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Video Giant Raindrop Cake: Behind Tasty
13:41   |   01/19/2019 at 18:33


  • - Girl bye, oh.
  • - [Rie] No, I'm just trying to help you.
  • Don't show your boobs on camera.
  • - I don't...
  • Whoa! (both laughing)
  • (upbeat rock music)
  • Hi guys, it's Alex.
  • So today I'm gonna be making a giant rain drop cake,
  • it's really cool.
  • It's this clear looking cake,
  • although I don't really know why they call it a cake
  • 'cause it looks more like jello to me.
  • We've actually made a couple on our page, Tasty Japan,
  • because rain drop cake was invented in Japan.
  • It's usually served with a roasted soybean flour
  • and the black syrup.
  • I've never even made a regular size rain drop cake before
  • but there's only a couple of ingredients
  • that actually go into it
  • so I feel like it can make a giant one.
  • (tense piano music)
  • Okay.
  • Ugh.
  • This is too watery.
  • (beep) this (beep) cake, (beep) (laughs)
  • I don't know, like I don't know this cake.
  • Alright, let's make it rain.
  • (laughs)
  • So before I even try to make a giant rain drop cake,
  • I feel like I should start small,
  • make a regular size rain drop cake.
  • Let's see what happens.
  • So rain drop cake really only takes three main ingredients.
  • Water, sugar, and this thing called agar agar.
  • It's actually made from algae or sea kelp.
  • You can buy agar agar in most health food stores,
  • you can order it on Amazon or go to any Asian market.
  • So, it's not that hard to find.
  • You need to bring that to a boil on high heat.
  • Now that we're at a boil, I'm gonna reduce the heat to low
  • and we're gonna cook that for two more minutes.
  • ♪ Two minutes, two minutes, we gotta wait for two minutes ♪
  • This may be the easiest one we've done yet.
  • Although we haven't really done anything yet
  • so maybe I shouldn't be saying anything.
  • I'm already like a little tiny bit concerned
  • just because I feel like this isn't completely clear,
  • it's a little more opaque and that will be a problem.
  • (laughs)
  • Where's our ice?
  • (laughs) I just need to get this out of here.
  • So now we put the pan in the ice bath
  • and we're gonna leave it in there for three minutes.
  • Whoa, it's thick.
  • This doesn't seem right.
  • Where's Rie, Rie!
  • - Tell me what you're doing
  • and tell me what you are going to do with this.
  • (both laugh)
  • - If I knew, why would I ask you over?
  • So it has to be a problem with the agar because
  • there's only three ingredients in this,
  • sugar, water and agar.
  • I did see that there were two kinds,
  • so there's powder and flakes.
  • - Yeah.
  • - I could only find the flakes so that's what I bought.
  • - I think you might need to use powder
  • 'cause they work differently.
  • Glop.
  • - Okay so, here is my experiment.
  • I'm going to try to grind up this agar
  • into a powder from the flakes version.
  • (food processor whirring)
  • It didn't do anything.
  • They're still flakes.
  • I think we gotta go get the powder.
  • Okay, so we're taking a little field trip
  • to the Japanese market to go find some agar powder
  • because the flakes just aren't cutting it.
  • I don't know where I'm going.
  • So they were out of stock.
  • I guess a lot of people are making rain drop cakes today
  • but I'm gonna try to go to a different Japanese market.
  • They're out of stock too.
  • (melancholy piano music) It's not that hard to find.
  • Okay, we finally have the agar agar powder.
  • It took me three stores to find this
  • so I really hope that it works.
  • I'm ready for some rain, it's been a dry summer.
  • (laughs)
  • So this time I'm also gonna use bottled spring water.
  • The tap water kind of tasted too metallic
  • and also this should give us a pure rain drop.
  • I'm just gonna do two tablespoons
  • of the agar powder we have
  • and hopefully it works this time.
  • I'm just gonna pour it into this bowl
  • and put it in the fridge to cool.
  • It looks clearer than last time
  • but I'm curious to see what it looks like once it's set.
  • Oop, how did that happen? (laughs)
  • Oh, that's weird.
  • (laughs) It looks like a breast implant.
  • I do much prefer the taste of it
  • with the bottled spring water than the tap water.
  • Consistency, I'm gonna give myself about an eight,
  • clarity,
  • three.
