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Video Overwatch | RunAway vs Meta Athena ft Haksal Playing Lucio Support?| OGN APEX S4 Highlights
15:22   |   today at 13:36


  • still the same grandma pink for the side
  • of runaway but they've got the players
  • back that everyone love Kaiser and even
  • runner other substitutes a lot of star
  • power on the back you cannot afford to
  • change the runaway through any other
  • thing it is iconic for that we own our
  • own version honestly they would probably
  • lose their fans if they got rid of the
  • grandma jersey itself they have to keep
  • at this point they're stuck with it they
  • just kind of hit the mail it's going to
  • open up on the Winston to Winston's and
  • since we're on lighthouse we're going to
  • see plenty of power action as well yeah
  • we'll be running here by Cox he takes to
  • the sky Marion to be protected but
  • libero is very close to having that
  • bronze ready a time fireball so has the
  • whole pump will throw it down but
  • doesn't buy the stick me that run away
  • suffering a couple losses there's Hawk
  • soul goes down registan for me on you
  • just bring back Rio rightness is he dies
  • so the take advantage going to be here
  • or bet us peanuts people to follow up
  • kids where to the Winston prize the
  • cadets all the point can't quite finish
  • off who does he does get the riemeck and
  • now he's all on his lonesome has to try
  • to sprint out of there looks like he
  • will make it with his life but barely so
  • info the air who's looking for a pic not
  • going to be finding anything this time
  • here comes down from Medina barrage from
  • a libero just ripping them all apart to
  • see and hostile both go down he jumps
  • right back I'll come to the skies and
  • that is going to be a nice shot in on a
  • Cox hits him in the dome with a rocket
  • it takes them out with the rest those
  • come through bringing back Hawks I'll
  • bring fact is he who has a primal rage
  • available to keep the delay going but
  • they lose out on the bumper and gone oh
  • he's got his own resume LIF he just
  • keeps skirting around the outset of this
  • point he'll make it back in holding on
  • to the rest for now but might buy me
  • time to pop it does bring back Rio as
  • they keep trying to get this delay to
  • try to kiss this overtime meter to drop
  • but honestly but I've seen a punt app to
  • abandon it they do peel back and run
  • away will give a flip if I was so long
  • that even though the rest is available
  • at the end alts built up a run away over
  • the Costas I'm just putting back on the
  • kenji actually it's a bit of a change
  • for him but a couple of cleanup kills
  • for run away there goes up against a 997
  • fell yeah I better see if they suffer a
  • lot of losses right to be in Kris going
  • down the last one I queen who will be
  • able to get this way through but will
  • get a can help up and they come
  • Italy will get taken down somebody else
  • has to get into trying to tag this one
  • but it's a race to camp with time and it
  • seems like they will be able to get it
  • right and last-second science dashes in
  • if the Bulls bump down depending take
  • them out but they already moved up on
  • the real yo sawing down chris is well
  • following soon and run away despite not
  • having the point for the majority of
  • this now I'm a forensic ditch is what I
  • use the rest to simply go a guy but if I
  • still going I just may achillea as we're
  • watching the mercy perspective as ghosts
  • remember that's all we men being picking
  • up and there's the red hoodie on justice
  • bring a Rio Street back in Barrasso down
  • we'll get rid of graves in yellow house
  • fall into that could have been support
  • members going down followed up by
  • popping out on getting rid of liberals a
  • runaway finally finding is opening to
  • begin with it but it's still going to be
  • 66% ticking upward here more the side of
  • runaway and not many people have
  • ultimate cost of them has a barrage
  • backup would that be the game changer
  • but busy being able to survive us so
  • long means to flip them attain Ebro this
  • time with the mid a rocket on to talks
  • they couldn't get the flip out there it
  • is and already runaway are in addition
  • here just try and delay because they're
  • coming through going low on the neck but
  • make the back of - Robin singing - Elmo
  • likes woods and all out dogfight from
  • those parents compasses gotta get to
  • eight pilots but now bumper has fallen
  • so that's going to get in water is Libra
  • I was running against you for a lot of
  • season three live bouncing back in
  • rebuttal Heba charges forward aside
  • player off-screen has gotten rid of cock
  • so that leaves a lot of pressure allows
  • Ravenna Vita to very safely play in on
