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Video Found Possible Murder Weapon Underwater in a Shallow Urban Canal! (Police Called)
19:00   |   today at 11:37


  • my first initial thought was to hand it
  • over to the police so I told brain I
  • think that's what we should do call the
  • police officers because we don't know
  • like this could be potentially a murder
  • one hey what's up guys get ready Almaty
  • here today I'm with my friend Brandon
  • and today we're gonna be Orban treasure
  • hunting so we're back at the creek the
  • past two days we've been here we found
  • something the same stuff so behind me is
  • where we're gonna be searching and as
  • you can see there's like six seven foot
  • concrete walls so whatever's been
  • dropped in there nobody's going down to
  • get it except for me and Jake so we can
  • find anything in there today
  • okay jumpa thumbs up if you guys are
  • enjoying these urban treasure hunting
  • videos and if there's a decent might of
  • support we'll pick a new Creek and we'll
  • team up and look for some more treasure
  • hey what if we go to a big city what do
  • we go to Atlanta
  • that's only like an hour and a half away
  • and do this in the middle of the city
  • we'd find some crazy stuff we find like
  • stolen cars we don't think that bank
  • robber who's like all the money out he's
  • got scared we're gonna be rich tickets
  • we're gonna be rich and make sure you
  • guys subscribe to our YouTube channels
  • as well and Brenna's gonna be uploading
  • his version today I'm not gonna show you
  • everything Brennan found so if you want
  • to check out the stuff he found it's
  • gonna be make sure you guys check out
  • his videos gonna be guys spicy I don't
  • know
  • Heidi I don't know if you guys should
  • watch this video so the first thing we
  • have to do is actually make it up this
  • like little dam I hear it's a little
  • deep in the middle we have to swim
  • across and then walk up the dam wall but
  • I think it's gonna be really slippery I
  • think Brandon's gonna eat crap a whole
  • bunch so this should be great
  • but but don't things been here for a
  • while and I think you're gonna find
  • something crazy this could be a great
  • place to start Brandon's going to take
  • the first approach onto the dam wall I
  • like that we can call it the dam wall Oh
  • Brandon
  • oh my god I'm scared the higher I go up
  • the movement of slide oh I see the
  • promised land oh my god I've really hurt
  • my foot oh
  • this woodsy offers no protection you
  • don't have a waterproof bags have to be
  • very careful but I got a walk up the
  • wall just like Brandon did put my
  • backpack on his and then I must lie down
  • before I know it's really slippery like
  • I can really I'm afraid about following
  • it I'll grab you if you fall well maybe
  • I won't cuz I got the big camera you
  • gotta Jacobson I was slipping way more
  • than you what the heck you look like a
  • mine like grabbing the wall like that
  • cuz your moment Jacob this is your
  • moment
  • next up we have Jacobson
  • oh that is gross it's actually really
  • fun
  • [Applause]
  • the hype is real
  • Oh a gun different approaches done Oh oh
  • my gosh you get it okay okay
  • hey champion pound-for-pound damn
  • crawling champion of the world it's like
  • a postgame interview
  • mm-hmm hi ask me a question what are you
  • shooting for in a career of dam wall
  • climbing uh well you know hmm
  • I've been climbing damn walls since you
  • know since I was in diapers and you know
  • diaper way down but you know I know I'm
  • in a wet suit and not even a damn Walken
  • sobbing hey you ready it's a brand eye
  • we're starting our journey
  • I see our first bridge and I'm hoping we
  • find our first object of the day oh whoa
  • that's bad oh that's Bruce we just found
  • our first piece of treasure Wow some
  • sunglasses it's just oh yeah it kind of
  • looks like a Ferrari emblem River slime
  • on it but that actually is a Ferrari
  • Ferrari it just looked like the slime
  • looked like a Ferrari emblem but they're
  • actually Ferrari sunglasses and that's
  • so awesome and I've never seen these
  • before in my life so that's really cool
  • do you see this oh my gosh that's a car
  • door you just pass this that aspect what
  • do you handle right there let's flip it
  • over see if there's anything inside
  • there besides oh my god smells so bad
  • there's a speaker right there well sure
  • that still works pretty good
  • nothing inside the door where's the car
  • yeah the car is it there we go
  • Brandon got a new car you guys how do
  • you think this actually got here though
  • dude I don't know I don't know man like
  • they must have just threw it over right
  • here right like a car heavy what if a
  • car crashed off that bridge
  • and this is just one of the pieces maybe
  • that makes sense that's cool that makes
  • sense about our first card or let's find
  • the rest of the car we've been walking
  • for about 20 minutes and we haven't
  • found anything crazy yet but what is
  • that a basic white girl oh my gosh it's
  • a hotel it's a super 8 Hotel card
  • oh dude now we didn't go there we got
  • passes for the super 8 now check it out
  • I see my first knife no way yeah look at
  • that found my first knife that's awesome
  • what kind of knife is this you think
  • well that's a little filet knife yeah
  • yeah that's cool
