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Video 8 Situations in which People Should SHUT UP!
09:15   |   4M+ views   |   08/20/2018 at 23:57


  • humble I borrowed your shirt hey what
  • everyone it's a girl superwoman
  • and before I start this video let me
  • just tell you that I love people I love
  • making friends I love meeting new faces
  • I love being social etc etc but but but
  • there are some instances in which I
  • don't like to talk to people and in my
  • brain these situations are like common
  • sense but apparently common sense ain't
  • so common these days instead of common
  • sense is like a rare species it's like a
  • teenage girl who doesn't work it's
  • almost extinct make way for poor casares
  • so here are eight situations in which
  • people should shut up unless I decide to
  • cut them up because the videos too long
  • which case it'll be however many I fit
  • in number one is me wearing headphones
  • the International sign for please
  • interrupt my favorite song and talk to
  • me like I actually don't get it like you
  • see me wearing headphones you know I
  • can't hear you but you choose to start a
  • conversation as far as I'm concerned
  • wearing headphones is like wearing or Do
  • Not Disturb sign
  • you ain't respecting the sign dog and
  • you can't even play like you don't see
  • my headphones because these days
  • headphones be looking like earmuffs
  • I'm your children my beats by dre just
  • like who that who that uh uh ah did you
  • watch it
  • who who that i-g-g-y and while I'm doing
  • that you saw like like I'm sorry I don't
  • remember I'm greeting to play a game of
  • charades with you and if he's gonna play
  • it's my turn are you ready okay
  • oh and the best is when you take your
  • headphones out reply clearly express
  • that you're annoyed put them back in and
  • the person talks again is this just me
  • like in my opinion the only person that
  • is allowed to interrupt my headphone
  • listening is a pilot on a plane telling
  • you about turbulence are you a pilot
  • are you turbulence are you the safety
  • demonstration No
  • then shut your face chop don't make me
  • give you beats below number two I
  • mentioned this in my last video but I
  • feel so strongly about it that I feel
  • the need to reiterate do not talk to me
  • while I'm getting a massage and this
  • goes for a friend that may be getting a
  • massage beside me or my masseuse because
  • I'm here trying to forget about my
  • stress and life for the next 60 minutes
  • and who's all up here like oh yeah so
  • what do you do for a living now you done
  • school yeah how was your day like god I
  • spent $40,000 I'm a psychology degree I
  • make youtube videos for a living and I
  • got my period today at a white party now
  • please ask me more questions no please
  • continue just take a bottle of stress
  • and just rub it into my soda in fact
  • take this muscle and take this muscle
  • and just tie them together like some
  • shoelaces because I need more knots in
  • fact let's talk about the recession
  • let's talk about credit card fun let's
  • talk about the fact that my credit card
  • bill has more digits than my cell phone
  • number or you could shut up and I could
  • proceed to pretend like I'm on a beach
  • and you're Trey Songz
  • and I'm just over here like say say
  • don't ruin this for me number three I
  • don't know what it is and I feel like a
  • terrible person for saying this but I
  • cannot stand when my cab driver insists
  • on talking to me
  • for the entire ride because I'm in the
  • backseat texting taking some selfies
  • this is due to some music shutting my
  • eyes and you thought in the front seat
  • trying to interview me I'm gonna don't
  • get me wrong I did it it's very sweet
  • you're asking about me asking about my
  • day ask me where I'm headed but the
  • reality of the situation is I'm probably
  • headed to a party in which case I'm
  • gonna be forced to be social and meet
  • new people and I only have a limited
  • number of F's in my care cup and if I
  • lose all my social juices in this cab
  • with you I might get to that party and
  • slash every stranger that approaches me
  • don't empty my top dog so it's for the
  • greater good if you don't talk to me and
  • I promise I'll give you a good tip if
  • you just shut up
  • number four yo you know in the perfect
  • time to talk to me is when you have
  • seven drills in my mouth while filling
  • my cavities it boggles my mind that
  • dentists have such impressive degrees
  • but totally lack social skills in this
  • situation like you are literally sucking
  • the saliva out of my mouth you are
  • drilling my gums okay my lips are all
  • shriveled up like some prunes and I can
  • see the blood in the little to be thing
  • leaving my mouth I'm spitting up in here
  • looking like a damn construction site
  • and news up in here like so Lily what
  • grade are you in now how's school going
  • you're still doing that YouTube thing
  • and I'm just lying there like how many
  • things you want me to do right now you
  • know why don't you just put a clarinet
  • in my mouth as well I'll play you a song
