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Video my deleted videos *NEVER BEFORE SEEN!!*
22:34   |   views   |   01/08/2019


  • hey guys what's up I'm seeing you guys
  • since last year what's up happy new year
  • I haven't uploaded since last year and I
  • took like a week off and you're probably
  • like Emma why did you take a week off
  • well I did but I just didn't upload so I
  • guess I kind of did take a week off
  • except for that I didn't mean to take a
  • week off because I was working on stuff
  • it's just that I hated all of it let me
  • explain
  • I filmed three videos and edited a
  • decent portion of each but ended up
  • hating each video so I filmed three
  • videos that I didn't like in a row so
  • starting out 2019 with a bang hating all
  • my content that I produce each video
  • that I filmed was like decent like it
  • wasn't bad it wasn't awful but it just
  • wasn't up to par so I did the idea to
  • throw all my favorite footage from each
  • video into one video and make this video
  • my deleted videos these are my deleted
  • videos hi I'm home for the holidays
  • which is you know fun that was here for
  • like five days which is the longest I've
  • been home for a long time usually I come
  • for like two days and then a mental
  • breakdown and then have to leave the
  • first thing I'm doing is going to Target
  • oh my god I'm shooting with my friend
  • Lilly tomorrow we're taking photos at
  • sunrise 6:30 a.m. so I have to wake up
  • really early tomorrow yeah time to
  • conquer are you cringing that I said
  • that what the food was bad I'm like
  • getting socially awkward I like can't do
  • it
  • this is my worst nightmare if your mom
  • bought you these when you were a little
  • fuck you because my mom never fucking
  • bought me these why the fuck didn't you
  • buy me those yogurts because they're bad
  • for you what did you feed me instead
  • right Kate I will never go to Target
  • again
  • that was awful now I'm in the car being
  • a big fat baby so they didn't have any
  • fucking wrapping paper left nothing left
  • so now I do go to like CVS or something
  • oh my god the holidays are too much
  • let's try this again oh this is oh my
  • god this is insane compared to the other
  • store come on oh my god is this fucking
  • denim that's trendy you like that I mean
  • you can get that for you but I will not
  • wrap a gift in that no I'm just gonna
  • I'm just gonna get some fighting plaids
  • kind of fun it I'm just gonna get some
  • gray pink plaid
  • [Applause]
  • should I get some bows do you think I
  • need those oh I mean like am I just
  • being difficult like I don't know I
  • don't need it but but why be color oh my
  • god these are perfect I love the Santa
  • okay you don't like this why are you
  • acting like giving an actor like you
  • like putting on a face like hey do you
  • like that
  • [Music]
  • I got back from taking pictures and I
  • took a very fat nap I slept for
  • literally seven hours now I have to get
  • ready because I'm going to my family's
  • Christmas Eve parties so
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • that was epic look at second jewel jewel
  • like a decoration LLC I know what you
  • think what kind of jewelry you're
  • thinking about you
  • [Music]
  • okay so for some context my grandpa
  • posted on his instance or at this
  • picture of pizzelles that he made I
  • don't even know what a pizzelle is but
  • whatever and not only did he posted on
  • his Instagram story but he also posted
  • it on his Instagram feed we obviously do
  • not approve of this because we know that
  • socially that's not okay well I took it
  • upon myself to confront him and here's
  • that I need to have a talk about it's
  • very Instagram the pizzelles I noticed
  • that you made an Instagram recently so
  • far you're doing pretty good you are you
  • made a post and you posted your special
  • treat which I didn't eat and did enjoy
  • the only thing is that I'm wondering it
  • why did you post it on Instagram and on
  • your Instagram story I had no idea what
  • I was doing right it's good news it was
  • an accident he didn't mean to post it on
  • bull
  • [Applause]
  • I just got back from my family's
  • Christmas Eve party thing and it's
  • fucking go time because guess who's
  • coming tonight Santa motherfuckers sadly
  • I don't have a tree but we do have this
  • it's pretty small kick this out of the
  • way no need for that now do we so yeah
  • these are from Santa for me I'm really
  • excited to open them hopefully there's
  • like a trust fund in there or something
  • look at all my animals lurking around
  • why do I have so many okay well let's
  • not talk about my childhood trauma I
  • usually write a letter to Santa but I
  • mean now that I'm a little bit older
  • everything it's much swag to do
