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Video IGCSE Cambridge Exam (First Language English):How to achieve perfect marks for the writing question
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  • hello everyone and welcome to the
  • English teacher's guide to the IGC
  • Cambridge exam first language English
  • and today what we'll do is a look at how
  • to achieve perfect marks for the writing
  • question which is question 1 for the
  • extended paper and the final question
  • for the core paper now briefly the
  • extended paper the stretch of the exam
  • which is 40 percent in total grades now
  • so both paper one on paper - paper - is
  • a two-hour paper you have two extracts
  • to read it so it takes about 10 to 15
  • minutes to read those but obviously look
  • at the questions first so you know
  • exactly what you're looking for
  • immediately there are three questions to
  • answer the paper - each one will take
  • about half an hour to complete
  • so the empathy response which is this
  • writing task you'll be based to be asked
  • to read one article with an ester are
  • you'll be asked to write over a letter a
  • speech or the worst interview etc
  • looking at bullet points that they are
  • asked you to focus on second question
  • which will do a video for as well
  • analyzing language so you'll read one of
  • the articles and explore the effect that
  • language has using simples or P
  • paragraphs but again there will be video
  • to show you how to do that and finally
  • another video is a summary question so
  • after reading both texts you to write
  • down in the fewest words possible the
  • details you've been asked to reword in
  • the question okay if you need to look at
  • that again please pause it so you can
  • note anything down let's move on so
  • couple of tasks for you so the writing
  • task for paper 2 is worth 20 marks so
  • firstly I want to ask you whether you
  • know this had a chief 15 marks for the
  • reading part with question secondly how
  • do you achieve the full 5 months for
  • writing so although this is it looks
  • like a writing question you're actually
  • it's free calls and a marks go free
  • ability to read and then finally how do
  • you planners response pause this very
  • quickly note down what you think the
  • answers are because if you don't know
  • how to do this properly you'll never get
  • perfect marks okay so 15 marks for
  • reading you can separate the exam exam
  • boards mark skim the bottom here but
  • across the top to basically get perfect
  • marks for reading you have to use plenty
  • of correct
  • from the text making sure to put it into
  • your own words you know it's copying and
  • pasting words from the actual text
  • itself you need to almost be like the
  • characters it's a little bit like
  • creative writing you as sound as if you
  • are the character from the actual text
  • itself making sure to do that to explore
  • how both particular details from the
  • text made you as the character think and
  • feel don't make anything up everything
  • has to come from the text because that's
  • where the reading comes from and then
  • make sure you cover all aspects of the
  • question in your response so if there
  • are bullet points you make sure you
  • cover those bullet points now the five
  • marks for writing simple to get perfect
  • marks for writing the same way you get
  • perfect marks with any piece of writing
  • this includes your campus coursework so
  • you need to make sure you always plan
  • your content for any piece and we'll go
  • through that in a moment which is task
  • free make sure your piece message the
  • purpose is it writes into informs and
  • entertain you get the idea make sure
  • that piece matches the genre it has to
  • look exactly like piece you're asking to
  • be written but remember you don't need
  • to use columns or tour images or as a
  • leaflet followed anything up or anything
  • like that make sure you use a variety of
  • sentence types make sure you use that
  • difference in science particular effects
  • include a variety of sentence starters
  • use a variety of complex punctuation
  • again you know use certain times to
  • exemplify certain liberal meaning
  • exclamation marks or shows about a sense
  • of anger possibly question mark will
  • show a sense of confusion or you know
  • deliver a request for information make
  • sure you consider formalities is formal
  • or informal use different links of
  • paragraphs spell or words come correctly
  • make sure the whole text structure works
  • together make the piece interesting
  • don't make it boring clues and finally
  • what you need to make sure you do to get
  • those five marks is show off your
