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Video Someone Is Visiting Me At Night Via Astral Projection…
13:40   |   views   |   04/15/2018


  • [Music]
  • hi my angels it's Haley Reis and today's
  • video is going to be one of the first in
  • a while recent personal paranormal type
  • experiences that I've been experiencing
  • and going through and it is probably
  • going to sound extremely unbelievable to
  • you it's probably gonna sound like
  • something that would be from some sort
  • of movie or film but I can assure you
  • that this is 100% what I believe to be
  • going on this is 100% what I've been
  • going through and it's extremely
  • extremely creepy today's video is going
  • to be me basically talking about the
  • fact that I truly believe somebody was
  • coming into my home and my space via
  • astral projection in the night and with
  • some sort of like darker purpose behind
  • it and it sounds so crazy like every
  • single time I say it out loud or I think
  • about it I'm like Haley you are totally
  • insane but when I start from the
  • beginning and I get to where I'm at now
  • I think you guys might actually believe
  • me now I have an entire video on astral
  • projection and out-of-body experiences
  • in the astral realm and the different
  • dimensions I will have a link to that
  • video at the top my description if you
  • have yet to watch that video and you're
  • new to my channel definitely go ahead
  • and check out that video so you
  • understand what exactly astral
  • projection is because I'm not going to
  • go too deep into detail on that in this
  • video just because I have talked about
  • it before but I have a video on it you
  • can definitely check it out
  • and and then maybe you'll understand
  • what I'm talking about a little bit
  • better so as you guys know if you're
  • familiar with astral projection is
  • essentially where you can either
  • intentionally or unintentionally leave
  • your physical body and travel into the
  • astral realms now there are differences
  • between it they say that astral
  • projection is right in two different
  • dimensions they say that it's more of an
  • out-of-body experience if you're able to
  • be within this current dimension either
  • way
  • you are able to travel into this
  • dimension into our physical realm in
  • actual time now people have used astral
  • projection in the past to spy on people
  • people who are very very good at astral
  • projection and have practiced it as like
  • a craft and really really work hard
  • towards that are able to control it
  • enough and really and truly tap into
  • this physical dimension outside of their
  • body they can possess the ability to
  • travel to places in real time what I
  • mean by this is that you're able to
  • let's say fall asleep and train
  • themselves to travel out of their body
  • and head to a place in this current
  • dimension in the current time now spying
  • on people with this tactic is extremely
  • bad karma you will definitely suffer
  • consequences for invading people's space
  • and privacy and especially if you have
  • any sort of malicious intent and will
  • come back to you ten times harder you
  • will attract negative entities you will
  • attract negativity around you and it
  • just overall brings on a lot of
  • negativity around you but that doesn't
  • mean that people don't do it there there
  • are people who have Ashville projected
  • with negative intentions in mind either
  • for the gain of wealth for the gain of
  • you know knowledge that they're not
  • supposed to have or for other darker
  • more twisted and malicious reasonings so
  • I've actually experienced this for a
  • while but I never really put a face to
  • it until recently and that would make
  • sense in a moment I know that sounds so
  • crazy or you don't even understand
  • but believe me you will once I get into
  • it so ever since I moved into my new
  • condo I haven't really experienced any
  • sort of paranormal activity other than
  • that night that that hold dear David
  • thing happened and it was just really
  • really scary other than that my condo
  • feels like a very clean energy and safe
  • space one thing that I started to
  • experience though right when I moved in
  • was I would wake up in the night and I
  • would see a man either laying in my bed
  • next to me standing in my room or just
  • around in my space and it would startle
  • me I want to flip the light on nobody
  • would be there I always attributed it to
  • being in a half-asleep half-awake stay
  • seeing something that wasn't there and
  • when I turn on the light I was gone
  • or perhaps there had been some sort of
  • spirit that was attracted things like
  • that but I never really pieced it that
  • it could actually be somebody traveling
  • from their sleeping body out of it and
  • into my space for whatever reason I
  • didn't really see a reason that anybody
  • would want to do that I didn't really