  • something like that so way to fuck over
  • that shit now okay I think we should
  • give him two cookies just something you
  • know we keep him healthy Wow
  • Thank You Santa let me also try this nog
  • let's see if it's any good
  • that's very enjoyable let's try one of
  • Santa's cookies he won't mind that's it
  • why am i eating Santa's snacks don't
  • wave that finger at me you're naughty
  • naughty of me oh my god you ate his
  • cookies and drink his nog I don't give a
  • fuck I just woke up from my nap Oh God
  • I'm fucking exhausted I'm picking up my
  • friend grace we're gonna go get Phil's I
  • told myself that when I came home this
  • time I was gonna like I want to run
  • every morning I did not go on one run
  • once so that fucking didn't happen but
  • when they get back that way I'll get my
  • shit back together I trust myself sorry
  • my camera's also shaking extremely bad
  • it's just part of car vlogging I know I
  • don't really car vlog anymore because I
  • don't have anywhere to fucking drive I
  • don't drive anywhere maybe I'll try to
  • start driving more places in LA as a New
  • Year's resolution for you guys we'll see
  • probably not
  • so great so definitely blogs a lot
  • probably cuz I've just been fuckin
  • sleeping yeah you really didn't vlog a
  • lot at home
  • you didn't vlog enough for a full video
  • now did you now look where we are now
  • look what we're doing now all I need
  • right now is Phil's and then I'll be ok
  • I just farted don't get in it yet I'm
  • not even kidding
  • [Music]
  • what do you want to do now want to go
  • shopping I do not need clothes but I
  • want customer to air on maybe get air
  • but fake big flex fuck you should've
  • brought my fucking iPad because I got an
  • iPad from James for Christmas and then
  • it glitched and locked me out of it and
  • then now I can't get into it I'm zigging
  • to the Apple store and get it reset when
  • did you set the wrong password yes I
  • don't want to talk about it I really
  • didn't want to believe that's what you
  • do no I literally did it I'm wasting
  • money it's the day through Christmas I
  • know I buy myself some gifts what do you
  • think about that grace might accrue woo
  • I'm gonna try on haul but that just
  • means I have to try things on when I get
  • home was just kind of annoying but it's
  • fine cuz I care about you like you said
  • it so I got these cargo pants how the
  • fuck do I show this shit they're light
  • wash and shit there you go well who
  • thinks it I didn't write any of the
  • songs I forgot this I just thought this
  • cuz I like the color the button-down and
  • it's the clothes pretty epic I think
  • it's gonna be really cute alright
  • they're not as soft anymore dude
  • literally Brandi took their quality down
  • a peg like the shit's not as obvious
  • even dude there's not even close to his
  • level of fuzzies anymore then I got
  • these jeans cuz like fucking I just like
  • jeans Hamid um loves he already has
  • these cuz I know you deaf I probably
  • something so you know but I just you
  • know I thought it was good okay next I'm
  • so excited about this ish it's cute
  • Assad kiss fool I am so sorry
  • you okay okay so I got this corner Oy
  • puffer you Jackie I'm probably never
  • gonna wear it cuz it's always too hot in
  • LA as every bitch says when they do a
  • fucking haul and they're like it's too
  • hot then I got these okay this is
  • questionable
  • we knew it's these fucking like sweat
  • shorts it might be Brandis way of
  • announcing their boys collection
  • [Music]
  • hi I'm not at my house but that's okay
  • because I don't like being at my house
  • because I don't like being alone because
  • I have issues with being by myself
  • Happy New Year everybody I'm excited for
  • this year because this last year was
  • fucking insane a lot of shit happened to
  • me putting my hood on cuz I don't look
  • good right now and I need to hide it it
  • was a great year for me I did have a lot
  • of mental writedowns but besides that it
  • was a really great year and I had an
  • idea I wanted to do a special fund
  • special for the new year I had the idea
  • to react to myself from a year ago
  • I have changed a fuck ton this year like
  • I started out this year blonde and just
  • different like when I watched videos of
  • myself from a year ago I'm like who the
  • fuck was that I gathered a bunch of
  • documentation of me from a year ago and
  • I thought that I would react to it today
  • and then we just see how magic changes
  • here and comparing a dress it's like a
  • scientific vignette so let's get into it
  • sorry I look really ugly but that's not
  • my fault maybe I take these off yeah
  • whatever I'll go first thing we're gonna
  • be reacting to from a year ago is my
  • Instagram this is probably gonna be the
  • least shocking because I feel like I'm