  • while you wipe my teeth give me some
  • balloons I'll blow them up we'll have a
  • party like I don't know if you're trying
  • to distract me from the pain by having a
  • conversation with me but for someone who
  • has a cupboard full of drugs over there
  • you're licking the wrong method just
  • shut up inject me with something and let
  • me be number five so let me get this
  • straight right I must sit here for 10
  • hours eat crappy food share a washroom
  • with 200 people and you want me to be
  • social on this place
  • and I am sorry but people who talk to me
  • on airplanes I ain't about that I am not
  • trying to be social for this many hours
  • because if you're gonna talk to me for
  • this entire 14 hour flight please tell
  • me just tell me is like you jump out the
  • window into the Pacific Ocean
  • and just swim the rest of the damn way
  • because can I be real with you I would
  • rather be on a small boat with the tiger
  • and rename myself to PI then be
  • obligated to talk to you because let me
  • tell you what I wanted to do it I want
  • to put my headphones in and as we've
  • learned from situation number one that's
  • an indication not talk to me I want to
  • watch some comedy shows you as many free
  • peanuts as possible and pretend that you
  • ain't even there hogging up the armrest
  • and doing your word search in fact don't
  • even do the word search hood you know
  • I'm gonna be looking over and get hella
  • frustrated cuz you can't find that word
  • and that already is too much
  • communication because I'm so confused as
  • to why you can't find words on the paper
  • like there's so many words and your damn
  • mouth or you trying to talk to me like I
  • think is nothing that word is right give
  • me your highlighters stressing me dog
  • number six
  • so we watching this movie right we
  • walked in this movie you are know where
  • I'm going we've watching this movie and
  • my annoying friend feels the need to
  • discuss everything and let me just make
  • one thing very clear okay I am NOT the
  • director I'm not in the movie and if
  • you're confused about something
  • happening on the screen I'm watching the
  • same screen and I got no damn script we
  • is this the same guy in the beginning oh
  • my god that totally happened to me once
  • let me tell you all about it wait how
  • could she do that instead okay I don't
  • get it why don't they just take turns in
  • the ocean so they don't both die like my
  • bag you hold the popcorn let me just
  • reflect on the time I was on the movie
  • set and also on the Titanic inside oh
  • let me step you to the movie okay and
  • address all your mother has been
  • concerns tonight bro this is not a
  • choose-your-own-adventure just accept
  • what is happening cuz we're almost
  • Matthew and you are glued your popcorn
  • sharing privileges with me and you know
  • my popcorn be layered with butter and
  • tasting delicious now remember seven so
  • do you ever have a crapload of work to
  • do and so you invite over some people's
  • have like a work session but you
  • actually need to get a lot of work done
  • but sir one friend keeps talking every
  • two seconds because I'm very clearly
  • studying and taking notes I'm trying to
  • pass tomorrow's test so let's do
  • Pythagorean and you make the theorem zip
  • it that's good why you trying to kill me
  • you know my parents are Indian I try to
  • get no n- and get grounded so don't make
  • me whoop you and your hypotenuse number
  • eight now this one applies to everyone
  • who has reached puberty it should and if
  • it doesn't go to your room but reach
  • puberty it has ever been that situation
  • where you're so attracted to someone you
  • don't mean the chemistry is there
  • you're both standing there you want to
  • come closer together you want to kiss
  • you want this to be a sexy romantic
  • setting until the person decides is the
  • perfect time to discuss emotions and
  • feelings on behalf of me and my
  • genitalia shut the F up because I want
  • this to be like a Rihanna song just like
  • with you and you are turning it into a
  • One Direction song say the Serie my leg
  • I do not care out of all the things your
  • lips should be doing talking is not one
  • of them
  • call me insensitive but feelings are for
  • greeting cards not for makeup sessions
  • if discussions happen during makeup
  • sessions half of you wouldn't be born
  • and I hope you enjoyed that video if you
  • can relate to any of the eight
  • situations click the links in the
  • description shared on Facebook and on
  • Twitter don't forget to give it a big
  • thumbs up and check out my last video
  • right there called awkward massage where
  • things get really awkward you can check
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  • single day over there and on the floor
  • and over there is the newest episode of
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  • cheese Rohnert I would haha make sure
  • you also click Subscribe because I make
  • new videos every Monday and Thursday one
  • love superwoman that is a wrap and

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