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Video "THE NBA" — A Bad Lip Reading
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  • Hey, you remember that one time I burped?
  • Oh yeah!
  • You oughta
  • All night I been waiting to tell you this
  • I sold our steam boat
  • What do your friends say to you?
  • My one-eyed traveling companion said that --
  • [giggling]
  • Awesome, you know, that's one of my guys
  • Do I still have a shirt on?
  • Yeah
  • Thought I did
  • He's so cuuuuuuuuute!
  • He definitely is
  • All right
  • See I'm trying to tell y'all
  • Y'all got the wrong guy
  • He's illuminati!
  • Come on, man! He's illuminati!
  • I bet I find out that he sent you
  • Yeah, I feel cranky. It's the flea bites
  • Yoo hoo
  • Man I went to basketball camp!
  • Do I look as white as I sound?
  • Piggybank... OH ROBERTA!
  • I can't talk
  • Excuse me, we copa-stetic
  • You hear me?
  • Yeah, we COPA-STETIC
  • What do you think about?
  • Mostly like handwriting or delightful goats or something
  • Uhh... ferrets, they're nice
  • Umm, the surprising ways of hot tuna
  • Hey man, he got a belt buckle!
  • You can't let him wear a belt buckle
  • It's razor sharp, and it hurts
  • Hey, remember that time I called you G-Money?
  • Okay I am here
  • You have beans within your mouth!
  • You have beans within the mouth!
  • Yes, you have beans within the mouth!
  • I don't hear because you have beans within the mouth!
  • Hey! You look like a piece of meat
  • I'll turn back around
  • How could you not like snow?!
  • Snow? SNOW. SNOW? SNOW?
  • I lick snow!
  • It's totally normal!
  • It's not harmful!
  • Hey, you know what? Like y'all don't know snow like I do
  • See like I'm like a snow lover!
  • Yeahhh, we steady rolling through this K-Mart
  • Hey, you steal my hard candy?
  • Okay first we put our shirts up like this
  • And now I'm gonna look like I'm telling you like some secret basketball wisdom
  • And you look at me and nod
  • Don't take so long next time
  • That's all
  • That potion is ours, give it to him
  • Hey, that's OUR POTION!
  • Man, I found that dog!
  • You found him? Dog found YOU!
  • Be quiet fake dog!
  • How was your weekend?
  • It was the first time I woke up in the desert holding a knife
  • I just didn't know what was happening but I guess my fun for the night must have been kind of heavy
  • I think there could have been a chopper!
  • Hey Willie, hey, hey, Willie
  • Hey Willie homina ha-ha chop chop chop
  • Why you look like a crocodile?
  • With your raggedy cane
  • Y'all smell nasty
  • This is emotion!
  • I'm mad! You take it back!
  • You're weak in the head
  • You're like a regular rock
  • You're not like a real estate guy
  • This is correct
  • The first time I met a vagabond I smiled at him
  • I passed on the grace of my beard
  • Okay, look, I don't know what he's talking about
  • All that was bogus
  • That thing smells like a horse died on a sad clown
  • Ear
  • Another flying plate? Come on, son
  • That's a poltergeist!
  • Automatic... that's what I say
  • Yo yo yo, Drogo!
  • Apple Jacks and white chocolate
  • You hear me Khal Drogo?
  • Sorry, what's up with the accent?
  • Right now, I want to go and drink tea
  • Normally I would not
  • Ohhhhh... wow
  • I think I'm you
  • I'm your clone
  • I like that
  • Hey, you oughta dress like me
  • Nails and hair, fancy face!
  • Hyahhh
  • ugh, ugh, ugh
  • You drink my tea?
  • WHAT?
  • You drink my tea?
  • You probably drank it
  • You drank my tea?
  • You know I don't want that
  • You drank my tea!
  • Fine, I drank it
  • You must feel great, huh?
  • I mean....
  • Y'all already thought this but
  • My hair looks good
  • Don't put that photo on my facebook!
  • Cuz you're not my friend
  • Yes they do!
  • Cows don't cheat!
  • Yes they do!
  • Shrimps don't sneeze
  • Yes they do!
  • Crickets can't cry!
  • They do that though
  • Turtles can't sing!
  • Yes, they do sing!
  • They do sing a song!
  • But last night I pooped out glass
  • And then I done fell down one step
  • Now, how is that even possible?
  • It's just one step!
  • Uh huh, uh huh, uhhuhuhuhuhuhhu
  • Nobody wants my
  • Bread
  • Nobody wants my...
  • bread?
  • [burp]
  • Wow that was really loud!
  • I thought I would just crash this wedding

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A look back at some moments from the 2017-18 NBA season...
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