  • pretty similar except for I did a lot
  • more photoshoots and I probably tried a
  • little bit harder now I gave up so I
  • remember this photo shoot like it was
  • yesterday I did a shoot with my dad used
  • to do photo shoots made out all the time
  • I wanted Instagram photos and I didn't
  • know any photographers now I know
  • photographers personal growth I love
  • this photo of myself
  • there's no fucking reason my style was
  • okay like I mean I'm wearing like a
  • decent jacket like wearing is trendy
  • beanie I mean like I'm not cringing the
  • glasses are a little bit cringe
  • I just wouldn't wear those now I also
  • love this photo of myself okay why was I
  • so conceited
  • things have changed my self-esteem has
  • it columbidae I literally would force my
  • dad to wake up at like 6:00 a.m. and go
  • shoot with me so that I could have
  • Instagram photos and then I'd post 90
  • photos in the same outfit and that was
  • probably really annoying also for some
  • reason I guess I didn't have captions on
  • these photos I still don't do that I'm
  • not gonna Instagram captions some things
  • never change
  • okay this next photo has a caption
  • thinking about toontown alright I mean I
  • did like toontown not really at that
  • time though I think I was just trying to
  • like be quirky and dogged about toontown
  • as if I still liked it which I didn't
  • whatever this is kind of a boring video
  • so far sorry 29
  • right this is all so weird to 2019 is my
  • graduation year I already graduated high
  • school I graduated a year early but this
  • was supposed to be my grand year so
  • congrats to me okay still fucking
  • talking Mattoon town and they literally
  • edited this photo on visco and put green
  • on it that's so embarrassing I really
  • was obsessed with having a feedback then
  • apparently felt cute in this elbow might
  • delete soon annoying wow my hair looked
  • really good it was all wavy and shit
  • what the fuck cannot relate right now
  • wow you're look so good what was like
  • doing differently that's disgusting and
  • annoying when you're about to defeat a
  • cog in toontown and your uncle comes in
  • and says he needs to use the computer to
  • buy an alligator illegally online what
  • the fuck does that mean
  • I probably thought that was funny too
  • that's like really sad the photos good
  • like I'm not mad about the photo I don't
  • like look that cringe in that mm I mean
  • a little bit oh my god and I'm wearing
  • the poopy jacket the hoji running a lot
  • of people jagged since then also funny
  • thing that I'm remembering while looking
  • at these photos I was reading through
  • some of the comments and it's so funny
  • because back then no one hated me now
  • people do hate me so that's okay though
  • I guess I asked for it I don't know I
  • have a lot more hashtag haters now so
  • whatever photo Mia Denny's okay in the
  • poopy jagged rock bottom yes this was
  • rock bottom I was a mess in the
  • beginning of last year I also have
  • friends now I didn't really not friends
  • cheers to me for making some friends
  • that's good thanks for being my friend
  • yeah next we're gonna react to my
  • twitter twitter has this thing where you
  • can only scroll back so far to like a
  • certain point and then it cuts off and
  • then you have to download your archive I
  • didn't want to do that because I'm
  • really fucking lazy so I could only
  • scroll back to March so just still the
  • beginning of last year so I thought I
  • just react to a few of those and then I
  • somehow found a screenshot a little bit
  • to weed that I tweeted so we're just
  • gonna react to those few tweets that I
  • have first let's talk about my fucking
  • avatar what the fuck was that also
  • little noob like I know I don't know I
  • just don't want to talk about it also my
  • username was different my twitter has
  • glow of the fuck up my fucking profile
  • picture now sway fucking better I've
  • been crying for four days with like 20
  • minute breaks in between I'm not even
  • that sad I just can't stop that was a
  • lie I was sad hi
  • lately I've been sleeping like two hours
  • a night menu - stop with that because
  • making me sick as fuck constantly so I
  • can't upload the day after day I'm only
  • uploading Thursdays and Sundays which
  • literally makes me cry bad ass happened
  • I'm sorry I love you little did I know
  • that at one point I would now only
  • upload like once a week maximum so like
  • honestly that's generous back then all
  • right now to some of the tweets from
  • March pesto is magic I don't know anyone
  • who doesn't like it you can't not like
  • it that's true fuck oh my god why is
  • this kind of funny me after one glass of
  • milk ooze up I'm drunk tweeting that's
  • good I've tried cow's milk twice in my
  • life okay no one gives a fuck so moving
