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Video Screen Tone a Manga Page Professionally in Manga Studio 5
28:09   |   today at 12:56


  • hey guys this is white manga creative
  • Apple black most of you have read it if
  • you haven't please there will be a link
  • in the description so you can go read it
  • and check it out you can come back and
  • tell me what you think this is the third
  • installment to the video that's third
  • third installment to the series I'm
  • doing where I'm teaching people how to
  • create manga pages and this is where
  • we're going to focus on toning the manga
  • page so this is a third part if you just
  • joining us please you know check the
  • description for the first part and the
  • second part where I focus on sketching
  • and first and inking in the second now
  • the third one we're going to be toning
  • in manga studio so this is Manga Studio
  • 5 and I'm just going through going
  • through and showing you guys you know
  • the tone these are layers that I have
  • already created and you can see that
  • they're tone layers um for those of you
  • completely new to manga studio you might
  • not understand what I'm saying but just
  • try and follow the video and almost do
  • exactly what I'm saying cuz it's not
  • like this is something you can learn at
  • one go this is something that takes time
  • so try and follow me but I'll do my best
  • to narrate and you know guide you guys
  • to the correct path so we're on we're in
  • like the tone window where you can see
  • like you know all sorts of tone with
  • these are color tones you can see the
  • sky night whatever and we're back to I
  • clicked on the normal tones and those
  • have you know all sorts of you can click
  • on them right click on them and you'll
  • be able to play with the settings and
  • manipulate them to you know however you
  • want them to but it's a 4 this is an
  • example of how to use them so what I did
  • was get um where they was use the lasso
  • tool to create a square or rectangular
  • shape you know so I drag that in and I
  • just drag the tone into that into the
  • selected area and that's how it works
  • or another way to do it is using the
  • magic wand and on the magic wand you
  • select
  • so like it's called select another layer
  • for reference and how that works is
  • anything you click on it it will select
  • everything that has like everything
  • within a within a loop if you will so as
  • you can see that that text balloon or
  • text bubble was not really a bubble in
  • this case because he's like shouting but
  • you y'all get the picture if you click
  • on that it's gonna select the whole
  • thing but just within the black lines so
  • it's gonna click on everything within
  • the black line if there is all if
  • there's a whole within the line it's
  • gonna go beyond that and you know stop
  • it the next the next stop basically is
  • just gonna select with everything within
  • it within an area it doesn't matter it's
  • not going to matter what layer it is so
  • here I'm going to show give another
  • examples pick this tone and we drag it
  • in and that is the reason why it it
  • covered the whole page was because I
  • hadn't selected anything but this is how
  • to if you do this and you do this on a
  • new layer like a totally different layer
  • if you do it that way and you delete the
  • tone and this is on a new layer you
  • dragged in you drag the tone and it's
  • all the new layers on the page and then
  • you go delete delete all the the tone as
  • I'm doing what I'm doing it I'm showing
  • you two ways to do it for the first way
  • I just did was actually selecting it and
  • deleting the selected area or you can do
  • it normally with the eraser and just
  • erase the tone but I'm just gonna select
  • the whole thing because it's you know
  • that way you don't miss a spot and you
  • just clear everything but if you notice
  • the layer then go back to normal the
  • layer still acts at access if the tone
  • is there and that way if you're on that
  • layer anything you use at all any kind
  • of tool any kind of pen anything you use
  • at all is going to act it is going to
  • write in tone basically if you have a
  • paintbrush is going to brush in tone if
  • you have a pen is gonna use is gonna
  • work like it is going to ink in tone
  • and you can also erase it the you know
  • the usual ways as as if you are you know
  • erasing a pen or a color or whatever um
  • so this is this is uh this was it this
  • is another layer entirely and so I
  • basically did the same thing uh but you
  • know just follow the follow the you know
  • follow the video and you see what I'm
  • clicking on and everything would just
  • it'll make sense if you're doing
  • everything that I'm doing but basically
  • you know just keep that in mind so now
  • I'm just going to select I'm gonna work
  • with because I already have some already
  • created layers with different tones in
  • them and the layer I'm on right now is
  • the layer I call clothes and that's the
  • layer that has the tone that I used to
  • well basically tone clothes that have a
  • certain color so I'm things that have
  • things that pop out a lot like brown red
  • you know dark green dark dark blue
  • attenti or purple I tend to tone them
  • and things like yellow white um you know
  • light colors basically I tend to leave
  • them alone uh so the the jacket and his
  • hair is told because it's kind of like a
  • dark red and part of the character up
