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Video How to install CD player on Toyota Sienna
08:57   |   43K+ views   |   08/20/2018 at 23:59


  • it is a mp3 player which I want to
  • install instead standard stage CD player
  • in Toyota in my case it's Toyota Sienna
  • mm I'm going to need a connector this
  • wires for CD player which calls wire
  • harness which usually comes with player
  • I don't know that wiring diagram from
  • internet particularly this player and
  • wiring diagram for Toyota CD player
  • harness papas the recognition I
  • highlighted numbers four speakers and
  • the road car harness colors next to
  • player harness colors according the
  • wiring diagrams
  • I'll just want to show you what I mean
  • so here is a wiring diagram for Pioneer
  • CD player is how I match the colors
  • let's take number 16 for example on
  • Pioneer CD player diagram it stays for
  • red wire it also says connect to
  • terminal controlled by ignition switch
  • so we have to find this switch on the
  • next diagram on the card diagram where
  • it is well then you have to take a look
  • at your car wiring diagram and find what
  • wire color corresponding to ignition
  • switch so just look at this diagram
  • looking with the switch what is and this
  • switch what is is second from top and it
  • says switched and this corresponding
  • color gray so here on CD player wiring
  • diagram I marked gray next to number 16
  • so the red wire which comes from CD
  • player should go to the gray wire of
  • your car player harness
  • let's tie out the wire harness for CD
  • player but this connector is connected
  • directly to your car amplifier standard
  • amplifier which in your car you can see
  • this amplifier here on the bottom and
  • entirely Sienna is behind a middle
  • console pocket so you have to open one
  • to see it the other end of harness
  • equipped this a different connector
  • which goes to standard car CD player 70
  • 80 113 adapter was my mistake to buy it
  • fits physically but it's electrical
  • pinout doesn't match and it didn't work
  • anyway so 70 1761 was a good match and
  • it works the wires color from adapter
  • are not as same as on Toyota wiring
  • diagram
  • but for this adapter you have a wiring
  • diagram on plastic bag which comes with
  • discard nur's you just have to match it
  • is your CD player wiring diagram let's
  • say you match the white wire with black
  • stripe look at schematic number seven is
  • a left front speaker - means negative
  • polarity so this white black wire goes
  • to purple car harness wire here is a
  • purple wire of car harness it connects
  • to white black wire from adapter what
  • black wire is a left front speaker -
  • here is the left front speaker - which
  • is number seven it connects to player
  • white black harness wire and you can
  • verify that it connects to the purple
  • car harness wire so you can avoid
  • mistake the wires colors of the second
  • adapter connector are also on this
  • diagram all you have to do is to twist
  • the wires together and solder connection
  • after that you may apply an electrical
  • tape
  • we need only wires which your car player
  • harness has some wires like a power
  • antenna will be unused - leftover like
  • these three wires on the right you can
  • just wrap them with electrical tape
  • you're going to need to pocket
  • this model 8800 8000 to remove the
  • player just pry out the base off with
  • your hands and pull it in I have
  • detached my player player already but
  • there are four screws which you need to
  • unscrew using ten millimeters torx key
  • so screws located here and then an
  • opposite side here and down them after
  • removing screws you just have to pull
  • out your player there are two connectors
  • on the back you have to disconnect them
  • the color of wires here doesn't match to
  • Toyota wiring diagram so we're not going
  • to use them you can see I have just
  • disconnected the two connectors which
  • were connected to the amplifier you can
  • see the metal box
  • on the bottom here where it is say I'll
  • open this pocket glove compartment
  • middle console so we have to connect
  • these adapters to connectors which you
  • just saw which were connected as I told
  • before to the amplifier and the next
  • connector you have to connect to your CD
  • player you need to detach the brackets
  • from a car CD player
  • there are actually four screws here I
  • have to detach them already you need to
  • match brackets for pocket you can reuse
  • the bolts which were with your standard
  • CD player the screws for player are not
  • metric so use ones which came with your
  • new player the last step is to put it
  • back and connect the player adapter and
  • antenna
  • I have to comment to turn on this player
  • and then put it back screwing the whole
  • poles back and put the bezel back in
  • this case you'll be sure that all your
  • contacts are connected this actually is
  • a factory disk
  • then you can check from them speakers
  • there seems to be working
  • you
  • you

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This video shows how to install MP3 CD Player (Pioneer DEH-3400) in Toyota Sienna. Metra 70-1761 Radio Wiring Harness fits for most Toyota Cars. There are standard procedures when you replace Standard CD Player with another one.
There is also useful information here:
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Remote control works with the same principle as for TV. If it does not, replace the battery CR2025. I installed CR2032. Same 3 volts. This is not a precision device, so it won't matter.


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