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Video 107 Family Guy Facts Everyone Should Know! (ToonedUp #18)
20:24   |   views   |   04/23/2015


  • [Music]
  • one of the most popular animated shows
  • ever created yep that's right we are
  • talking about Family Guy
  • my name is Kasich and today here at
  • Channel Frederator we are gonna be
  • listing 107 Family Guy facts that you
  • should know strap on everybody it's
  • gonna be one bumpy road no no no no no
  • no number one
  • Family Guy is one of the few shows to
  • ever be revived after cancellation in
  • fact it was canceled twice at the end of
  • the second season in the year 2000 Fox
  • announced that it had been cancelled
  • they quickly change their minds in July
  • of the same year in order to third
  • season then in 2002 Fox announced again
  • that it had been canceled
  • the popularity of reruns on Adult Swim
  • and DVD sales had them bring it back
  • they ordered more episodes in May of
  • 2004 that premiered a year later in May
  • of 2005 the show has been running
  • constantly ever since gets easier when
  • you get cancelled number two
  • Juiz full name is Stewie Gilligan
  • Griffin number three it costs two
  • million dollars to make each episode of
  • Family Guy number four Seth Green the
  • voice of Chris has mentioned multiple
  • times that Chris's voice is based on
  • Buffalo Bill from the film Silence of
  • the Lambs no Chris even did a parody of
  • a famous scene in the film featuring
  • that character number 5 the show is
  • banned in Indonesia Taiwan Iran Vietnam
  • Egypt South Korea South Africa and
  • Malaysia I wonder who's gonna be next
  • number 6 Peter and Brian are derived
  • from the two lead characters of a short
  • that Seth MacFarlane developed for
  • Cartoon Network in 1997 the short was
  • titled Larry and Steve and featured a
  • man and a dog number 7 in 2009 Family
  • Guy became the first animated show since
  • the Flintstones to be nominated for an
  • Emmy in the category of Outstanding
  • Comedy Series all right boy number 8
  • death MacFarlane is a huge fan of the
  • series all in the family and paid homage
  • to it through the opening of Family Guy
  • [Music]
  • good old-fashioned values on which we
  • used to rely
  • number nine Family Guy premiered on
  • January 31st 1999 following the Super
  • Bowl another one of Seth MacFarlane
  • shows American Dad also premiered
  • following a Super Bowl in 2005 number
  • ten
  • Bonnie Swanson was pregnant for a
  • hundred and sixteen episodes okay first
  • of all Bonnie you've been pregnant for
  • like six years alright either have the
  • baby adults you finally gave birth in
  • oceans three and a half push push get
  • out of there get the hell out of my wife
  • you little bastard number eleven creator
  • Seth MacFarlane was scheduled to be on
  • American Airline flight 11 on September
  • 11 he had to take it but ran late due to
  • a hangover and incorrect departure time
  • missing boarding and the flight by a
  • mere 10 minutes that is absolutely
  • insane
  • number 12 death MacFarlane originally
  • wanted every episode of the show to
  • somehow center around death why are you
  • going number 13 MacFarlane had also
  • planned for each episode of Family Guy
  • to have an ominous title borrowed from
  • an old 1940's radio suspense drama that
  • had no relation or relevance to the show
  • number 14
  • bender from Futurama and coach John
  • McGuirk from home movies all made cameo
  • appearances in the episode it's a trap I
  • bet that makes you want to go watch it
  • again huh you're welcome number 15 in
  • 2009 High Times named Brian Griffin as
  • their stoner of the year number 16 the
  • main cast of Family Guy
  • each makes somewhere between a hundred
  • and seventy thousand dollars to two
  • hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars
  • in episode number 17 the Parents
  • Television Council has named Family Guy
  • the worst TV show of the week over 40
  • times number 18 according to his license
  • in the episode foxy lady quagmire was
  • born in
  • giggity giggity giggity that'll make
  • them sixty-seven this year quagmire you
  • look great for your age what's your
  • secret
  • carrots sometimes I grind them up in the
  • juicer just eat them raw or insert them
  • anally number 19 the massive chicken
  • that constantly tussles with Peter is
  • named Ernie number 20 Peter has changed
  • Meg's full name from Megan to Megatron
  • on her birth certificate number 21 in
  • almost every episode one character says
  • what the hell to another either but that
  • doesn't matter with you number 22 the
  • creators have license and picking when
  • other characters can understand what
  • Stewie is saying number 23 William age
  • Maisie audition for the voice of Brian
  • number 24 quagmire was imagined as an
  • anachronistic 50s guy his voice is based
  • on radio announcers of that time and
  • then dr. he told me what to do ting tang
  • walla bing bang laughing tang walla bing