  • Hi, it's day two.
  • I feel like I've identified a few of the factors
  • that have been going wrong,
  • so I'm gonna try to remedy those today.
  • I'm going to blend up the sugar
  • to make it more of like a baker's fine sugar
  • which will make it easier to dissolve in the hot water.
  • They sell agar agar in a few forms I've learnt.
  • I'm gonna use the pure powder with nothing added to it.
  • This is gonna make it much easier to measure out properly
  • and it should also dissolve easier into water.
  • I used two tablespoons of agar agar last time
  • and that was way too much,
  • like you only need an eighth of a teaspoon per cup of water.
  • I don't know how I was so off but, uh, yeah. (laughs)
  • so I'm gonna let that come to a simmer
  • and then I'm gonna add in our fine baker's sugar.
  • I guess technically every rain drop cake
  • is a giant rain drop cake because raindrops are tiny.
  • I'm feeling confident about this one, it looks really clear.
  • I'm just gonna pour this in here.
  • Oops, spilling a little bit.
  • And we're gonna put this in the fridge.
  • Just so I don't waste an hour of my day,
  • I'm actually gonna just make another one
  • and change up the ratio just to see what that does.
  • So instead of an eighth of a teaspoon,
  • I'm gonna try to use a forth of a teaspoon.
  • Whoa, okay.
  • So this is the forth of a teaspoon of agar agar.
  • Definitely clearer than yesterday,
  • still not completely transparent
  • but it's not quite the sensation
  • of like a raindrop bursting.
  • If this one doesn't work then I'm going to be crying
  • my own raindrops from my eyes.
  • Okay.
  • As crazy as it sounds, I do think we're closer.
  • I need to fall somewhere in between these two.
  • Hopefully forth time is the charm.
  • This time I'm gonna do the same exact method
  • but just with a quarter teaspoon of agar agar
  • and one and a half cups water.
  • Hopefully this is the sweet spot.
  • One hour.
  • (bowl clinking)
  • It's stuck a little.
  • (bowl clinking and cake glooping)
  • Oop.
  • Okay.
  • It just got really stuck onto the bottom of the bowl.
  • Yeah, I feel like it's raindrop-y.
  • I just gotta figure out how to keep it in a raindrop shape.
  • Should I just try to do the giant one?
  • Sometimes in life, you just gotta go for things.
  • Also I just wanna be done with this.
  • So I bought this metal cake bowl,
  • because it has no line at the bottom,
  • I felt it would be like the perfect mold.
  • I'm already anticipating that I'm gonna have to
  • tweak the amount of agar to water for the giant one
  • just because it's gonna need
  • to be a little bit stronger to hold it's shape.
  • So now I just have to figure out
  • how much water this actually is,
  • so I'm gonna pour it back into our measuring cup.
  • Oh, okay, that was full.
  • So let's just make this an even eight cups.
  • Eight cups divided by one and a quarter cups is...
  • (crew member laughs)
  • (laughs)
  • Anybody?
  • So I'm doing two teaspoons of our agar agar
  • and four teaspoons of our fine baker's sugar.
  • So because this mold doesn't have a bottom edge,
  • I'm putting it in this bowl to stabilize it
  • when I pour in the mixture.
  • Should I put in a flower or two?
  • We're gonna make a little bouquet at the bottom.
  • Wow, I wonder if this is gonna work, that would be amazing.
  • Yeah, they just move. (laughs)
  • I don't know how you're supposed to
  • make them sit at the bottom.
  • So the flowers not only don't stay at the bottom,
  • they've colored my raindrop to a weird swamp green.
  • I don't know about this.
  • Hopefully I did my math correctly, probably didn't.
  • I heard it.
  • (laughs)
  • Dang it.
  • It literally dyed the bowl.
  • So it's day three, hopefully third time is the charm.
  • So this was the giant bowl we used.
  • I went out and got two smaller sizes
  • because I feel as though this was just a little too big
  • and also it's still technically a giant rain drop cake so
  • I'm not cheating.
  • I've realized we really need to compensate
  • for the giant size of this
  • and it will just take a little more agar
  • than a normal sized rain drop cake would.
  • So I guess we'll just start boiling.
