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Video President Trump Fires Rex Tillerson As Secretary Of State, Replaces Him With Mike Pompeo | NBC News
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  • a major shake-up inside the Trump
  • administration NBC News has confirmed
  • that the president has a Secretary of
  • State Rex Tillerson to step aside and he
  • will be replaced with the current CIA
  • director Mike Pompeo and to replace
  • Pompeo the president has announced the
  • first woman to lead the agency NBC's
  • Peter Alexander is at the White House
  • this morning Peter this is one of those
  • shocked not shocked that Tillerson
  • departure has been rumoured about for
  • months and yet this morning I don't know
  • if anyone saw it coming at this very
  • moment
  • yes event I think you're exactly right
  • this is certainly a stunning
  • announcement not so much for the fact
  • that it's happening there has been wide
  • speculation that Tillerson was on the
  • outs would likely be leaving this
  • administration over the course of
  • perhaps the next several months but the
  • fact that it was announced this morning
  • in effect by Twitter confirmed by the
  • president just moments ago is what's so
  • stunning to so many take a look at what
  • the president tweeted just a short time
  • ago he writes Mike Pompeo director of
  • the CIA will become our new Secretary of
  • State he will do a fantastic job thank
  • you to Rex Tillerson for his service
  • Gina Hass Bell as you noted will become
  • the new director of the CIA and the
  • first woman so chosen congratulations to
  • all just moments ago a senior
  • administration official emails NBC News
  • and tells us that the president in
  • effect wanted to have his new team in
  • place ahead of what will certainly be
  • sensitive negotiations not just over
  • those trade deals new tariffs the
  • president's trying to impose but also
  • perhaps most notably because of the
  • likely negotiations the president's
  • hoping to begin with North Korea
  • agreeing to a face-to-face a sit-down
  • meeting with the road dictator of North
  • Korea Kim jong-un expected to take place
  • over the course of the next several
  • months so as Rex Tillerson just
  • returning home Savannah from Africa
  • within the last several hours is now out
  • of the job the man who was taking over
  • that job as a person who's really had
  • favored status by the president since
  • the very beginning
  • he is Mike Pompeo he was first in his
  • class at West Point he was a Harvard Law
  • School graduate as well he's a person
  • who was briefed the President on
  • intelligence from the beginning and in
  • all my conversations here within this
  • administration and its officials they
  • have always said the president had a
  • particular liking for Pompeo that he
  • really trusted the information he got
  • from him and that Pompeo in their words
  • spoke his language so again the breaking
  • news right now on this Tuesday morning
  • is the president in the background I
  • could even hear marine one marine one
  • will be taking off just a short time
  • from now to go to Joint Base Andrews the
  • president heading off to California
  • today we'll see if the president has any
  • public comments about it as he prepares
  • the board that helicopter Savannah
  • reporters will be shouting questions
  • first chance they get the breaking news
  • this morning Rex Tillerson after a rocky
  • tenure as Secretary of State is out the
  • former execs on executive will be
  • replaced by Mike Pompeo formerly the
  • House Intelligence Committee who is the
  • current CIA director in jena haskell
  • becomes the first female to lead the CIA
  • we're gonna have a lot more on NBC News
  • comm and MSNBC right now also tonight on
  • NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt

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President Trump has fired Rex Tillerson as secretary of state, replacing him with outgoing CIA Director Mike Pompeo. Gina Haspel will become new head of the CIA. NBC’s Peter Alexander reports from the White House on the startling developments.
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President Trump Fires Rex Tillerson As Secretary Of State, Replaces Him With Mike Pompeo | NBC News


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