  • to the point local town barrier coming
  • down from the side of Hawk Sol barely
  • keeps himself alive for the moment he'll
  • still get taken out of noon it's just
  • sticking to them like glue and Athena
  • will need to put the cup through his
  • already Kiki 1% here bra run away at a
  • night delay we're still happening is
  • going to we'll get knocked out of that
  • neck will get taken down still have not
  • got over to the side event Athena
  • Caucasian jumped on hold on us all not
  • going to get to stick and that is going
  • to be cock staying alive it adds if he
  • goes down we might just be too happy or
  • for better run away if so must delay the
  • point first have to finally comes in now
  • Barry was you stopped off
  • spotted on this link you'll see the
  • transects are down here by plumper
  • feeling threatened by liberal with
  • dragonblade who will now draw it out
  • dashes in looking for the pinata get
  • them tending it more midair slice it
  • onto Cox takes them out we'll go ahead
  • and greet sheath the blade those are the
  • opening setting needed is a nice melee
  • hit on to tizzy to go ahead and finish
  • off the Wednesday at end of time bitch
  • might be able to make the difference
  • here has that hole so I'm ready to go
  • the only ultimate available for run away
  • and surprisingly they're going to be
  • sticking with bumper in on this Genji
  • that will over time from either side
  • liberal on the high ground has bad a
  • kaiser reticle already get to the stitch
  • cavalry comes out of insulation crates
  • are alive it will help choose with the
  • damage from the soldier and he goes low
  • in Yahoo will be able to take him down
  • not responding with one of his own will
  • get me and me right at the last second
  • here from the side of Yahoo trying to
  • take him out we'll be able to get the
  • pop out onto the enemy neva but it's
  • still very meta you know who are
  • suffering the majority of the losses now
  • that looks coming through for runaway
  • horse on down so quickly and they will
  • in fact be able to illios in the end a
  • win on the lighthouse now on to ruins
  • they start this series off 1-0 and even
  • with all the surprises no Kaiser in the
  • starting lineup Hawk solutio that will
  • kill the cockpit huckle both go down the
  • rocket but finding to kill start things
  • off we'll go ahead get the left click
  • down to finish off Yano them coming
  • through as they look for the retake that
  • are ready to go throws it down right is
  • that Nana bush comes through and he can
  • just swing away for the victory and he
  • cocks very out of position and he all
  • the way back we'll go ahead eat that
  • straight choice but actually is able to
  • fire back into points for free now we
  • seem to pretend we have a meteor strike
  • ready to go from the side of the road
  • gets for the hawk so yet again it's most
  • down barriers are use finds the killed
  • off the bondic tog don't want to fill
  • registers if they know it's gonna plug
  • the plug they want to try to hope as
  • what a mouse hole for all other dragon
  • place - into the back for the kill the
  • inaudible soldier instead changes over
  • trying to get a zenyatta it doesn't get
  • it have any favours and down to a minute
  • to me 250 here what the position is
  • gonna be like four men out there they
  • don't have anything to work with
  • Oh why's they need at least the
  • transcendence to fight getting ready to
  • come up with Chris gets taken out first
  • and foremost Yoda will be able to throw
  • that one down at the toughest truck gets
  • caught in the backline fire arrow as he
  • was trying to hide in behind the boxes
  • but they're still just suffering lost is
  • one Peter left
  • for the side I've run away they should
  • be able to get depletion it's just
  • desperation you're betting but one after
  • the other they gets cut down Amalfi they
  • need to speed it straight to try to draw
  • one of these two portals as exclaming
  • for there is growing up cut those get
  • rid of John and Jew is in the sound Bank
  • cost animation absolutely perfect but
  • Hawk cell is still doing work get rid of
  • Giotto get rid of SIA player multiple
  • numbers going down and libero has to use
  • the meteor strike but he can't do it
  • aggressively just these tracers
  • answering transcended thrown down from
  • the side of presidency try to finish off
  • this cap he'll get contention not
  • fighting in Yemen the row has a meteor
  • striking that create some distance here
  • for them I can punch before not going to
  • find the kill but still is dealing quite
  • a bit of damage here with this doom
  • Vinson hostile not long for this world
  • will get finished off with just a
  • regular punch this time around but it's
