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Video 《美食大篷车》20170330:詹姆士最熟悉的地方


Guizhou satellite TV in recent years after the reform, improve the quality of the program, the outstanding business performance. Guizhou satellite TV in twelve western provinces viewing share come out in front. Popular programs are: truth, perfect, perfect encounter, sing the spark of love, health, on the road, moral star etc.


贵州卫视 非常完美 真相 养生 最爱是中华 完美邂逅 唱出爱火花 论道 非常欢乐 道德星空 新闻 故事 娱乐 明星 综艺 闯关 健康 情感 戏曲 歌曲 益智 马跃 陈怡 黄大炜 白凯南 方清平 Guizhou satellite TV very perfect truth health is the most perfect encounter love sing the spark of love on the road very happy moral star news stories entertainment star variety checkpoints emotion drama song puzzle Ma Yue Chen Yi David Huang Bai Kainan Fang Qingping

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