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Video TOP 5 BEST MINER DECKS in CURRENT META!! Arena 8 to Arena 11 - Clash Royale Strategy


  • [Music]
  • hey guys welcome back to another
  • classroom video and today we're taking a
  • look at the top five best minor decks in
  • the current meta at least in my opinion
  • and I try my best to give you guys a
  • variety of wind conditions as well as a
  • variety of decks with different
  • legendary cards so hopefully if you only
  • have that minor at least some of these
  • decks will work for you
  • the first like you can already see right
  • here is a pack up minor control deck
  • this deck is very good especially on
  • ladder because it does so well against
  • all those heavier beat-down decks like
  • our G decks golem decks and giant decks
  • and does decently against the hogrider
  • decks the only weakness I would see this
  • deck has is against Aero decks like
  • balloon decks as well as lava hound
  • decks because you only really have two
  • defensive cards for air defense and only
  • one of them is a heavier hitter now the
  • second deck over here is currently one
  • of the top meta decks in the game
  • especially any top 200 players and that
  • is this classic golem minor three spell
  • deck with the Ignite which as well as
  • electro wizard now you guys don't have
  • that log you can go ahead use goblins
  • instead if you don't have the electro
  • wizard go ahead and either use archers
  • or a musketeer and for the knight which
  • she is your heavy hitting card so you
  • might want to use a mini Pekka in there
  • or if you do have the log you can
  • replace the necklace with those goblins
  • now the third deck over here is going to
  • be a spell of bait deck what would a top
  • five a minor video be without at least
  • one spell bait deck so here it is if you
  • guys don't have the princess go ahead
  • and either use archers or minions
  • instead and forth over here we have a
  • minor three musketeer deck and fifth and
  • finally guys is a two point nine minor
  • cycle deck now guys if you don't have
  • the Elektra wizard like I said before go
  • ahead and either use archers or a
  • musketeer and said I would say top
  • priority we're probably archers in place
  • I'll do extra wizard but it's totally up
  • to you but anyways guys these are the
  • five decks we're looking at today let's
  • go ahead and do one line battle with
  • each deck starting with this Pekka deck
  • first all right there we go guys with
  • that pack up minor control deck facing
  • off against Marren up top there now I am
  • currently a little bit sad because I
  • just recording I just recorded rather
  • the most epic battle with that packet
  • deck it was versus a goal
  • limonite which beat down deck and it
  • went so perfectly it was a gif prime
  • example as to why you would want to use
  • this deck because golem night which is
  • like in the matter right now and it was
  • like just perfect because the Pekka
  • shuts down the golem with the baby
  • dragon poisoning down that night which
  • but unfortunately recording stopped
  • halfway through and I lost its own made
  • me sad man made me sad man was sick this
  • is office right here cool I'm an ice
  • beer at the mega and will probably mega
  • his a packet right here and then doing a
  • battle room hmm
  • a battle room right here though and see
  • if we can't get something done tight
  • towards you got barbarians bowler
  • bowlers a combo okay I'm okay with like
  • that he's bending a Tony to lecture on
  • defense right there I definitely expect
  • a graveyard here soon so thankfully we
  • do have that poison felt in our deck to
  • kill the graveyard maybe I can right
  • there maybe do the Meyer on a counter
  • push right here
  • alright so much gets here there we're
  • going to do probably probably naked
  • Meyer here and then probably I script
  • for the musketeer for the most part this
  • deck is in minor control deck as I
  • mentioned before it's not really a
  • technically down taxi you don't really
  • want to be looking to build those
  • massive Pekka pushes it's mostly minor
  • in battlegrounds for dealing damage to
  • the tower so guys thank you thank you
  • thank you so no battle room right here
  • we know he's got that far bowler in his
  • hand right now ready to go so we don't
  • want to use it just yet instead what I
  • want to do is to pack up right here
  • because I'd like to only play we had I
  • know I just say we don't want to do
  • explode packet pushes but with the
  • battleground like we know he's got
  • bowler so you don't want to throw in
  • like the for elixir it's basically
  • wasting because he's got that bowler so
  • right here we could do a quick battle
  • round baby Drake and Meyer on the right
  • hand side and then do the worse let's go
  • boom boom liner over here I'm so used to
  • Tripoli lecture guys that it only takes
  • a bit of time to get adjusted to it so
  • go free is that mini check it right
  • there boom nice I can kill a bull which
  • ways one working the board nice there we
  • go so doing the work to that tower there
  • guys there's that let's go tech over
  • here flows over hopefully gets the giant
  • to
  • yeah there we go there we go going to
  • kill that giant tech they're going to
  • kill B Buller
  • where did you say actually minor here on
  • the same line as a psychic right here
  • because we've already invested so much
  • in lecture on that Lane
  • so that'll rhyme right here boom I