  • on from Twitter alright next we're gonna
  • look at some shit from my camera roll
  • cuz I thought that would be kind of fun
  • okay
  • crying crying when people come and tell
  • you to come oh my god this is when I
  • started getting hate I didn't understand
  • how do we deal with it still don't but
  • I'm better now I can't believe I used to
  • cry over that shit I don't cry over it
  • now well defense oh my god me still
  • crying I'm just emotional okay me with
  • phil's that's heartwarming oh my god
  • more crying okay me with my cat that's
  • my mood I fucking miss my dad why the
  • fucking ice cream job this mean this is
  • literally a Chex Mix
  • ad and I thought that their ad was funny
  • what the fuck that's sad
  • what the fuck is that I'm literally I'm
  • done I don't wanna look at this anymore
  • let's go to my snap memories this
  • actually the last thing we're gonna be
  • looking for sells vehicles over thank
  • God right this was going to get hit in
  • the face with the nerf gun that shit
  • hurt it okay me eating a burrito oh my
  • god I miss the burritos from the Bay
  • Area fuck okay this is me in the gym
  • listening to someone brag about are they
  • gonna Gale and travel a lot ha I feel
  • stupid and poor ah yeah that shit still
  • makes me feel stupid and poor literally
  • why was I so obsessed with getting my
  • dog's germs into my mouth me dye my hair
  • blonde cannot relate don't do that
  • anymore
  • being blonde was definitely crackhead
  • Howard it's like I was a fucking
  • crackhead when I dyed my hair blonde
  • just didn't look good for me I know how
  • do you guys miss it and stuff and tell
  • me that but I don't miss it so sorry
  • just sometimes I do though cuz blondes
  • have more fun just kidding I had way
  • more fun once I became brunette
  • [Music]
  • all right I don't want to talk about it
  • I am what all I know is that my teeth
  • were way fucking straighter by then and
  • i'm so triggered they look way better
  • [Music]
  • brush my hair in like two days don't
  • give a fuck I'm just shopping what
  • lambda okay I look bad really bad
  • [Music]
  • hey here's what we're doing today I'm
  • gonna be doing makeup that looks like
  • this
  • and you're falling like Emma why I think
  • it would be fun all I know is I want to
  • make myself look like that I don't know
  • why I like the way it looks so much and
  • I want to see how it would look on me
  • I'm really even curiously because you're
  • gonna see this concerning my last two
  • videos were thrown away and did the
  • trash straight into the trash where they
  • belong it's just really interesting to
  • think like I wasting my time right now
  • is this even gonna hit the Internet
  • let's talk about New Year's resolutions
  • I don't have any because I don't believe
  • in that bullshit if you're gonna do it
  • you're gonna do it when you want to do
  • it not when you already are gonna um
  • [Music]
  • you're not gonna just do it because it's
  • a new year you would have already done
  • it does that make sense ladies and gents
  • do you own a thought would be kind of
  • fun is to talk about 18 things that I
  • learned in 2018 Wow I look fucking awful
  • this video is a mix let's start with the
  • things that I learned this year don't
  • dye your hair black if you're pale
  • around June of this year I dyed my hair
  • black I look like fucking Snape from
  • Harry Potter it was awful and ugly
  • second thing I learned is music
  • festivals are not fun it's always a
  • waste of money in time but I'm still
  • gonna go to Coachella this year so do
  • bald people actually like wash their
  • heads like with shampoo or did they just
  • use body wash
  • [Music]
  • let's try to find a blush palette do I
  • even have one I don't know oh my god I
  • have blush
  • I have blossom okay this is not as hard
  • as I thought oh my god I'm having fun
  • what if this becomes with my anything of
  • you eh I might have put too much I put
  • too much I don't fucking know the fifth
  • thing I learned this year is to wear
  • your fucking retainer I didn't listen to
  • this this year and now my teeth are
  • crooked again and I had braces for five
  • years so I'm paying what some people
  • would call a huge price let's keep
  • working ladies sorry I'm jumping all
  • around the place with this video but at
  • least was starting out 2019 kind of in a
  • bad place so that we can only go from
  • here qe I'm lucky doing good so far I'm
  • kind of getting nervous because well
  • it's something then the pressures on
  • next one who using James Charles morphe
  • palette thank you James
  • Sothis and P are they putting the
  • sandwich back to what I learned this
  • year because that's what we're doing I
  • don't really know where I'm going with
  • this I'm kind of distracted honestly