  • there's just a little bit of rust on
  • this but pretty cool to find our first
  • night and we use this to take Brandon
  • out later on don't tell them that oh
  • what's this dude is this a Megalodon
  • tooth oh my gosh look at that
  • fix your shovel oh my god I actually
  • kind of does look like a Megalodon tooth
  • I've seen those videos on YouTube of the
  • climbers I know so we were just walking
  • back there and we saw a dead animal of
  • some sort might be like a raccoon or
  • potentially a dog I'm not gonna show you
  • guys but it's pretty bad it smelt bad
  • look bad and all like you remember you
  • slid headfirst I did and water is on my
  • lips oh nasty I thought there's a snake
  • or something by me there's dead animals
  • everywhere hey and I got a scooter dude
  • go Jay go oh man you gotta try to let me
  • ride it next I can't believe you found a
  • freaking River scooter this is River
  • treasure hunting at its finest are you
  • Jacob magic that is hilarious
  • Jake was to convey to let me borrow your
  • scooter yeah you're welcome in there was
  • so much fun they actually worked out
  • great too I can't wait to ride down the
  • dam back there with it that's gonna be a
  • blast
  • look up here dude whoa we got a first
  • set of Rapids pretty sick I don't know
  • did this so we got a first set of Rapids
  • up here and I think this is gonna be a
  • really good spot for treasure because if
  • anything's going down it could get stuck
  • right behind this so I'm excited to get
  • down there some people want some cool
  • stuff man
  • so Briana we actually have to cross this
  • water section right here but we're
  • sneaking up on all these fish there's a
  • bunch of oh yeah the best of Achaia fish
  • oh
  • thing that was so cool I know it's a
  • little difficult to look on my camera
  • but I'll Brennan I think I see something
  • like a phone what is this Brendan
  • there's something shiny right here
  • there's something shiny I'm let me get
  • it looks like your phone
  • something shiny
  • oh it's a buzzy stuff for your hair
  • right that is gonna be a phone at first
  • but it's a hair twenty bucks as we're
  • streaming across that area
  • I actually spotted a $20 bill luckiest
  • man alive right I can't believe I found
  • money in there Brandon it's sick dude my
  • first initial thought was money but I
  • wasn't hungry since sure but 20 bucks
  • dude that's awesome you know what we
  • should do
  • what's that we should spin this at the
  • very end go buy something maybe it's a
  • lottery ticket since I'm like Gatorade
  • or something
  • could you imagine if we won the lottery
  • 20 bucks a treasure hunters find
  • treasure and win lottery the unreal you
  • would never expect a sewer to be so
  • beautiful look at those beautiful
  • flowers then where did this come from
  • great do they really I'm allergic to
  • fall and I'll be sneezing those I
  • probably shouldn't do that you're not
  • gonna believe this I just nothing
  • Authority and it went through my booty
  • oh my gosh my foot is in your foot yeah
  • yeah
  • you get it all out I think so I had to
  • check later but the good one oh I heard
  • I bet it whoa no that garden yeah yeah
  • they're like big Clippers big ones do
  • you know somebody was trying to like cut
  • that tree and then they dropped him and
  • they're like crap Jake and I were
  • literally just walking and I just
  • happened to look over and I saw like a
  • weird object I saw this little bit of
  • silver right here oh my gosh I cannot
  • believe you just came across this Gundy
  • it's got so lucky oh my gosh so like I
  • found a gun in the river about a year
  • ago and you know my first initial
  • thought was to hand it over to the
  • police
  • so I told brain I think that's what we
  • should do should call the police
  • officers because we don't know like this
  • could be potentially a murder one yeah
  • when Jake and I first came out here we
  • talked about how we could potentially
  • find weapons or anything that would be
  • thrown into because this is an urban
  • area we've went all the way through the
  • city and so if somebody had a murder
  • weapon this would be a great place to
  • toss it but the further we walked the
  • more we like lost hope we just saw a
  • bunch of cans a couple cool things here
  • and there but no like big-ticket items
  • until we came across this and I mean it
  • just makes sense man there's a bridge
  • right behind us where somebody could
  • have thrown it out of their car somebody
  • could have thrown it out of a bridge
  • there and it came to this spot where we
  • became its resting place this is just is
  • a sick this is so crazy with you this is
  • an unreal moment it's been here for a
  • very long time it's super rusty and you
  • know I told Brian like if we hand it
  • over to the police it could solve a case
  • and I just think that's an awesome story
  • man this is such an incredible find all
  • the stuff is on it super rusty that's
  • been in there for a very long time yeah
  • so this is definitely my biggest fine
  • ever we haven't touched the gun yet it's
  • still in the water and we're gonna do
  • the responsible thing we're gonna call
  • the police have them come look at it
  • guns normally have serial numbers on
  • them so they'll be able to trace this
  • back to the owner or potentially solve a
  • crime case or maybe even a murder case