  • top screaming you know part of what he's
  • wearing is kind of dark duct ish purple
  • well light purple is purple so I I'm
  • toning that as well now the character in
  • the middle has white hair and part
  • partially yellow a yellow shirt so
  • really nothing is going to be toned
  • there and you can see how I told the guy
  • on red the guide with red as Rios Aki at
  • the at the extreme the extreme right I
  • use the I use the selection tool that's
  • the I use the magic wand and I selected
  • you know I did it the normal way where
  • you select it and you make sure that
  • is on select on select another layer for
  • reference in that way it selects
  • everything within that you know it
  • selects everything within within within
  • us within that area as long as in as
  • long as it's like long as there aren't
  • any any holes because if there is a hole
  • is gonna pop out and go you know go
  • forward um so we use selection tool and
  • you know that that's how that worked and
  • basically I'm going to do the same thing
  • for the whole video but you know I'm
  • gonna do the whole stuff I'm gonna work
  • that way for the whole page and remember
  • while it's on that layer you can erase
  • it into whatever you want to do Here I
  • am using because it's kind of like a
  • it's like a whole the deer in a very
  • it's almost like a rabbit hole kind of
  • thing going on here where you can't
  • actually see the end but the you know
  • the end of the hole so it's just almost
  • infinite in a way it's not but it's
  • almost at least it seems that way
  • so I'm just giving like a really dark
  • dark I'm using the brush tool to you
  • know emphasize on that making it dark
  • with the same with with the same tone
  • but I'm using a brush so remember what I
  • said if you're on a tone layer it
  • doesn't matter what tool you're using
  • it's still going to come out in tone so
  • here after that I'm using the selection
  • tool again to select a portion that is
  • sealed at selected selecting an area and
  • I'm filling in with filling in with the
  • tone most times which you what a tip are
  • gift for you guys is when you select
  • something and you expand your you make
  • sure you expand it that way you have
  • like you know you make sure you get
  • every you
  • you don't leave that you don't miss
  • spots that way and you know it just
  • works better that way you don't miss
  • spots cuz sometimes if you just fill in
  • you're gonna have some like white
  • patches it at the edges so you don't
  • want that just so you maybe expand by
  • two pixels and that would work so you
  • make sure you if you see if you saw what
  • happen with the the face as I filled in
  • because I there was a hole in the hair
  • the hell the outline of the hair it got
  • into the face so I'm now you can there's
  • so many ways to do that you can actually
  • go in go to the layer of the lineart
  • that's the you know the ink and you can
  • kind of sense it's not a tone layer it's
  • going to be he's going to write normally
  • like ink basically and you can just use
  • the G pen tool in mock studio and you
  • just cover the hole and then you use the
  • lasso tool again or you can just go
  • straight on the the tone layer and you
  • can just cover it and then use the lasso
  • tool
  • anyway works just follow the video and I
  • think you'll be fine so we're doing the
  • same thing here trying to make sure we
  • cover every part that is red with tone
  • and sometimes even if there's a white
  • patch and even afterwards you can still
  • go over it with you know maybe a pen
  • tool and just go over the the missed
  • spots basically here I made a mistake in
  • the scar is actually supposed to be on
  • the other side so you know it's easier
  • one when you're manga studio and you see
  • mistakes like this you're easy to fix
  • because all you have to do is erase you
  • make sure you're on the correct layer
  • which is a layer with the line art and
  • just erase you know the part you don't
  • want and just redraw it and really no
  • one's going to know one's going to spot
  • the difference or at least you know
  • notice that there was a mistake made
  • because it was going to look so clean
  • you
  • the other thing I like to do is the tone
  • the things that are closer to the screen
  • a lot of comics do this and it's just uh
  • no bring more out let the eye focus on
  • the focus on the thing that is not toned
  • so in this case we use Akkad as the guy
  • with the red hair
  • is where we want the eye to go so that
  • way we tone the other part almost like
  • covering it up even though most times
  • that person the person talking and
  • sometimes it could be done you know in
  • different ways where because that person
  • is toned that's where we want the eye to
  • you know go so it really depends on how
  • it's being used
  • in this case this that's just how it's
  • going to work here oh but sometimes
  • maybe there's like a character making a
  • menacing look and there's nobody else in
  • the screen and there is no background
  • and the character is like completely
  • tone you know clearly your eye is going
  • to go into that direction but uh you
  • know in this case we just it was to look
  • focus on ryuzaki and we generally are
  • 'test generally do that when the
  • character is close to the you know close
  • to the screen or close to the shot or
  • close you know closer to the viewer so
  • the closer the darker some artists
