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Video Asmongold's First Look at the General Forums After Months


  • watch the pretty to do what even I'm not
  • gonna watch it right I'm just curious to
  • see you like what it's about there's no
  • way I'm gonna watch a 30 minute video
  • but let me just see what this is because
  • he usually has like a boy sailors
  • captain preach here have you something
  • about you haven't because I bet most of
  • you don't even go there so the place
  • that we do not speak of it is of course
  • what do you mean this is like that was
  • like half my content for 2017 is I would
  • just go into general forums and make fun
  • of people actually you know what let's
  • see what what do they got what's going
  • on right now let me see what what they
  • have available all right let's see the
  • end is nigh forum shutdown in 30 minutes
  • I don't know what that is boys are never
  • given the children crying active Bliss's
  • stock is still plummeting enhance nerf
  • by 47% alliance get a 30% buff the water
  • Strider problem
  • man man wait these are the old forums
  • huh
  • oh wait oh these are the new ones I
  • forgot all about this community forums
  • okay here we go
  • gender okay okay gender-neutral
  • characters new tinker quests women of
  • warcraft multi boxing and classic later
  • blizzard take care
  • ten reasons why people are unsub
  • increased and instantly regretted BF a
  • is boring can ICC be sold by an 85%
  • priests if you gank low B's during the
  • Darkmoon Faire you're a huge jerk BFA
  • made as Monde gold tap Ali what I swear
  • to god this wasn't scripted like I had
  • no idea this is gonna come up Wow
  • this this post was flagged by the
  • community and is temporarily hidden so
  • I'm so triggering and upsetting to to
  • viewers that they have to they have to
  • to send they they can't look at it
  • because if they look at me people will
  • get really really mad and they won't
  • know what to do so if you look right
  • here oh wow okay it's just this fucking
  • thumbnail is so awful look how many
  • views this video has 700,000 views like
  • this is actually insane like the amount
  • of views it like these videos get okay
  • oh dear God that face is terrifying
  • yeah imagine living with it why should
  • we care if asmin gold comes back finally
  • some good news
  • well if that means we'll get out of his
  • mom's basement and find other work I'm
  • failing to see why this matters at all
  • thank God
  • I hate as Mon looking at it makes me
  • going I don't know what that is if PFA
  • makes as a goal quote Wow I've
  • considered it the greatest expansion in
  • the game man they really like me a lot
  • they're not happy at all
  • they actually quit the FA is become the
  • best thing to ever happen in a while
  • see like it's like it's nothing like
  • it's not even funny it's just like
  • they're just like it's mad like it
  • almost weird like how can I trigger
  • people that much I'm literally just
  • playing a game and making videos about
  • it and these people act like the game if
  • the game it's ridiculous man there's
  • good news does this mean we won't have
  • to see any more threads about him no
  • that's not what it means at all you
  • still get threads about a theme okay
  • like yeah there's still gonna be people
  • making threads about me for a long time
  • good riddance I never liked him sadly it
  • probably won't stop it he's not quitting
  • it's just a quick bait video designed to
  • get views which is this entire business
  • model which is why the video isn't even
  • on my channel and I don't make any money
  • from it
  • but that's okay expose yeah dude there
  • it is you're a shit on them all the time
  • well of course I do it's because they're
  • retards
  • I wouldn't shit on if they weren't
  • retards like all these people like why
  • do they not like me it's because I'm
  • mean to people for their trans mugs it
  • just retards like why would I get too
  • upset or mad about it like you've got a
  • bunch of triggered retards on the forums
  • that are upset and angry and get their
  • feelings hurt because somebody doesn't
  • agree with them being you know in their
  • fucking safe space and Whitin Wow
  • it's pathetic right oh I don't think
  • that Aleph R is a good idea so they want
  • me to die like you know it's a little
  • bit too much man yeah there it is right
  • there trans mugs on armory ok ok just a
  • second wait this post it has 800
  • comments oh my god wow this is insane
  • they're so upset I have rent free dude
  • because the biggest promoter of the game
  • LMAO so him going to an exorcist cussing
  • drooling rant about how he hates PFA was
  • good publicity for who into an exorcist
  • fuck you mean an exorcist