  • think they knew what he would and
  • honestly just sounded playing crazy when
  • I when I thought that thought so I never
  • thought of that
  • so for the first little while I'd be
  • living in this condo I know I haven't
  • lived here too long but for the first
  • little while I meaning the first few
  • weeks I would just sit this person on
  • occasion maybe like one or two nights a
  • week in my room and it would start with
  • me like I said I would flip the leg on
  • and nothing would be there but this
  • person never said or did anything it
  • just never happened so like I said I
  • went on just thinking that it was just
  • some sort of strange thing that was
  • going on at the same time that I do
  • experience a lot of paranormal activity
  • I talk about it a lot so I can and
  • probably do spook myself even if I don't
  • feel scared maybe in my sleep I don't
  • know I just didn't attribute it to
  • anything that was out of the ordinary
  • until I started to wake up to this
  • person in my room either sitting on my
  • bed or sitting like somewhere in my room
  • and this person was repeating like
  • sentences and I wake up and the son
  • Francis was tall fella flick on the
  • lights and I wouldn't see it until one
  • day I sensed like this presence while I
  • was half asleep and I listened and I
  • heard something along the lines of like
  • that I need to stop doing my youtube
  • channel and like stop putting like white
  • light into people and things like that
  • and I woke up I said sunlight and
  • nothing was there and I was like okay
  • that's really really strange why would I
  • be dreaming and a half asleep state that
  • something is China convinced me while
  • I'm asleep and put words into my ears to
  • stop making YouTube videos and to stop
  • spreading white light and putting white
  • light into people it specifically said
  • that I needed to stop putting white
  • light into the world essentially that
  • really freaked me out and once I heard
  • that I actually didn't see this person
  • in my room for a while but that was
  • amazing to realize that was always the
  • same face and the same male that was
  • doing this like it wasn't like I was
  • dreaming of different people doing this
  • it was the exact same thing as every
  • single time and then I received an email
  • from a Reese's Pieces who essentially
  • communicates with her spirit guides and
  • and they pass on her messages of like
  • white love to her on how she can help
  • people all across the world and she said
  • that she was getting a message that
  • somebody was traveling through the
  • astral realm into my space in order to
  • put fear in me and in order to stop me
  • from like making a positive change in
  • difference that I'm making now and that
  • email went into a lot more details and
  • there was a lot said and I still haven't
  • even replied to her because it was just
  • so spot-on to like what I have been kind
  • of thinking but I thought that it
  • sounded absolutely insane and so and so
  • secondly I started like reevaluate like
  • what would this person be doing well
  • while I'm sleeping if they travel into
  • the Austral around and they come into my
  • space
  • they could be subconsciously reaching
  • myself or sorry they could be reaching
  • my subconscious by putting like messages
  • into my ears and things like that we'll
  • have asleep it seems a little bit silly
  • to me because it's not gonna stop me
  • from doing what I do like this is my
  • love YouTube is like what motivates me
  • every single
  • to get up and do things and to work on
  • my my greater goals and dreams and
  • accomplishments and you know to be
  • alongside this family that is something
  • that I will never ever ever even
  • remotely consider giving up and to not
  • spread a message of light and love just
  • isn't Who I am as a person because
  • whether or not I were creating content I
  • would still be trying to do that day to
  • day just in my everyday encounters of
  • people so I went ahead and I started to
  • really take out my crystals they want
  • some protection and things like that and
  • I really really focused on putting out
  • into my space that nobody was allowed to
  • enter my space in any realm in any
  • tactic in any way shape or form without
  • my consent and I protected my space with
  • the way at life and I really really
  • focused on putting out there telling my
  • spirit guards telling my space nobody is
  • to enter and that was when I haven't
  • been visited by this thing since now
  • could it all be coincidental for sure it
  • could be I'm not somebody who is
  • completely you know dead set on what I
  • think is right and it must be somebody
  • coming and doing this it just seems so
  • strange to me that I had already been
  • thinking like this is really weird that
  • it's always let the same face and this
  • is really weird that that's where I
  • heard it singing and this is really
  • strange that when I put the legs on it's