  • bang number 25 Neil Goldman is named
  • after one of the writers of the show
  • number 26 Peter was based on a security
  • guard at Seth MacFarlane's College Rhode
  • Island School of Design number 27
  • it takes a full year to complete an
  • episode of Family Guy for those of you
  • who are confused in the comments
  • multiple episodes are worked on
  • simultaneously hope that clears it up
  • guys number 28 there are two versions of
  • almost every episode the versions aired
  • on TV and the untouched versions found
  • on the show's DVDs number 29 Seth
  • MacFarlane was only 24 when Family Guy
  • first aired this made him the youngest
  • executive producer in all of network
  • television you go Seth number 30 peter's
  • boss angela is actually voiced by Carrie
  • Fisher number 31 Adam West who appears
  • in Family Guy as the mayor of Quahog
  • loves the show and he definitely gets
  • the love returned in full MacFarlane has
  • said that Adam is the single most
  • demanded character in Quahog number 32
  • the Family Guy franchise is worth two
  • billion dollars money money money money
  • give me money give me money give me
  • money give me money give me money number
  • 33 Seth MacFarlane has been accused of
  • stealing Stewie from cartoonist Chris
  • where Chris has a series titled Jimmy
  • Corrigan the smartest kid on earth the
  • main character Jimmy Corrigan bears a
  • striking resemblance to Stewie and both
  • physical appearance and certain
  • personality traits number 34 Patrick
  • Warburton is the voice of Joe Swanson
  • row number 35 meg has had three
  • different voice actresses and in
  • contrast who makes unpopularity the
  • ladies who have played her are all very
  • lovely in the pilot of the show maid was
  • voiced by Seth MacFarlane sister Rachel
  • MacFarlane she was then voiced by Lacey
  • Chabert who you may recognize from Mean
  • Girls for a few episodes before Mila
  • Kunis took over that is so fetch number
  • 36
  • Family Guy has found beef with both
  • South Park and the Simpsons South Park
  • released a two-part episode titled
  • cartoon wars that mocked Family Guy and
  • even coined the term manatee jokes in
  • relation to Family Guy's gags The
  • Simpsons had a Peter Griffin cameo where
  • the character was seen on a wanted
  • poster with the charge of laser ismo
  • Family Guy fired back with a scene that
  • showed quagmire hooking up with Marge
  • Simpson before being discovered by Homer
  • Simpson and then being forced to kill
  • the whole family at one point Fox
  • finally stepped in to tell The Simpsons
  • and Family Guy to stop ribbing one
  • another eventually the two shows made up
  • and even had an official cross over
  • episode number 37 at one point Seth
  • MacFarlane pitched the concept of Family
  • Guy as a series of shorts from MADtv
  • number 38
  • Paul Tucket pinch read Ayla's Peters
  • preferred drink number 39 there are
  • numerous references to the Jetsons and
  • the Flintstones on the show number 40
  • brian has a tattoo of the famous comic
  • strip character Ziggy
  • number 41 a bumper sticker on Brian's
  • car shows that he supported Dennis
  • Kucinich in a presidential race number
  • 42 before Family Guy was a thing creator
  • Seth MacFarlane work at hanna-barbera
  • number 43 in 2007 the creators of Family
  • Guy were sue
  • three times sounds like he was a pretty
  • busy year for their legal team number 44
  • Louis was originally going to be blonde
  • it's actually the reason that Chris is
  • the only blonde Griffin he was supposed
  • to have the same hair color as his mom
  • to balance out Meg having Peter's hair
  • color number forty-fives ethnic farlands
  • favorite Family Guy moment is in the
  • episode the boom when Lois brings up how
  • much food they've wasted and he cuts to
  • Peter attempting to feed Tom Selleck
  • beans through the TV screen come on yeah
  • hey hey none for you Higgins you've had
  • your number 46 Seth MacFarlane's
  • favorite Family Guy episode is road to
  • the multiverse number 47 Seth
  • MacFarlane's least favorite episode is
  • forefather number 48 if you pay
  • attention you'll notice that quagmire is
  • left-handed
  • number 49 Fox's pilot episode of Family
  • Guy death has a shadow pulled in 22
  • point 1 million viewers on its first
  • broadcast number 50 Family Guy is rooted
  • in Rhode Island
  • which is where Seth MacFarlane went to
  • school number 51 I declare this land
  • qohor Quahog was chosen as the name of
  • the town in which Family Guy takes place
  • because it was a generic but locally
  • inflicted word the show producer Danny
  • Smith wanted to avoid any conflicts or
  • controversy Quahog is another term for
  • hard clams which are commonly found in
  • Rhode Island number 52 Seth MacFarlane
  • has confirmed in a playboy magazine no
  • less that Stewie is gay I know the guy
  • what number 53 Stewie's voice is based
  • on movie star Rex Harrison speaking for
  • myself I am a theatre actor primarily