  • still the tanks doing so much work here
  • for the side of run away as we enter
  • into that overtime self-destruct
  • don't get rid of Yahoo the road
  • desperately trying to stay alive it's a
  • still alive second but he will get taken
  • out by John oh and that could just be it
  • so very close on the cap is metazine up
  • another sound area down here by runaway
  • people I think are gonna be able to hope
  • is one out of bump getting nothing so
  • off the point with the self-destruct
  • buys them a little bit of time it's just
  • a fraction of a percentage to finish
  • this one out but they still don't have
  • it down barrier thrown down
  • you're by Monroe all in on this one but
  • libro does get taken out but it still
  • going to be the catalyst and I'm going
  • to be all run away pushing in they get
  • real person hormones out there you're
  • not enough to keep alive and now run
  • away has their own to keep their members
  • get to fight science touring down that
  • most I'm not going to get a damping
  • board it's forced out on that recall
  • immediately Jesus help struck throwing
  • down there by noon or find much Jose
  • Lohan's that discord or Bonham he's
  • gonna take it out now to self-destruct
  • from the side of bumper getting and
  • setting them back meteor strike coming
  • down will not register the damaging on
  • the bumper tapes if globe and welcome to
  • Katie Cox just comes up with the triple
  • kill
  • it's the supports ripping apart the
  • members of Penn Athena's John also finds
  • to kill in on two hoon and that might
  • just be it over time getting ready to
  • plummet as they get on with it side
  • player desperately trying to get back in
  • cannot do so and run away will take
  • King's row and they're going to boot the
  • match boiling it bumper him put the
  • poison oxygen chase them all the way
  • back
  • or is that big health pack will get
  • taken down person coming through will be
  • contested by pumper Mike did use dipping
  • in and out but they're both dangerously
  • low Mex gonna get lost and just know a
  • rat spend his time trying to shut down
  • SIA player but you know a lot of
  • different postures to protect here
  • that's why you're finally going to get
  • thread goes low 20 HP makes it back over
  • will stay alive in the meantime hassel
  • drawn out the dragonblade just trying to
  • get rid of remembers the benefit in all
  • the point will get rid of CRO same time
  • we still are so very close they're
  • getting this second kick dealt let's
  • talk cost out not to be finding anything
  • but hoon is able to the remix pushes
  • back in the looking for the big BM he
  • comes down from Cox regulated in the now
  • bare your head that might be enough for
  • runaway to hold on to this before that
  • second take cuts through looking for
  • breathing room for about a minute and a
  • half now but only a single tick actually
  • achieved out that against them truck
  • guns in there we go there we go yet
  • illustrate get on top it is the fires
  • away comes up to kill mal just 27% away
  • from having that ultimate ready to go
  • hostile don't have the dragonblade
  • holden is long and often go 4000 and
  • primal rage from rio sound barrier
  • coming down as well as house to stay
  • alive pops off
  • not maybe getting too many swipes in but
  • the ones that he do are just going so
  • very far for the team's risk liver a
  • both cut down in one swipe men Evita
  • will get stopped out in investment there
  • with the dragon plate as we know
  • anything about hawks all is but he can
  • build up another one very swiftly and he
  • independent overwatch I was big a call
  • massive EMP does get dropped out there
  • by Cox and all the hills and is spilling
  • and three immediately going down in
  • Bennett Cena just don't know what to do
  • another swap there's food himself is it
  • onto the Reaper
  • he really has a second but run away
  • despite the mass the timing that was
  • available it enables how's that first
  • take care but we'll be joined by the
  • rest of team EMP candidate dropped in
  • but Rio has already fallen bumper Pines
  • to kill enjoy real can take it out most
  • pop by sia
  • come some of the kilian on to the babies
  • even but that's amount in for him libero
  • you will get rid of the fence the
  • automatic a notch hitch use build is boy
  • should be dashing around keeps of
  • attention and wreaking havoc all of the
  • members of NSE a libero zoilo has a
  • dragon blade tries to run away but hawks
  • all does that's my character buddy i'm
  • going to go ahead take you out and we
  • nearly have the second kick through here
  • run away I have coordination with dizzy
  • was really good another rewarding dive
  • in for the Winston beautiful bubble go
  • ahead and absorb all of that
  • self-destruction air from children will