  • suppose for support he might do Bullard
  • here but we'll freeze the mini Pike that
  • will point them as well boom well run
  • please connect boom nice there we go
  • there we go
  • so the victor can do it some nice flash
  • there you go packing here for that giant
  • mega main over here and the most dot all
  • this jazz right here boom so the mega
  • kill a giant please then we'll have a
  • nice conference afterwards one giant is
  • only does musketeer go down at second
  • minor in the back for support and watch
  • these guys boys and girls pay attention
  • because this is going to be destruction
  • right here always making it the location
  • of those miners so we can't keep
  • predicting them right they're poison
  • going down make it for as mini Pekka
  • right here and one more miners job
  • should be all it takes to finish off our
  • angry frying up there he had not too
  • happy today guys Marin why so sad my
  • friend so I want to go monitor right
  • here with the dot because he can't
  • predict we hopefully shouldn't protect
  • that location right there ready boom
  • there we go guys boom nice tower is dead
  • our friend our angry friend I should say
  • up top there super angry down he goes
  • guys let's go ahead take a look at that
  • giant X alright here you are guys with
  • the joint triple spell tech one of the
  • most popular decks right now in the meta
  • especially the top 200 see a lot of
  • people using this deck right now let's
  • go probably slow giant one of these
  • lanes this Lane right here save the
  • archers back there I kind of expect
  • motorcycle so we'll hope not because the
  • giant is behind the king tar right now
  • but we'll see soon balloon alright so
  • let's go this whoa mr. W wow so that's a
  • dead tower boys and girls for sure on
  • the right because our friend has pretty
  • high cards dude I got to say I dare say
  • those are some impressive cards with the
  • and I want to get the job done right
  • here boobs out nice there we go so we're
  • training towers we traded towers
  • actually we have the a slight lead here
  • it's going to go to the King Tower and
  • do a bit of work right there but giant
  • balloon is probably a decent counter to
  • our deck guys especially the Maxwell
  • eleven giant and seven balloon so this
  • this could go either way honestly never
  • discount them because they're level
  • Glavin guys never discount them because
  • of the level to kill that balloon that
  • was a pretty bad push by him but the
  • balloon bomb going off is go log right
  • here for these archers as well as that
  • stuff and maybe spent a bit too much
  • elixir there ideally you want to save
  • like you want to be spending less elixir
  • every defense then your opponent is
  • spending on offense because what you do
  • is kind of build ugly slowly lexically
  • over time if you keep spending all of
  • your lecture on every defense and you
  • have no counter push outwards
  • it's basically a stalemate and you can't
  • get anything going so usually needs to a
  • fair bit of draw so right here take a
  • giant balloon on the left so we're gonna
  • go giant languish here
  • mega here little wizard for this boom
  • maybe I should have waited a couple
  • seconds for that electrode which would
  • kill the bass
  • - but hit the minor inner to get some
  • chip damage done to that Tower
  • I don't want to farm all this to the
  • arches of all the minions in there boom
  • nice there we go and now he's got
  • another balloon ready to go very cure so
  • the question is do you have two giant
  • with the balloon that the question guys
  • like what serious it does make it and
  • Elektra was it - boom step 1 1 1 hit our
  • tower oh yes all I guess is one I'm ok
  • with that for sure
  • let's go giant right here - tank got
  • bachelor support Myron's back for some
  • damage and it will do probably a mega
  • right here for support as well to kill
  • always mega minions back here come on in
  • the remote dueling
  • market some nasty damage done right here
  • guys literally the nastiness done right
  • there - tower Megaton their night which
  • rights here guys and the electro wizard
  • should do work to his port I think he
  • gave up guys
  • nope right there good game to our fright
  • now he was a level 11 but I think if you
  • consider the car levels right there guys
  • it was in the end a pretty fair fight
  • alright here we go guys with the minor
  • zap bay deck facing off again somebody
  • whose name we can't read so we got a
  • couple options here with our starting
  • hand we can do slow princess back here
  • naked barrel we can do Knight barrel but
  • I kind of just play into this bomber
  • here I'm expecting an RG and from that
  • bomber because world Giants typically
  • tend to be the only decks rockin a
  • bomber and your boss Shane is correct my
  • friends whoa
  • eat my infernal you like it it tastes
  • good I don't think so
  • no yours I guess princess turn around I
  • was hoping that that would kill the
  • archer but it didn't but the princess
  • did go nitrates there let's go for his
  • minions though let's ignore them let's
  • not ignore them I get my goblin gang
  • down here and where princess hit please
  • princess like a good note especially
  • missed the first minion there is one
  • enough guys go back
  • to school why does she miss the first uh
  • what she missed that first one guys
  • there's the Balmer farmers now nope mmm
  • yes farmers dead Quintus survives
  • getting some damage to tower let's see
