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Video 23 SYSTEMS
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  • banking systems consists of scales to
  • fill bags then conveyors to transport
  • bags to bag closing equipment then to
  • palletizing this video shows different
  • systems we have provided some with
  • unique features here you can see a
  • settling conveyor to transfer bags this
  • system utilizes one employee for
  • stacking bags using the fisherman tables
  • the Bishamon x' make the job easier for
  • the lifting of the employee
  • this system used any pinch bottom back
  • being sealed with a stone pack sealer
  • the bags are then kicked and go up a
  • special conveyor for transferring to a
  • robot in a different location
  • the bags pass through a metal detector
  • on way to the robot
  • this is a Johnson double magazine bag
  • hanger we're filling the bags dropping
  • the bags into a V conveyor where an
  • operator will close them this is an
  • automated system where we are kicking
  • the bags the bags then go through a bank
  • flattener on the way to the robot
  • this particular customer celebrated
  • their two millionth bag recently
  • this is Anna Mecca 120 automated machine
  • working with laminated poly bags that
  • are sewn and taped closed
  • this system is transferring bags to a
  • remote palletizing system
  • this is a vertical form fill and seal
  • machine doing small bags of rabbit
  • pellets in Kansas City
  • this system is installed in Florida on
  • fertilizer the bags are flattened and
  • then taken to a print and apply system
  • where the labels are placed on every
  • single bag
  • this system is for ice melt we are
  • transferring the bags from vertical to
  • horizontal laying flat passing through a
  • flat nur to a robot the robot is
  • stacking 40 bags per pallet and the
  • pallets then are automatically ejected
  • and a new pallet is started
  • this customer did not want to ship using
  • pallets so he's using a slip sheet
  • instead of a pallet this is a special
  • fork truck designed for handling slip
  • sheets and you can see the pallets are
  • inside the truck loaded
  • you can see here they're loading the
  • container and backing the fork truck out
  • you can see there it grabbed this slip
  • sheet
  • this robot is loading 50-pound bags of
  • feed on two pallets said opposite one
  • another
  • this robot is picking bags up placing
  • the bags in front of a printer and we
  • are printing on the end of the bag
  • before placing the bag in the box
  • this system places on two pallets that
  • are opposite one another and when filled
  • they exit out a 15-foot long conveyor
  • when the filled pallet is picked up a
  • new empty pallet is set on the conveyor
  • and brought back into position shown
  • here so the robot always has a pallet
  • available to stack on
  • here is a tandem end of arm tool used
  • for higher speed applications
  • this system is showing how we handle the
  • empty pallet and place a slip sheet on
  • it and then bring the pallet with the
  • slip sheet into the robot area
  • the palette is being wrapped before
  • exiting

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