  • be able to get the riemeck but he's
  • completely surrounded so probably not
  • long for this world gets popped out yet
  • again we'll get taking him down and
  • that's going to be sexy at least likely
  • going to be the abandoned there's no
  • Sombra the runaway bubbler throwing that
  • in with the back blank looking for a pic
  • won't be able to find one as the pulse
  • must still come down nearly cemex them
  • yet again quite the old by that big
  • who's going to answer with his own just
  • taken out by Mitch with the bay with a
  • self-destruct we'll find out saw and
  • Bubber will get knocked down it's still
  • coming up with multiple hills we can
  • sort of live row Chris also going down
  • but Yano back in on the boy throws on
  • the e/m people there's nobody there to
  • follow up we'll find one NASA may get
  • taken out but dizzy immediately finds of
  • engines more sniffs getting rid of SIA
  • player but just an all-out brawl all the
  • points slowly kicking up here for run
  • away but to be much more than that
  • now beer is going to be committed they
  • want to go all in on explosions when the
  • fact that different members are still
  • running back from the quad with John Doe
  • going down that like just have to be a
  • makeup diet plan at melee range
  • yes fire away and Axl has a dragon
  • flavor Kenny get the kills Chris finds
  • to kill Ian Monta Cox will continue that
  • my bumper with the boom off cell dies
  • doesn't really gain much for his
  • ultimate investment and running win have
  • to be very on point here literally
  • figuratively and he goes ad dashes
  • around to the lower ground comes back up
  • it's firing away front frees them up
  • though a hint of the back is going to be
  • questioned at set against up the truck
  • will find thread and Rio goes down
  • swiftly thereafter he owner yet again
  • with another hand he will throw that out
  • immediately his talk as to retreat into
  • the back alley will sell alive an
  • exercice killing on the sidelines
  • outside the town very here for the
  • better run away they gotta go ahead and
  • see if the place Cox has already got
  • that that's not the backup the meantime
  • Hawks off cuts down two with the dragon
  • boys now on to the zone them out and it
  • could just be as you say you know
  • sprinting around in the invisibility
  • just trying to delay as much as possible
  • we'll get spotted sigh player make it
  • out immediately comes in as this Rio has
  • to retreat in it not going to be it
  • that's just going to be the cap here for
  • runaway was looking very deadly for them
  • seemed like maybe been Athena would be
  • able to pull off
  • the you not do so the heroic one can
  • give Akiko high regard on a departing
  • individual done dr. kay Heaton entire
  • blotto Huizinga on Bonnie keen on de
  • esto y GE yahood or doc 800 tan temprano
  • metal on ceramic days to impotent wha-ho
  • Kodama crumble suavo Toby Roberto
  • Mendoza accessible who Imperial flow
  • experiment from guapea traversal antigua
  • jato issues the a photo from higher
  • Coquina Sarah ou could convene at all
  • don't whatever hot Walsh Warhol a of
  • similar oversee Pokemon is giving the
  • doctor to Natalia more human indignant a
  • resource IRL bottom
  • or tomorrow
  • - viva la tomahto panting so young
  • rising on sidewalk so much then
  • comparing de avoidable deliver my mail
  • in sorry so we talk about Chanel tell
  • travel watch my attempt to the odd given
  • Tony sintered or a single where other
  • than in October for I don't need a
  • tomato
  • come on Iran

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This Overwatch gameplay highlights Haksal on Genji and Lucio in RunAway's match against Meta Athena at the Overwatch OGN APEX Season 4. Also included in this video is our interview with Haksal.

Season 4 looks to be the redemption season for RunAway, as they add Kaiser's Reinhardt back to their roster. Despite not starting in the match against Meta Athena, the prospective of his Earthshatters will continue to keep opponents honest. Haksal continues to dominate on Genji, but as shown in this footage, he occasionally looks to fulfill Runner's shoes by playing Lucio himself.

OGN APEX is a major Overwatch tournament that has featured some of the best players in the world like NRG Seagull, EnVyUs Taimou (McCree, Widowmaker), Mickie (D.Va), HarryHook (Soldier:76), Rogue aKm, SoOn, Cloud9 Surefour, Mendokusaii, Lunatic-Hai Miro (Winston), Ryujehong (Ana), WhoRU (Genji), zunba, LW BLUE Nanohana or FlOw3r, Saebyeolbe, Kongdoo Panthera Rascal, Birdring, and RunAway Runner, Kaiser, Haksal and others.

You can catch the Ongamenet APEX streams on Twitch:
You can also follow the players here:

Music: Ronald Jenkees - Gold Spinners

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