  • what do you mean the Exorcist it's so
  • weird man it really is he met aggro and
  • they started a relationship Wow got put
  • on the back burner not a complex story
  • Wow is fun but can wait for real life
  • let's see given the knee is
  • active and unconcealed bias against
  • players who do lower content than him
  • and then he is actively endorsed
  • trolling and griefing LF our players I
  • couldn't care less what he's done one
  • less elitist in the game speaking of
  • that this is one of my favorite things
  • to do right so watch this right here
  • this is what I used to make videos like
  • this all the time so so the beam would
  • come out I'm on my priest and I called
  • this video how to kill people in LFR
  • wife grips for retards so watch what I'm
  • gonna do see this is the tank right
  • there I've got them targeted same shirt
  • Hey
  • you don't mess with success right okay
  • yeah why not
  • I swear to God not scripted published on
  • June 12 2014 I had just started making
  • YouTube videos so watch what I do with
  • the tank here so as you can see here I'm
  • standing in the purple shit and what I'm
  • gonna do is I'm gonna grip the tank
  • through the beam to instantly kill them
  • dead dead group white they see my face
  • dude
  • and I would do this all the time right
  • and this is all this is it right I'll
  • show you guys another one because this
  • is really funny right see that guy right
  • there thought that he run in the game he
  • was acting like he ran the game watch
  • this okay so I've got life grip right
  • there and get ready for it I'm looking
  • for somebody to life grip right here and
  • there's one right there and here we go
  • finding him trying to find a white grip
  • position here
  • see he's in tree for him so I wanted to
  • kill him boom there it is let's actually
  • zoom in on this can you guys see it
  • better here yeah you can okay so let's
  • go ahead let's play this at how do I
  • play it at a slower speed okay here we
  • go speed 0.25 okay okay here we go so
  • let's play it so as you can see he's
  • running away from me because he knows
  • I'm coming after him and then there he
  • goes there he goes there he goes boys
  • man I used to love doing this I've got a
  • few more of them to watch this and yeah
  • I used to do this all the time it was
  • funny because I do it the people that
  • were afk let's see if I can find
  • somebody okay and it didn't always work
  • either so you watch right here okay I've
  • got this hunter it's like afk auto
  • attacking I go for the grip sometimes
  • you get it and sometimes you get got
  • that's the way it goes yeah I fell off
  • on my own but yeah this kind of shit was
  • really really fun he's hiding away he
  • doesn't want to get hit by the Loess
  • spirit if he gets hit by the Loess
  • spirit he dies oh oh oh so he's keeping
  • he keeps running
  • okay there's another lower spirit going
  • out right there okay as you can see I
  • immediately see you the oil spirits
  • targeting I target his target I stand on
  • top of the lowest spirit and I do the
  • waif grip boom we got a boys ah those
  • were the days voice those were the days
  • yeah he got got good god damn right he
  • did still waiting for that episode to
  • hear where are the rest of your episodes
  • still waiting for episode two we see
  • where the most recent comments on this
  • video I want to see this here newest
  • first hilarious stuff still waiting
  • thick dick one day episode 2 will come
  • out that's what I should do like I
  • should just go back to making troll
  • YouTube videos and like not even worry
  • about anything else I just like you know
  • what I want to make a video where I get
  • a bunch of people killed for no fucking
  • reason and it'll just be funny like I I
  • don't know why I don't do that now that
  • sounds amazing
  • that sounds great I'll have to think of
  • more of these because everybody hates me
  • anyway so why why not right I don't know
  • like all these old videos it's just like
  • crazy for me to go back and like see
  • them and I don't know it's just weird
  • like all these like videos were just
  • like so fun for me to do man they
  • definitely were and I don't know just
  • like because here's the way that I look
  • at it right is that if I'm the nicest
  • guy ever these guys are just gonna hate
  • me anyway right oh wait there's just
  • wait this guy named himself after me
  • it's much better for the game of past
  • month stays and says oh man 8.3 is that
  • the grid days and Wow everything's fixed
  • Verizon I love this game but it's going
  • down the gutter I can't recommend
  • playing PFA like this as obnoxious of
  • the term influencer is the term content
  • creator is even worse the content
  • creators are the people who create the