  • number 54 in the episode loved thy
  • trophies Julie spells out Redrum with
  • building blocks which is a nod to the
  • classic horror film The Shining here's
  • Johnny
  • it's murder backwards number 55 in the
  • episode road to Germany there is a
  • clever reference to the pop song 99 red
  • balloons Nazi scientist is telling
  • Stewie about their 100 hoop ballon when
  • one of them pops oh damn number 56 for
  • the show's 100th episode special Seth
  • MacFarlane interviewed people who hated
  • the show they had no idea they were
  • complaining to the creator himself Oh
  • Seth number 57 Seth MacFarlane killed
  • off Brian to impart this message to his
  • viewers never take those you love for
  • granted for they can be gone in a flash
  • number 58 the episode extra-large medium
  • caused a large amount of controversy due
  • to his portrayal of Down syndrome number
  • 59 in the episode screwed the pooch
  • Peter declares that if you were half the
  • father that Brian was he would know more
  • about his kids including who makes real
  • father was Brian answers Stan Thompson
  • of course meg misses his whole
  • conversation number 60 Seth MacFarlane
  • has said that the reason mega so
  • mistreated is because of a bunch of male
  • writers not knowing how to write for a
  • teenage girl number 61 according to his
  • birth records Peter Griffin was born as
  • Justin Peter Griffin he discovers this
  • when trying to open a checking account
  • number 62 Louis is very unhappy when
  • Peter shakes Stewie in the giggity wife
  • this makes sense when you consider the
  • fact that Peter has shaken one of their
  • other children to death
  • number 63 every fan of Family Guy knows
  • about the fights between Peter and Ernie
  • the giant chicken but not everything
  • knows why they're fighting in the first
  • place are you ready for this guys Ernie
  • gave Peter an expired coupon kids a
  • nerve number 64
  • there was a great
  • against the show when it depicted a John
  • F Kennedy PEZ dispenser getting its head
  • shot off a gag mocking the president's
  • real-life assassination number 65
  • Peter's middle name is Leuven brow this
  • is revealed when he meets his real
  • father Mickey in Ireland makes sense the
  • Irish loved their beer number 66 in the
  • pilot episode of Family Guy the viewer
  • learns that Peter had his first fart at
  • the age of 30 number 67 in the episode
  • if I'm dying on Lion the Peter wishes to
  • bring back a show called Gumbel to
  • Gumbel one can imagine that this is a
  • dig from Seth MacFarlane to Fox because
  • Gumbel to Gumbel is the first show he
  • pitched to the network number 68 in the
  • episode north by North Quahog if you pay
  • attention to the passion of the christ'
  • to preview Jesus has a license plate
  • with the letters W WI D on it it's a
  • play on the popular phrase what would
  • Jesus do the letters stand for what
  • would I do
  • number 69 in the episode ma Thomas
  • behavior the Griffins make the newspaper
  • when they win a boat race in the bottom
  • corner of the paper you can read DVDs
  • pause for headline joke millions
  • disappointed number 70 when Mayor Adam
  • West says I'm the only mayor west that's
  • in trouble in the episode you may now
  • kiss the guy who receives it's a
  • reference to former Mayor Jim West from
  • Spokane he was a strong opponent of gay
  • marriage whose career ended over a gay
  • sex scandal number 71 in the episode the
  • story on page 1 you can read if you can
  • read this family guy is on the air in
  • the corner of the TV guy that's briefly
  • shown number 72 in the episode meet the
  • Quagmire's Peter and Brian disrupt
  • history and Roger from American Dad
  • makes an appearance who ate all the pay
  • cam Sam days number 73 Seth Green was
  • the only person auditioning for the role
  • of Chris who didn't use a surfer dude
  • voice here's some tasty waves cool buzz
  • and I'm fine
  • number 74 mayor Adam West mentions at
  • one point that he has tousled with super
  • beings before which is a nod to his
  • rules as Batman in the 60s you mean
  • precisely Robin
  • number 75 during the Writers Guild of
  • America strike that occurred from 2007
  • to 2008
  • seth macfarlane joined in and did not
  • finish any episodes Fox went ahead and
  • aired three episodes when they were only
  • 90 percent complete without his
  • permission MacFarlane has since declared
  • this a colossal dick move number 76
  • according to its DVD commentary track
  • Stewie Griffin the untold story was
  • originally going to be called queer as
  • Stewie it was going to focus on Stewie
  • coming to terms with being homosexual
  • the idea was scrapped as Stewie's
  • ambiguous sexuality was more mileage for
  • episodes number 77 Chris was originally
  • going to be as fat as Peter but
  • animators decided it would be too
  • depressing number 78 for the timer
  • portion of the episode retarded Joe
  • creators wanted the original voice of
  • timer lenny Weinreb to reprise his role
