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Video Happiness Isn't Far Away - Nakayama Yuma and Guo Shu Yao♥ [Fanvid]
04:53   |   9K+ views   |   06/21/2018 at 21:39

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IMPORTANT: This is in Yao Yao's view, there are her memories in it, and the pics are her memories, keep watching past the pics I didn't just run out of footage, it's right before the important bit XD Lol~~

FINALLY FINISHED! I had so many problems downloading all the clips in the right format etc etc, and then I had wmm problems, but finally after like literally months, It's aaall done C:

So, here for your enjoyment is my lovely Yuma Nakayama and Guo Shu Yao. The footage is from Yuma's drama Koishite Akuma and YaoYao's Xing Fu Bu Yuan [Happiness Is Not Far] PV. The song is also Xing Fu Bu Yuan. I own nothing in the video, just the love and skills to put something so beautiful together :{D

When I first saw the PV, I was like 'OMG YAOYAO YOU CUTIE~ NOW I CAN SHIP YOU AND YUMA! Lol, something like that anyway. So then I spent ages tryna find the right episode/part of KoiAku to match it up with. xD

YaoYao, I love youuu♥ And of course Yuma I love you too xD
D'aww, NyaoNyao and Nyuuma would be adorable together~~~

Ooh, and I juss wanna say, I'm so glad Nakayama Nana has returned to the world of idols :]


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