  • actually do it opposite and the closer
  • the lighter and everything else is
  • darker you know every artist has their
  • style and preference so feel free to
  • tone however you want so remember that
  • this is that even though this is a how
  • to tone I'm really just giving you
  • guidelines and tips and just showing you
  • how I do it from from you know watching
  • this video you should be able to develop
  • your own style and have your own way of
  • doing things here I just because I don't
  • want the book to just blending blend in
  • with all the other tone I just gave it a
  • little you know a darker shade at the
  • bottom just to let it pop out a little
  • more
  • and you know let us now just let it feel
  • more like a book
  • nothing so crazy
  • and then after this I'm going to do
  • something a little tricky I'm going to
  • create a layer well well not I'm not
  • going to create a layer it's going to
  • create itself because once you put in
  • text the text layer automatically
  • creates a layer for itself so when I
  • create this text basically I'm then
  • going to give it a little shade of grey
  • and I'm going to rasterize it and when
  • you rasterize all you have to do how to
  • rasterize is you know go on layer you
  • right-click on the layer and it'll be
  • one of the options and once you
  • rasterize it it basically becomes a
  • layer that you can play with as a text
  • layer you can't play with it so now it's
  • rasterize i can change the color using
  • the fill fill bucket tool and now i'll
  • select it with the selection tool with
  • the rectangle you know selection tool or
  • you can use the magic wand and just
  • click on each letter each alphabet and
  • when I once I do that then I scale it
  • down and a ways to do that is once
  • you've selected it you go to edit at the
  • top and it'll be one of the options but
  • you took a quick way would be after you
  • selected is going to be at the bottom
  • just below the selection and one of the
  • options would be to scale it and now
  • that I've scaled it I just rotated it
  • and put it there because the characters
  • are upside down you know if you follow
  • the video you should be fine if you
  • follow you if you follow what I did
  • exactly follow the mouse and all that
  • you should be fine for those of you who
  • curious I am using a Wacom tablet so
  • really not not the really expensive kind
  • of the cheap kind so you know it was
  • like a 60 bucks I think so not too not
  • that bad here I'm doing the same thing I
  • did with the panel just above it just
  • because that character is closer to the
  • screen I'm selecting you know the whole
  • the whole thing just we just hit the
  • whole character and I'm gonna tone the
  • whole character and I you know I made
  • the layers of tone over his hair and
  • clothes invisible just not to mess with
  • the selection tool and what you know
  • while I'm selecting him because it gets
  • a little tricky if that layer is visible
  • so I just made it invisible and now that
  • I'm done
  • you know toning the whole thing I can
  • make it visible back boom you know for
  • the most part you know that's how it is
  • um here I'm going to use the airbrush
  • tool after I you know tone the whole
  • thing with the another tone layer I have
  • call trees because I normally use it for
  • trees but I'm gonna use it here and I
  • forgot to tone that you know so get that
  • out the way so back to the layer of the
  • trees
  • you have that and just to give a shiny
  • vibe I'm going to use the airbrush tool
  • uh the soft type and I'm just going to
  • make sure I'm gonna choose a black very
  • black color and just you know play with
  • it and give it this shiny black vibe
  • y'all can find better ways to do this
  • but this is just you know how I do it I
  • tried to do things in a quick quick way
  • not quick to the point where it looks
  • crappy but yeah
  • now this is a part where I'm adding text
  • now this is where my text is my dialogue
  • and narration is it's in a Word document
  • and I just you know basically you know
  • word dot is it's a tip a good tip would
  • be to type in a word document just
  • because sometimes it helps you correct
  • things and it gives you the correct
  • spelling of things and all you have to
  • do is copy and paste and so when you
  • copy
  • make sure out of text tool and you just
  • paste and then you just work your way
  • from there the settings on how to
  • manipulate the the text will be on the
  • left as you can see and as a wide
  • whereas a wide vast variety of you know
  • text to use or you can go download your
  • own font and play with that the font
  • being used here is called a tow or IDO
  • Edie Oh
  • basically I normally use it for you know
  • a lot of energy maybe when a character
  • is shouting or you know screaming in
  • fear or whatever um and then for the
  • normal text ijen I tend to use wild
  • words please do not use Comic Sans it
  • looks horrible at least in my opinion
  • unless you really like Comic Sans then
  • you go for it fine but you know
  • generally it doesn't look good at least
  • in my opinion I'm sure a lot of you will
  • agree with me it just looks this looks
  • funny anyways so I use wild words I use
  • vtk animal use of unrealised even impact
  • Helvetica but you know for the most part
  • especially when you know for normal
  • situations when characters are talking I
  • use wild words so you can search that
  • and download that because the that font