  • which would go on down we're ignoring
  • would go minor barrel here you got
  • minions for that yes totally what I
  • would do I couldn't do pre fireball
  • there but a bit too risk this earlier on
  • now if I were him I would do Archie in
  • front of those minions if he had the
  • election I'm not too sure if he does but
  • oh well played my friend I think he
  • wanted to distract you at a tower with
  • that but it didn't work for him as you
  • saw scope princess here
  • split the goblin gang and then do minor
  • back here what you got for that son
  • plumber in the rice oh please till that
  • bomber minor yes making me so happy
  • there we go
  • Quincy gets more damage done minions for
  • the princess right here incoming minions
  • to the princess all right I forgot was
  • luxury what you've done guys like right
  • here kill the electrode was that which
  • it should do work to that the minions
  • right there where you got bomber protect
  • it clicked eclectic yes calm and gone
  • down killed of minions please yes one
  • more minor over here for chip itch
  • barrel as well very risky we're stupid
  • spending it all all the elite Barb's
  • guys it's been a little extra guys they
  • kissed elite barbarian cuz they nasty
  • killer yes yes yes yes yes so now at
  • this point of battle guys we can play
  • straight defense here boom and boom
  • formal this because we don't have
  • anything for the bomber boom and then we
  • should ignore that minor we should be
  • able came at the princess to counter
  • those minions
  • the biggest thing when you're using the
  • entire versus in our G deck guys the
  • biggest threat against you Inferno is
  • the minions because against an RG user
  • typically they'll do like our G and then
  • minions right in middle over the river
  • to distract her in front of towers so
  • that's why using front our like over in
  • the opposite corner not in the middle
  • it's just a little bit harder for me to
  • use those minions to distract your
  • Inferno tower but anyways guys let's go
  • ahead and take a look at these three
  • musketeer death or here we go
  • with that three musketeer minor deck no
  • we are aggressive cases deck in a grand
  • challenge battle for a couple of reasons
  • for two reasons the first reason is a
  • lot of my cars mistak are under level
  • like the Musketeers and the minion horde
  • minion horde dice - zap Musketeers guide
  • to far ball in one shot on ladder so
  • there is that the second reason is I
  • feel like for the majority of you guys
  • that are watching this video right now
  • it might be a little bit harder to get
  • your Musketeers up to level on ladder so
  • may be better to use them in challenges
  • so kind of up to you if you do have them
  • up treatise in level where they don't
  • die too far ball absolutely go ahead and
  • use them on a ladder I'm going to kill
  • that ideally I would have had a pump
  • down there but we didn't have time boys
  • and girls we did not have time so let's
  • just go back there and do some stuff and
  • we're gonna ignore that port right there
  • ignore the wizard as well as you look
  • for wizard nice and then just musketeer
  • doing work right there let's go
  • got pop right here get the guns ready
  • for its next hog rider where's your hog
  • II be pre fireball the log duty zap we
  • can't zap it cuz it's not going to die
  • there we go
  • bobble in the puppet shows tower I'm
  • surprised he keeps fire on that because
  • he knows we had too much to tears
  • hmm so kind of what I do want to do
  • right here I know it's Wizards out of
  • rotation one go minion horde miner right
  • here boys and girls and we'll have the
  • heal if he does anything like nappy I
  • think as wizard is out our G right there
  • alright the Archie should die certainly
  • quickly there's all point to heal though
  • because it does die to wizard one hint
  • so right there towers dead so baby this
  • is a in the end a good indicator of the
  • exact because we're still facing world
  • giant hog which typically is like a
  • ladder deck so maybe even at in the
  • grand challenge here it's still a good
  • representation of how it might perform
  • on ladder if you have the decent card
  • level so just let me know guys give me
  • feedback like is it even worth it doing
  • a video with the SEC in Grand Challenges
  • or should I not even bother if it's not
  • a lot of gameplay I kind of figured some
  • gameplay is better than none
  • but you guys can tell me on that what
  • you think probably sure to use that pump
  • in the corner there but that's okay if
  • you fireballs it will just do some up to
  • tears or one of these again his wizards
  • out
  • let's go boom-boom north at RG because
  • we're going for the kill here battle
  • room right here yes to be dead should be
  • a dead guy tower there we're going to
  • get the tower up in the left but going
  • to take the tower on the right which is
  • honestly okay by me
  • and then probably do three musketeers
  • here soon now we go too far about back
  • so let's put them up right here to the
  • left one on the right
  • we know it's far ball is dock and
  • rotation we haven't even use these heels
  • but once in its battle we haven't even
  • needed it guys
  • there's been no need so far we're going
  • to kill this right here boom now we can
  • say we use it and then we'll kill that
  • was it over there and then we'll go boom
  • boom right here
  • so the Musketeers taking out the Elektra
  • wizard and the tower going down for a