  • with this so this could be a hot pistol
  • something that was stolen or anything
  • that we don't know so we're gonna call
  • the police and have them deal with it
  • appropriately but from a treasure hunter
  • standpoint
  • this is the most unreal find ever Jake
  • when you found one it changed her
  • lighting yeah it changed my life on
  • YouTube and yet if it was insane it was
  • your first big big viral moment I'm not
  • saying that's what's gonna happen here
  • but this is just how special this is so
  • this is incredible so right now I'm
  • going to go ahead and grab the gun would
  • it be very careful because when we don't
  • know if it's loaded and obviously we
  • don't want it falling apart or anything
  • bad happening on our hands because I
  • mean this thing is very very old so Jake
  • them to hand this over to you and I'm
  • gonna go ahead and grab this guy trying
  • to keep everything on there we go
  • there's not a bullet in this chamber
  • right here but they're definitely
  • potentially could be some bullets in
  • there so wow that's wow oh my gosh so
  • very very cool fine we're being very
  • careful with the handgun we're gonna
  • pull up our phone right now and drop a
  • pin at this location so when we call the
  • police officer we still have to walk to
  • go meet and we can't just meet them
  • right here and so we'll bring the
  • handgun with us so if the officer wants
  • to know where the actual handgun was
  • found we can show them that pin in this
  • location because like we said this could
  • potentially help solve a case
  • potentially a murder weapon so it's very
  • important that we can tell the officer
  • exactly where this handgun was found so
  • let's go ahead and call the police and
  • we'll handle it from there
  • so I'm actually about to call the
  • Columbus Police Department on Jake's
  • phone and then this phone is I actually
  • have maps up because we've been going
  • through this urban canal so we don't
  • know exactly where we are and this is
  • how we're going to kind of tell the
  • police where we are it is about seven
  • o'clock I guess from this point we try
  • to call our local police department I
  • guess from this point to get an actual
  • person dispatch to us we might have to
  • call 9-1-1 it's not an actual emergency
  • so normally you wouldn't call 9-1-1 but
  • we call the police department so so now
  • i'm going to go ahead and call 9-1-1 and
  • then put them on speaker here hey how's
  • it going this is not an emergency but I
  • did find a gun in a urban river today so
  • I wanted to report it and see what we're
  • supposed to do
  • awesome thank you so much all right
  • thank you so we did just see the police
  • officer drive right across his bridge
  • but I don't think you realize this is
  • the bridge we're supposed to meet them
  • on meet drove right by we yelled but we
  • didn't see it so I'm gonna get up on
  • this okay but we're the ones who caught
  • about the handgun yeah we actually found
  • it right over here in the water you want
  • me to meet you up here this is the
  • handgun that was pretty eroded huh yeah
  • no no it's pretty bad didn't really get
  • to check it too much just kind of yeah
  • when we found it we just kind of left in
  • the condition and cause you guys out
  • yeah okay shoot a serial number is done
  • dang it all right let me just uh yes
  • sure I screenshotted it where we found
  • it just so you guys do right exactly
  • hey nice that is beautiful awesome
  • awesome another question I know this is
  • a long shot well we're parked like a
  • mile down this thing is there any way
  • you could take us there now are we
  • having in the back this is your first
  • time Jake I'll show you how to do it so
  • basically I'm showing Jake you know what
  • it's like to do eventually one day we'd
  • be in the back of a cop car together
  • we did a good deed today actually so the
  • officer just told us that right where we
  • found the gun around that location there
  • was actually an altercation where a male
  • and a female got into an argument and I
  • guess the female spit in the guy's face
  • and the guy got really upset pulled a
  • gun on her and actually shot her and so
  • they never found the weapon they did
  • detain the guy in the cases an open
  • public case but this could potentially
  • be the gun to that case we are released
  • Jake for those who don't know I actually
  • found a gun about a year ago in a river
  • and that fine changed my life completely
  • I went from I think it was two hundred
  • thousand subscribers on YouTube to about
  • like 1.2 million just a couple months
  • and that allowed me to travel and look
  • for treasures and pick up trash all
  • around the world and make cool videos
  • like this as my career and I want that
  • to happen to Brandon my video is just
  • gonna be a little simplified at it just
  • because I want him to show off
  • everything but definitely check out his
  • video show him some love subscribe his
  • channel he's closing in on 500,000
  • subscribers you know Brett is a great
  • teammate to have and we've had so much
  • fun here in this past couple days down
  • here on the creek we found some amazing
  • stuff
  • [Music]

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Found Possible Murder Weapon Underwater in a Shallow Urban Canal! (Police Called)

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