  • not there and then for somebody to
  • message me say that they believe that
  • that's what's happening and that's it's
  • much worse than it even seems to me that
  • there's something darker controlling
  • this person that wants to basically put
  • a stop to me is that like I said it
  • sounds like a movie it literally sounds
  • like I'm like writing a movie script
  • right here and it sounds insane but I
  • just wanted to talk about it because
  • it's so weird and the crazy thing is you
  • guys like this is not like so
  • far-fetched I mean to me it sparked back
  • to somebody would take the time to want
  • to come here and to want to stop me
  • creating YouTube videos for whatever
  • reason but people really do use astral
  • projection out-of-body experiences and
  • some people can even still be within
  • their physical body but mentally they
  • can take themselves there and
  • essentially spy on people in attempt to
  • cause some sort of harm
  • like I said it doesn't bring them
  • anything good but if they're already
  • messing with dark negative things they
  • don't really care it's not that
  • far-fetched of an idea because that
  • really happens and that really exists
  • it's just so weird to me that that would
  • ever happen to me so I'm kind of like on
  • the fence of is it really what happened
  • is that why it stopped now or is it just
  • that I was having these strange dreams I
  • really don't know what to think of it
  • all I guess it's kind of why I'm coming
  • on here and sharing it with you guys to
  • see what you think if you think it's an
  • absolutely insane idea that could've
  • been what was happening or if you think
  • it's plausible or if you think that I'm
  • just overthinking it and that that email
  • was just strictly coincidental but if
  • you aren't person to email me that and
  • that's what you heard it resonated with
  • me and the whole email means a lot to me
  • actually there was a lot of really
  • really sweet messages and things that
  • nobody could really know unless they
  • really were communicating with something
  • that needed to deliver a message to me
  • but overall it just struck really close
  • to home because they've already been
  • thinking like that's really strange it's
  • always the same person it's really
  • strange that that's the message that
  • they're conveying to me and I would
  • never ever ever ever ever dream that
  • like I would never dream to stop
  • creating YouTube videos my favorite
  • thing in the whole wide world it
  • wouldn't even be a remote subconscious
  • thought within my brain so I don't know
  • what to think of it all it's very
  • strange it's very creepy I wanted to
  • come on here talk about it not just for
  • the sense of that I think there was a
  • possibility that it happened to me but
  • also because I never really talked about
  • that side of astral projection
  • out-of-body experiences before but it
  • does exist and it does happen very few
  • people use astral projection for that
  • reason very very few people but there
  • are people who they have friends that
  • astral project as well and they'll like
  • be able to sense each other's presence
  • when they come into their space and it's
  • not invasive because they know that they
  • do it it's their way of practicing
  • getting better at being within this
  • realm but that's essentially itis I say
  • essentially a lot like that word
  • that's basically all that I wanted to
  • say I know it was kind of rambling if
  • strange it sounds unbelievable but it is
  • the truth whether or not that's really
  • what it was I can't tell you I don't
  • know please let me know in the comments
  • below what you guys think if you think
  • that it's just coincidental if it was
  • just a dream state or if you think
  • there's a possibility that could have
  • been happening and if you think it is a
  • possibility that could have been
  • happening please let me know why you
  • think somebody would do that because
  • I've tried to think of like a million
  • reasons and I can't think well I can
  • think of things but like I said
  • far-fetched movie kind of silly but that
  • is it for today's video if you guys are
  • new to my channel or you are just not
  • yet subscribed but you do enjoy my
  • videos I would love it if you would join
  • the Reese's Pieces we believe in the
  • unbelievable clearly so if you will even
  • the unbelievable - or you just want to
  • hear about it we would love it if you
  • would join our family and please give
  • this video a big thumbs up cuz enjoy it
  • because like I always say it makes my
  • heart super super happy when you guys do
  • that and I really really appreciate it
  • please do that remember my love's do all
  • things with kindness and it's all next
  • time I love you
  • [Music]

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Someone Is Visiting Me At Night Via Astral Projection…
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