  • You know the drill. (laughs)
  • So I tried to dissolve this as much as possible
  • but I'm still gonna strain it
  • just as an added measure of precaution
  • to make sure we don't have any floaters in our raindrop.
  • It is set,
  • probably a little too set.
  • It's not flipping.
  • Ugh, I'm so over this.
  • Rie did tell me to do some trick
  • that like works with unmolding
  • and that is to spin, let's see if that worked.
  • (bowl clinking)
  • Rie, you've lied to me.
  • I'm really dizzy, oh my God.
  • (gasps)
  • (laughs)
  • Alright, it's day four.
  • I specifically wore this shirt
  • because I'm desperately trying to keep my cool vibes.
  • So last night I decided to make three test batches,
  • each with different ratios.
  • I also decided to use different bowls
  • because the other ones just weren't coming out.
  • I guess now it's time to flip them all and see which one,
  • if any of them, work.
  • ♪ Gotta put my thing down, flip it and reverse it ♪
  • ♪ Ti esrever dna ti pilf, nwod gniht ym tup ♪
  • So we're staring with this one,
  • one tablespoon of agar agar powder to eight cups of water
  • and one tablespoon of sugar.
  • Ooh!
  • Oh, okay.
  • That was really satisfying actually,
  • just like kind of fell out of the bowl.
  • It's super delicate but it's holding it's shape
  • which is really good.
  • These both have less agar to water.
  • I'm still gonna flip them but I'm pretty positive that
  • they are going to fall apart.
  • I don't know how to do this.
  • (water splashing) Okay.
  • Oh, yeah, shit.
  • I just really wanted to see what would happen.
  • Honestly, I'm pretty happy.
  • I think we still have one that's promising.
  • If we up this ratio just a little bit,
  • we'll have our rain drop cake.
  • Just gonna clean this up a little bit.
  • Okay.
  • This is it.
  • This is it.
  • I hope this is it 'cause I don't wanna do this again.
  • It's important to actually dissolve your agar powder
  • in cold water first which is
  • something I wish I knew before. (laughs)
  • Now we're gonna be dissolving our agar
  • in cold water with the sugar
  • and then we're going to transfer it to heat
  • and bring that to a simmer,
  • not for too long, just a couple of minutes.
  • If you boil it or leave it on the heat for too long,
  • it will deactivate the agent.
  • ♪ Bring it to a simmer ♪
  • ♪ We're gonna get a simmer ♪
  • Okay, stop, two minutes, taking this off the heat.
  • Whoom.
  • I wish I had made a different noise than that
  • but I couldn't think of anything to say. (laughs)
  • (whistles) That was a better noise.
  • Oh God, that was a little messy.
  • I'm going to very carefully try to get this to the fridge.
  • Why do we do this so far from the fridge?
  • This is like the opposite of track and field.
  • Woo! (laughs)
  • That was honestly the hardest part of this whole thing.
  • Actually, no it wasn't. (laughs)
  • Is this day five?
  • - [Crew Member] This is day five.
  • - Hmm, how did we get here? (laughs)
  • So, I've let my rain drop cake chill overnight,
  • but before I even flip it, which I am terrified to do,
  • I'm gonna make my brown sugar syrup.
  • So all it takes is two cups of brown sugar
  • and one cup of water.
  • We're doing a lot of dissolving in this process.
  • All it is is dissolving.
  • Now I'm just gonna let it cool down and it will thicken up
  • which is the beauty of a syrup.
  • Okay, we've made it, it is time to flip this thing.
  • I am really, really, really, really, really, really,
  • really nervous.
  • I should've gone to pee before this.
  • It literally looks like water in here.
  • Just, you know, go for it.
  • God, get my hand out of there, (beep)
  • (triumphant classical music)
  • (laughs)
  • Oh my God, I did it!
  • Okay, here we go.
  • Woo.
  • Oh my God, I'm shaking, okay.
  • We've got some rain.
  • I'm gonna put this soybean flour around the edge.
  • Looks super good, it's like rustic.
  • I did it!
  • ♪ I did it, I did it, I did ♪
  • I have to say the toppings really do make this.
  • You get the sweetness from the syrup we made
  • and then the roasted soybean flour
  • kind of gives it a nuttiness,
  • and it's also super refreshing so a great summer dessert.
  • Wet. (Alex and crew member laugh)
  • (classical music)
  • (camera shutters)

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