  • okay so I did a bad job on the freckles
  • whatever another thing I learned this
  • year pick your friends up from the
  • airport why because then they'll pick
  • you up from the airport
  • clean groomed eyebrows have left the
  • fucking chat I'm kind of trying to look
  • like the Grinch on accident I'm kind of
  • scared bored of am i doing a good how do
  • these girls fucking do this shit Manning
  • like
  • another thing that I learned this year
  • is that dairy is so fucking bad it's bad
  • for your skin it's bad for your stomach
  • pain it just makes everything worse is
  • it sad yes do I want a quesadilla of
  • course I want a quesadilla oh it's
  • fucking weird oh my god he spilled
  • glitter fucking everywhere oh another
  • thing I learned this year breakfast
  • burritos another thing I learned avoid
  • mono this year I got mono and it was
  • disgustingly awful do not drink out of
  • anybody else's glass don't ever kiss
  • anyone I don't care if you have a
  • boyfriend I literally don't oh this is
  • important acrylic nails are not fucking
  • worth it I know that they look pretty
  • and I know that you think that it's a
  • good idea well let me be the first to
  • tell you that it's not a good idea in
  • that acrylic nails are the reason for my
  • depression my acrylic nails for like
  • probably six months I just kept getting
  • em refill refill feel free filled
  • whatever and I never let my nails
  • breathe well fast-forward to now my
  • nails started to die on me I was going
  • to the salon and every time they were
  • putting their nails on I would literally
  • have the worst pain in my hands like my
  • nails were literally constantly
  • throbbing so one day I was sick of it
  • and I was like I don't even care about
  • having acrylics anymore and I had
  • bruises under my acrylics I think it's
  • because they were so long they kept
  • banging into stuff but this one had
  • bruises under all my nails I'm sick of
  • it I was like I don't even want to go
  • back to the salon because they just made
  • the pain in my hands worse so I'm just
  • going to take them off myself well this
  • was a mistake
  • because as you can see it ripped my
  • nails completely off like my nail cuts
  • off right here in my hands look awful it
  • looks like I bite my nails down to the
  • fucking end it looks so bad and the
  • problem is is that like it's not my
  • fault
  • it's been upsetting can my eye look it's
  • kind of random and stupid but my
  • macaroni it's not macaroni okay a few
  • more things on my legs but fuck reading
  • those because I'm really sick of it and
  • no one's entertained by those anyway so
  • let's do winged eyeliner instead I don't
  • I can't so that's it's gonna be fuck
  • okay what even brandies this eyeliner I
  • think I got this forever 21 that's like
  • really really
  • promising not even a word on promising
  • holy shit it is oh my gosh Wow Leavitt
  • goes to my apartment that's the best
  • winged eyeliner ever done 2019 is good
  • 20 good fuck there's always that one uh
  • you know
  • oh wait fuck holy shit that's disgusting
  • it looks like a fucking spaceship I feel
  • bad for myself like it's this is like
  • really sad and I don't even have like
  • fake eyelashes or anything to like
  • spikes that shit up like this is just
  • kind of what its gonna be like do you
  • know what this is this whole thing is
  • just a deer makeup tutorial this is a
  • Bambi makeup tutorial wait who did I
  • just look like Bill Veck pee-wee Herman
  • Mickey Mouse dressed up who is dressed
  • up like an animal oh my god oh my god oh
  • my god oh my god oh my god it's
  • something with dr. Seuss I think wait
  • wait wait oh my god boyfriend my mascara
  • and why am I trying to do a fucking
  • montage right now I think the problem
  • with me and things that are related to
  • art I've never had the patience to do it
  • it always starts out really good and
  • then by the end it's just really bad and
  • that's why I only did art freshman year
  • when it was easy and then dropped out
  • the second year because the teacher
  • actually started to care not good
  • maybe I just have a short attention span
  • I'm not doing this again I don't really
  • look good we didn't expect that I don't
  • want me to look like a little bit more
  • majestic than usual didn't really
  • succeed with that overall this video
  • might also go on the scrap pile but if
  • you saw it that means there's something
  • okay in it okay bye
  • [Music]
  • you
  • [Music]

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18 Khalid

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Khalid. 2019. Writer: Howard Lawrence;Guy Lawrence;Khalid.

Rise flac

IZ*ONE. 2019.
20 Ariana Grande

Bloodline flac

Ariana Grande. 2019. Writer: ILYA;Max Martin;Savan Kotecha;Ariana Grande.

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