  • game not the leeches who try to profit
  • off of it on YouTube
  • yeah cat Danny apparently this guy's the
  • one that's mad I find it my favorite
  • part about this right is like people
  • they'll make ya a short on sand that
  • will get out like okay
  • all these videos if I go I search Esmond
  • gold right filter this week look at
  • these videos
  • asmin gold reacts as when gold drinks I
  • know I haven't put out any videos and
  • there's more asmin gold content now than
  • there ever was as we go watches
  • activations rising puts a hundred and
  • fifty thousand views of literally me
  • watching another video look at this this
  • video two million views Wow
  • copy strike it okay 100 IQ copy strike
  • videos 200 IQ allow people to make
  • videos to promote you 300 IQ allow
  • people to upload videos of your stream
  • on to their channel and then claim the
  • ad revenue because that way you won't
  • get punished for having copyrighted
  • materials on the content while at the
  • same time gaining ad revenue and money
  • for the content but not taking any of
  • the risks there it is
  • what about 400 IQ 400 IQ is you make the
  • videos yourself and that way you make
  • money and then you also are able to like
  • grow your channel we're not quite there
  • yet okay like they're making videos part
  • that's the real that's the problem okay
  • let me see what else is showing okay
  • before I go back and I start Dark Souls
  • let me see if there's anything else it's
  • worth looking at all these people are
  • mad it's crazy to me
  • that there can be an 800 post page about
  • me they think about them like I mean
  • just just like take a step back take a
  • step back and think about what that's
  • like let's see oh god that face is
  • terrifying let's see I'm gonna view your
  • profile it's actually not that bad it's
  • not really that bad but like why would
  • you use that belt for example like so
  • you look at the belt right you've got
  • this like really really traditional
  • druidic transmog and then you've got a
  • belt with the skull on it it just
  • doesn't make any sense man it's fucking
  • stupid and oh I see why he's angry
  • yeah yeah that explains a lot
  • finally some good news oh he's a panda
  • so he's upset that I made fun of his
  • race not surprised about that oh it's
  • just a new character I can't even make
  • fun of him that's disappointing and
  • these will have to get out of his mom's
  • basement and find other work okay dude
  • okay okay dude okay dude literally all
  • blues all fucking blues it's a warmed
  • wait so he's using the staff from the
  • from the event right and his next 26 I
  • mean how can your neck it up to 26 and
  • you're still in full blues I don't even
  • know that's incredible
  • three epochs literal garbage yep see
  • these are my critics here is I look at
  • the people that are upset with me and
  • the people that are angry and man thank
  • god I hate as money just straight up
  • like I hate as much let's see why does
  • he hate me well he also hates getting
  • rings apparently too
  • see whenever people make fun of me and
  • they have bad gear I don't take them
  • seriously I don't it's not even a big
  • deal it's not a big deal like because
  • they're just dumb like they don't know
  • what they don't know what's going on
  • they complain all the to casual yeah
  • casuals hate me and what's sad about
  • this is that they hate what they don't
  • understand
  • well they don't understand anything
  • about the game but like I'm trying to
  • help them I want see Andrea of the Horde
  • to have a good time I want him to be
  • happy and enjoy the game I can pretty
  • fucking pretty much fucking bet he's not
  • enjoying all out of the game because
  • he's only done LFR old ear once and he
  • doesn't seem to do any other content in
  • the game he has 2,000 achievement points
  • the game has not motivated see Andrea to
  • waste his life and that is a shortcoming
  • I want the game to motivate this person
  • to waste their life on it that is my
  • goal that's what I want I don't know how
  • to pronounce his name who cares but look
  • at the weapons let's see here
  • 310 and 340 not too good not too good at
  • all it's disappointing that people are
  • like this it is I think a lot of people
  • just irrationally dislike me for no
  • reason
  • it's the way it goes I mean at the end
  • of the day like obviously I'm pretty
  • extreme with what I say I do things that
  • are kind of intense right in a number of
  • different ways so I can understand
  • obviously why people would be mad but at
  • a certain point it gets a little bit
  • ridiculous
  • no reason yeah dude no reason at all
  • yeah everybody's going to get mad

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