  • nice sweet and succulent three crown of
  • victory guys let's go ahead take a look
  • at the minor cycle deck alright here we
  • are guys with the fifth and final deck
  • the two point nine minor cycle this deck
  • is so much fun to use but it's so risky
  • at the same time because fast cycle
  • decks like if you give your opponent
  • momentum they can be hard to shut down a
  • defense let's go poison right here if we
  • wanted to we could eyes aren't like
  • night and then minor to pump but the
  • poison has a bit safer in my opinion
  • because they can counter the minor they
  • can't counter the poison so I'm
  • expecting three musketeers or golem one
  • of the two we just found out boys and
  • girls of water is going to be today and
  • so let's go probably I'm going to do
  • here boys and girls right wait wouldn't
  • waste one alive stay here and go that's
  • what your skeletons here boom
  • maybe those skeletons needed nope no
  • skeletons needed night which dying
  • tonight thank you and where you go
  • skeletons on this musketeer right here
  • and go boom and then boom kill her and a
  • knight come on kill a bell rum there we
  • go there we go and I should survive in
  • tank for our minor and a counter push
  • right here should be decent boys and
  • girls ladies and gentlemen right here
  • hold the Pekka in the back guys freeze
  • it yes
  • there we go now guys TECA to Musketeers
  • is one of the top strategies right now
  • in the game definitely do some choice we
  • don't have these viable in here so if
  • you've got a heal spell we are dead
  • that's just the nature of the game right
  • now boys and girls let's just stop
  • saying that it might be getting annoying
  • for you and that's that
  • can you play start at the back of one of
  • these days tomorrow maybe even next week
  • would be nice but sometimes there we go
  • that guy's dead so I'm expecting a he'll
  • spawn it's that quick sure he's got
  • minion horde you got three muckateers
  • all the prime ingredients of a heal
  • spell deck
  • we know he'd be rocking it guys let's go
  • boom on the right so what did you guys
  • want to choose the middle night with
  • back there would we want to poison that
  • that's prime poison buddies knowing as
  • we know he's got the muskets so I didn't
  • want to poison that right there if you
  • know what I'm saying my friends let's
  • get here in the middle there is attacker
  • there is a big pack of guys
  • mama-mama Peck or all right miner gets
  • the chip egde you can have a nasty
  • counter push right here if you got a
  • heal though I can guarantee we're dead
  • there's just a nature the game right now
  • guys that's just how it works
  • heal spell equals dead people boom boom
  • what Oh how's that barbarian closer no
  • way
  • there's no way my friend no way in the
  • world
  • alright so language will be dead here
  • soon but when you're here boom put fat
  • to weather here boom nice we don't okay
  • we don't okay I spurt here got a knight
  • and a miner I guess I'm sort of the
  • commentary being stupid late lame but
  • we're gonna go focus mode here a little
  • bit of focus is always a good thing
  • kill the musket boom let sure was a kill
  • the towel please one more hit nice or
  • we're doing okay your boys and girls now
  • piping in front that night which
  • probably alright you can do that I'm
  • okay with that one right there never
  • mind not okay not okay
  • lecture we should come to Papa come to
  • me please ooh boom nice the griddle used
  • to look for Whizzer ever hmm alright
  • alright I don't know what's going on
  • here guys but something is happening and
  • I don't really like it let's go
  • skeletons here heal the muskets yeah so
  • if you do a moderate poison here and we
  • should be okay here so go we're wait for
  • that Pekka to get out of there actually
  • can't let's go poison minor right here I
  • spirit that as well come on minor one
  • more hit when we're hit there we go boys
  • and girls good game to our friend to all
  • mine up top there the commentary was
  • pretty bad in that battle when I went
  • super try hard mode I was trying to
  • focus on winning so even though he did
  • have level 9 too much' tears which I
  • definitely consider a little bit lower
  • level for this trophy range without
  • having the far ball in there it didn't
  • impact the battle too much if you wanna
  • have my father we could have one shot of
  • the Musketeers and we went way better
  • for us but the only reason we won that
  • battle guys is because they didn't have
  • the heal spell in his deck if he did
  • have the heal spell he would have had a
  • strong counter deck to ours and there
  • was basically be almost no way to win
  • that battle but anyways guys it's gonna
  • be the end of the video let me know what
  • card you would like featured next in a
  • top 5 video and the comment section down
  • below if you guys did enjoy the video
  • make sure to hit that like button and
  • subscribe for some more clash for all
  • content thank you so much for watching
  • guys we will see you in the next one
  • [Music]

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Top 5 Best Miner Decks in the Current Meta! Arena 8 to Arena 11 Miner Decks + Grand Challenge Miner Decks! Pekka Miner Control, Giant Miner Hybrid, Miner Spell Bait, Miner Three Musketeer and Super Fast Miner Cycle Deck! Miner Decks for Legendary Arena 11, Hog Mountain Arena 10 and Jungle Arena 9.

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