  • ability this is the first time the
  • examiner would ever seen that piece of
  • writing from you and it's the only
  • evidence they have as to how good you
  • are so make sure on a date you show off
  • you jump through all those hoops not
  • just using simple words simple piece of
  • punctuation the exemplified song is
  • never met you before through your
  • excellent
  • writing same with football if you simply
  • trap a ball not only have you been a
  • good at football
  • if you did lots of tricks and skills and
  • kick ups etc everyone's gonna think
  • you're great works the same for writing
  • but the third size was has a plane so
  • how do we plan well obviously with any
  • question about what the exam is you read
  • the question carefully underlining key
  • parts to make sure you know exactly what
  • being asked to do normally the bullet
  • points work roughly in the order they
  • appear in a text that's a quick tip for
  • you think about the text no matter how
  • it's actually look sorry so here's a
  • letter space diary mobile and note that
  • exactly how that should look like and
  • finally not anything you forget to do in
  • order to achieve perfect marks so you
  • might want to also write that in key for
  • a cape authority you're looking to use
  • so for me for instance I sometimes
  • forget to use it for a variety of sensor
  • starters but let's look at a question
  • shall we so this is an example of
  • question 1 from 2011 paper imagine it
  • you are James Ryan entry in your journal
  • intended to be read by members of your
  • family when you get home in your journal
  • you should explain how you feel in this
  • environment point on your relationship
  • at Redmond express your thoughts about
  • the next few days this adventure base
  • your journal what you've read in passage
  • a be careful to use your own words begin
  • your journal entry sometimes I wonder
  • why I'm doing here and right between the
  • sides and two sides and there at the
  • bottom is how the marks are divided now
  • you can see I've already underlined key
  • past the question so I'm exactly what I
  • need to do and you'll notice that also
  • color-coded the bullet points now it's
  • not a bad idea for you if you have on
  • those pens you can click on two
  • different colors then when we're trying
  • to find the information for each bullet
  • point in the text I can underline it
  • with the color I need that's all part
  • the planning process then let's look at
  • the text but as you can see I've already
  • started to underline the key information
  • so as we read our highlight stop and
  • points and torture that some of the
  • things that we can detect so in this
  • extracts revenue Hallin describes a
  • journey into the jungle by canoe James a
  • poet has been eventually persuaded to
  • accompany wreck
  • so a midday we clone into our dugout
  • canoe and set off up river towards the
  • interior after about 10 miles the fields
  • gave way to well-established secondary
  • forests and then the primeval jungle
  • began so primeval suggest something
  • ancient something old I could also use
  • them forget the Bulova cross the top to
  • help me with some of my forcing things I
  • need to become this character James the
  • rivers seem to close in us the 60 meter
  • high tree crowded down the slopes of the
  • hills almost the water's edge and
  • apparently endless chaos of different
  • species of trees of every kind of green
  • under the uniform glare of a tropical
  • Sun parasitic growths sprouted
  • everywhere ferns fanned out from every
  • angle and the branches creepers as thick
  • as legs grow rip to each other and
  • tangle down to the surface of the water
  • their tips twining down in the current
  • like river weed so straight away we get
  • its impression that's the jungle and the
  • environment is some inhospitable
  • dangerous looking to attack as
  • pretentious there's a personification
  • here you know the trees and things
  • gripping each other that's what people
  • do so it's almost as if the forest is
  • alive it's attacking us
  • so as the carrots are I'm going to be
  • potentially worried about us everything
  • around me the river itself began to
  • twist and turn to the banks behind us
  • appearing to merge together into one
  • vast impenetrable thicky and printable
  • means you can't get through it
  • shutting us in from behind is this
  • feeling of being trapped at the same
  • time the trees stepped aside a meager
  • pace or two to let the river swirl down
  • ahead the outboard motors set on a
  • wooden frame at the stern of the canoe
  • pushed us past foamy little tributaries
  • islets shingle banks strewn with huge
