • each of the cells oh really it's so
  • chewy love that so three years later
  • does it fit the same I didn't think
  • there was that much of a difference
  • honestly so guys
  • awesomeness gave us this car terrine and
  • I'm thinking it's a little game so let
  • me read it
  • awesomenesstv has challenged you guys to
  • a scavenger hunt you must wear your
  • dresses
  • oh and complete all four challenges
  • these dresses are so uncomfortable I'm
  • happy like mine's comfortable I like at
  • the moon anyways ready go
  • [Music]
  • oh why is it squeaking like that oh my
  • god all right guys so we just completed
  • the scooter challenge and it was
  • honestly pretty hard well for me at
  • least because my stress kept getting
  • stuck but the struggle was real and now
  • we're on our way to the Train and we're
  • in her heels okay
  • we're crossing the street we are
  • crossing the street we look like a bunch
  • of weirdos like everyone staring at a
  • video the eyes and we
  • yeah all right guys we are here at the
  • trains and one of the challenges on the
  • card said that we have to sit by a
  • stranger so like this is gonna be really
  • difficult - how do you feel I'm very
  • scared I hate talking people
  • oh wait another we're here I'm kind of
  • scared for entering Oh
  • thank you
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • all right so we just got off the train
  • and now we're just wandering the streets
  • and now we just gotta we have two more
  • challenges left we have to stand as
  • mannequins in a store kind of scared oh
  • we came in a little shop you wanna go
  • next to shop okay you know drop will fit
  • in a little better there this is
  • embarrassing
  • is there any cute guys in there
  • so awkward hi so we're in this little
  • competition and I was wondering if we
  • could stand in the front and be
  • mannequins
  • [Music]
  • American
  • [Music]
  • okay everyone so we've just completed
  • all of our challenges and we were
  • exhausted I got four importantly I did
  • all the challenges of the card told us
  • to but I sing so I think I definitely
  • deserve another point but comment down
  • below if you want to part two of this
  • video so thank you guys so so much for
  • tuning in till the end of the video and
  • the moment you have all been waiting for
  • and so for everyone's patience we made a
  • little teaser filled
  • [Music]
  • do you think that long-distance is
  • something for you I thought it was okay
  • with you that we had your blessing I
  • think you should just probably tell her
  • how you feel I just feel like I really
  • don't want to be able to late for that
  • now I try so hard to be good enough not
  • only will it break them up it'll break
  • us up too
  • why didn't you tell me what happened
  • hotels party it was Victoria it just
  • makes me wear myself I wonder what's
  • gonna happen I just don't think that's
  • fair to me you know boys come and go but
  • you have a bond looks like completely
  • different than anyone else
  • you

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The girls come to Awesomeness to try on their old quince dresses, but that's not all they have in store for them. They must compete in a scavenger hunt around Los Angeles in their Quinceañera dresses! Make sure to watch until the end of the episode for the teaser on Life After Quince Season 4, premiering June 14th!
Life After Quince Season 3 - https://bit.ly/2kayDnB
Life After Quince Season 2 - http://bit.ly/2wo896j
Life After Quince Season 1 - http://bit.ly/2huqzdI

Special thanks to Friar Tux!

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