  • you are what you eat from your head down
  • to your feet they were turned down as
  • his agent said he was just too old Seth
  • MacFarlane did the voice instead number
  • 79 grease summer was in consideration to
  • voice make but Seth MacFarlane felt
  • uncomfortable having an african-american
  • woman play a white character number 87
  • ik farlan voices Peter Brian um Stewie
  • hey quagmire giggidy carter tony danza
  • from who's the boss says hey old Tom
  • Tucker finish your oatmeal sauce Jake
  • Tucker Seamus you want to go out
  • no okay in dr. Hartman Kim Basinger
  • number 81 Jesus Mary and Joseph was held
  • off from airing for a week in the wake
  • of the Sandy Hook elementary shooting
  • number 82 the night of the hurricane
  • programming block that included Family
  • Guy American Dad and the cleveland show
  • was delayed from its original slot due
  • to a severe weather outbreak that
  • occurred number 83 Seth MacFarlane Short
  • the life of Larry had a lot of gags that
  • would be recycled and Family Guy
  • including Peter getting fired putting
  • the family on welfare and becoming rich
  • due to a clerical error on his first
  • welfare check number 84 kevin was
  • originally voiced by Jon Cryer then by
  • Seth MacFarlane and then by Scott Grimes
  • number 85 mere minutes after Brian died
  • some fans were already calling that he
  • would be brought back when the summary
  • for the Christmas episode that year was
  • released they speculated that he would
  • be coming back that episode
  • even more though Fez correctly predicted
  • how it would happen number 86 the show
  • has some fantastic celebrity guest stars
  • including drew Barrymore Robert Downey
  • jr. Patrick Stewart and Mae Whitman
  • number 87 almost all the animation for
  • Family Guy is outsourced but and wrote
  • to the multiverse the Disney segment was
  • animated in-house it's a wonderful day
  • Popeye number 88 meg is the only human
  • member of the Griffin family whose
  • mental name has not been revealed number
  • 89
  • when Peter tries to brand Meg it's
  • revealed that she already has an AW
  • branded on her by Mayor Adam West number
  • 90 Meg it cannot taste salt yeah I know
  • it's hard to believe you lived all your
  • life without knowing that fact number 91
  • due to a rare birth disorder makes heart
  • is located in the same place as her
  • brain it's a joke somewhere there I just
  • can't think of it number 92 Lois was
  • selected to be on the Olympic diving
  • team but ended up pregnant with Meg she
  • later becomes pro-choice poor Meg number
  • 93 Lois hates the sound of squeaking
  • plastic wrap number 94 Lois has possibly
  • had a children there's Meg Chris and
  • Stewie but there's also Peter Griffin
  • jr. Dave Griffin Stewie's funny brother
  • other brother from the theater and other
  • sister who may have been killed by Meg
  • number 95 Peter is a Star Wars fan he
  • collects Star Wars collector glasses and
  • Star Wars trading cards number 96
  • Peter can play the piano perfectly when
  • he's drunk number 97 in the episode
  • friends without benefits peter's twitter
  • user name is pumpkin eater 69 social
  • media is bringing us all closer together
  • number 98 peter was born in mexico
  • number 99 peter has an iphone which is
  • important because if you have an iPhone
  • that means you know you and Peter have
  • something in common number 100 in one
  • episode Peters ringtone is the theme
  • song of the Cleveland show number 101
  • Chris's full name is Christopher cross
  • Griffin which is omage the
  • singer-songwriter
  • Christopher Cross number 102 Chris has
  • the same birthday as his voice actor
  • Seth Green February 8 number 103
  • Chris and Stewie are the only members of
  • the Griffin family who have yet to be
  • put in jail number 104 Brian its Seth
  • MacFarlane's favorite character
  • obviously voices in my head are a
  • legitimate psychological problem for man
  • number 105 Brian voted for John McCain
  • number 106 Brian drives a 2004 Prius and
  • number 107 brian is the only character
  • who said voices using his natural
  • speaking voice hell you're doing the
  • voices you dragged on say I've got this
  • guy hey everybody I'm Phil Dunphy from
  • boom big pants and this guy right here
  • needs no introduction it's Robert Frane
  • Zizi aka real real-life big riffing
  • you're going to steal my luck if you
  • like 107 facts by tuned up as much as we
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  • to channel Frederator absolutely if you
  • guys want to get to moistur Madigan's
  • with us you're boom big pants you can
  • click right here and here's fact number
  • 108 if you want an extra fact about
  • Family Guy this guy right here Phil
  • Dunphy maybe get punched in the face
  • 60 times by a frickin chicken and I
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  • show guess what yeah
  • revenge is sweet yeah thank you guys for
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