  • round boulders half hidden coves scooped
  • round by whirlpools so again it's not
  • even the trees are dangerous they see
  • sense that the water itself is not
  • helpful to risk and causes harm here the
  • river was clear deep green for the
  • reflection the trees we really were
  • voyaging up River so there is a sense of
  • excitement there isn't a exclamation
  • mark comes to highlight that so although
  • this is very dangerous I'm starting to
  • think the
  • character that I guess in its enjoyment
  • as well I thought it was on an optical
  • illusion but the canoe was actually
  • climbing up of Heineman water great
  • enough to sustain an almost constant
  • angle of ascent which means going up
  • even on the stretches of water between a
  • jagged steps of the rapids and jagged
  • steps
  • obviously jagged sharp dangerous Rapids
  • obviously is fast flowing water supports
  • this idea again as a carrot I'm thinking
  • this is dangerous but in some ways also
  • an enjoyable adventure
  • we stopped by part of driftwoods are
  • hired a drum of petrol to be retrieved a
  • few days later on a return journey
  • I'm also visited read up on its front
  • legs watch this for a moment with
  • dinosaur eyes again I could have
  • highlighted that it's the sense that the
  • animals are almost like prehistoric
  • beasts again we're worried about
  • dinosaurs as human beings that they
  • might eat this Brimley kites flying low
  • enough for us to hear the rush of the
  • air through the primary feathers of its
  • wings
  • circled overhead watching us its flecked
  • brown Betty white in the Sun then the
  • birds soared away
  • mooing a shrill call so again bird
  • dangerous but the Scientifics soaring
  • away it's just a sense of beauty as well
  • further up the rapids became more
  • frequent and more turbulent and each one
  • heavy waves of water would crash over
  • and into the boat how do I again this
  • sense of danger James sitting opposite
  • me on the boards in the sense of the
  • canoe facing upstream was reading his
  • way through the poems of the 18th
  • century writer Swift a straw boater on
  • his bald head his white shirt buttoned
  • at a neck and wrists so we can see I've
  • started to now highlight the next bullet
  • point was so relationship revelant but
  • we can see or get his impression it was
  • we're worried about trying to survive
  • he doesn't seem at our tour so these
  • times are pretty feeble Jones would
  • mutter displeased
  • quite so but James yes rapid 5/8 free /
  • 2 green heaves shrimp 6 out of 10 is
  • approaching so I've highlighted that go
  • suggest that the carrots that I'm about
  • to be is concerned
  • about the fact he doesn't seem too
  • worried at all with a second or two
  • spare Jones was shy his book Marquis
  • place for twig sleep it neatly under the
  • edge of his tarpaulin ceiling it shows
  • eyes get drenched open his eyes squeeze
  • the water in his beard with his right
  • hand through his book and carry on
  • reading so basically he doesn't seem to
  • be helping at all which only seems to be
  • caring about himself and his book every
  • point 50 meters or so other lesser fish
  • eagle would regard us with his yellow
  • eye flying off only as we drew almost
  • level flapping gently ahead of the canoe
  • to the limit of his territory could be
  • looking at environment there I haven't
  • done so at this particular point James
  • his huge head laid back on a hump of our
  • kit under tarpaulin was every one of his
  • five minutes snooze its highlights if
  • again highlights since is lazy knows
  • he's lazy but having one of suggest that
  • this happened numerous times the vein in
  • his right temple was robbing a sure sign
  • his brain was awash with a should
  • dissolved oxygen and some piece of
  • programming the vital to the production
  • of a future pine was in progress
  • James exclamation mark unhappy an eye
  • opened more really fast is he what is it
  • just this if you do see a log floating
  • Napa River let me know crocodiles
  • well not the one attacks you know up
  • here but an old book I read so we might
  • see freshwater species the four and a
  • half meter one with the one half metre
  • snouts and all those teeth really
  • Redmond said James raising himself on an
  • elbow looking about you're absurd so my
  • plan an environment in hospice brought
  • dangerous threatening challenging but
  • interesting you can see if rich bully
  • bottom note down some brief ideas
  • thoughts about the next few days
  • considered difficult especially a rebel
  • not really being there but some lucky
  • phrases of course in the punctuation on
  • which to use and there's some of the
  • things I forget to do to proofread and
  • do different sentence starters and this
  • is my piece sometimes I wonder what I'm
  • doing here I have yet to decide upon
  • which is worse
  • Redmond or the environmental dangers
  • that lurk a
  • every twist of this inhospitable
  • landscape she says in my own words of
  • being the character I'm sure that when I
  • get home remember this is written as a
  • general intended to be given some people
  • my family the fact I'm able to give you
  • this journal to read will be evidence
  • enough that I am Alive however there's
  • precise moment the whole jungle seems to
  • be working against us trees and Stan
  • like giant monsters blocking every path
  • in every direction like large gangs of
  • criminals other plant life that seems to
  • leech off living things of the Paris
  • idea
  • Oh some kind of disease making me wonder
  • where we'll ever reach our goal he's not
  • only the plants that make our journey
  • almost impossible the very river that
  • guides our paths appear determined to
  • harmless every twists of the mighty
  • water appears to hide within some kind
  • of threatening an aggressive object such
  • as whirlpools that can pull us under the
  • water or large boulders which way worse
  • since the Gliese end our lives so you
  • can see I'm using the information but in
  • my own words and I need to use as much
  • detail as possible to get those 15 marks
  • and sound up the character all the way
  • through you will think that with all
  • this impenetrable danger the last thing
  • which should concern me is my traveling
  • partner Edmund wouldn't you well family
  • because I'm writing to the family sigh
  • audience is clearing my mind
  • you are very much wrong he piece of a
  • rather lacks a days of which means lazy
  • approach to any form of danger which
  • assumes potential death he often only
  • doing enough at the last minute to
  • protect his book and his beard before
  • going back to another one of his many
  • short naps in once sense the trusty
  • place in me is pleasing although a
  • little help every now and again would
  • make me feel a far happier now this
  • isn't in the text so what I'm having to
  • do is to understand how the character
  • thinks and feels and use that
  • information that ability to show I
  • understand how the characters were feel
  • is part of that 15 marks his laziness
  • isn't even the worst part is is helpful
  • bits of information and do nothing but
  • make him seem ridiculous leave me not
  • only angry but some are worried about
  • what could actually be lurking around
  • the next bend it will be great to have
  • him do more than just sleep read and
  • occasion
  • and movies limited lack of knowledge the
  • may of this covered in some book by an
  • author who has never even been to this
  • place however despite all of this one
  • cannot help but excited but great sense
  • of adventure awaits us so now on the
  • third bullet points there's no
  • information really in a text about the
  • next few days we have to use the
  • informations from a text and anything
  • right well how would this character feel
  • in our next few days the fabulous
  • wildlife which soars over a heads daily
  • is a constant reminder of the beauty
  • that can also be found here furthermore
  • whilst it as a power to take our large
  • to us at any moment its strength and
  • ability to seem to move uphill could
  • only impress whilst I at least very much
  • aware that main dangers lie ahead of us
  • again still look at the third bullet
  • point I'm looking forward to discovering
  • new things and facing new challenges
  • even if Reverend is only bother about
  • reading I love thoughts and noting down
  • more about our gran adventure and
  • thoughts are once again being embraced
  • by you my loving family now it can now
  • be about sight inside and a half you
  • notice I've structured it in the same
  • order as the bullet points that's a
  • really good way to help you order your
  • work doing this plenty of detail from
  • the original text 15 marks I said mark
  • on the character and that's how I get my
  • 15 marks five months for writing I used
  • lots of complex vocabulary have I used
  • different sentence types have idea and
  • all the thing that needs to to get you a
  • star
  • yes is the answer so if you do all those
  • things you're guaranteed to get full
  • marks for this particular question in
  • the exam and so thank you there's a
  • links look at the past papers as well
  • but remember revise the methods
  • practiced in an exam time and the
  • content that you need is carefully read
  • through the texts okay so thank you good
  • luck of your revision and well done

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