  • doesn't come automatically
  • now what I'm doing here is I'm using
  • that same selection tool may be used
  • the magic wand and selecting the open
  • space and this I am you know playing
  • with the the air brush and I'm going us
  • and make sure this is on a separate
  • layer and this layer must be above all
  • you know above all it doesn't really
  • have to be above all layers because
  • you're using selection tool and it's
  • only going to show is only the the tool
  • is only going to work on the selected
  • areas and after that I click on the UM
  • decoration tool and
  • you
  • after that I click on the decoration
  • tool and I I click on the we see you can
  • really use any one you want but the one
  • I use is called cross-hatching tone
  • scraping for the one I'm using in this
  • video right now is called Goss cloud I
  • generally use that for clouds but I'm
  • just playing with it for now and just
  • trying to see how it looks but generally
  • you want to use the at least for what
  • I'm doing here you want to use
  • cross-hatching tone scraping so that's
  • what I use and it just gives it this it
  • just gives the background it just makes
  • it just just doesn't it works for the
  • background basically it just doesn't
  • leave it white sometimes if you just
  • leave it white it just makes everything
  • feel a little emotionless or I don't
  • know how else I don't know how to put it
  • but sometimes I do leave backgrounds
  • white and it works but not all the time
  • not in this case cuz you know you're
  • seeing something that you know means
  • something I just feel it has this
  • menacing vibe and I and I feel what this
  • kind of tone in the background works
  • just fine um there are other Shonen type
  • markers that you this technique um the
  • reason for what just happened was when I
  • selected it got into the characters hair
  • and that's why you could see um part of
  • the airbrush going over the character's
  • head and that's the that Simon tired of
  • saying the character going over Simon's
  • head and you know I just didn't feel
  • like you know covering the holes in the
  • hair so I just kept on working and when
  • I was done I went nowhere you can always
  • erase sy you know you know that's why I
  • like doing things that uh that's why I
  • like working digitally anyways then we
  • do the scraping thing and the scraping
  • thing only works if um the tool is on
  • transparent so you have black white you
  • know if the color is on
  • transparent and that's when I work so
  • you do that you know you work with that
  • and you clean so you make sure on the
  • layer where you are on the layer that's
  • using the airbrush and so using the
  • airbrush is going to be on black but
  • when you're using the tone scraper or
  • the decoration tool and you're on cross
  • hatching tone scraping you want to make
  • sure it's transparent and then you can
  • go over it that way you don't have to
  • mess with anything um right now after
  • all this we're pretty much done and I'm
  • going to put in the text and show you
  • how everything is going to look and also
  • give you an example of other manga pages
  • I've done to give you an idea that you
  • know if you master you no longer studio
  • these are the kind of pages you will be
  • able to pull off and probably even
  • better okay guys I know what you're
  • thinking um I really breeze through a
  • lot of things are that was done on
  • purpose just so you guys can see some of
  • the kaepa capabilities of the software
  • manga studio and that way you can watch
  • me use it and anything that I did that
  • wasn't clear to you you can leave it in
  • the comments and it'll probably be its
  • own video in the future for it for
  • instance maybe if there was something I
  • did with the text or if there was
  • something I did with the tone or speed
  • lines focus lines or anything like that
  • you can leave them in the comments and
  • there will be like a separate video that
  • will focus on that solely or so I just
  • wanted you guys to really see how I work
  • with manga studio and you know see the
  • possibilities and it with future videos
  • I'll be able to you know show more for
  • the meantime the next video is probably
  • going to be a more practical tutorial
  • maybe how to draw backgrounds or you
  • know something about action scenes and
  • or something of that nature that will be
  • the next video so please stay tuned
  • um so you can also like I said leave a
  • comment on what you told you want
  • tutorial you want to see next or if
  • there was a tutorial you within this
  • that you want me to see go into more
  • detail you can leave that in the
  • comments below if you like this video
  • please like favorite and subscribe for
  • support any form of support is greatly
  • appreciated if you like the manga you're
  • seeing and you're wondering where you
  • can go read it like again this is Apple
  • black and I'll leave a link in the
  • description for you all to go check it
  • out there is a site said a.m. and that's
  • where Apple black is that's Apple
  • Black's home basically so you can go
  • check that out and check the site out as
  • well there are some big things big
  • things that are going to be happening
  • there um so yeah that's pretty much it
  • again any questions believe in the
  • script uh leave a comment tutorial one
  • it's me you want me to do leave a
  • comment tutorial you want me to go into
  • more detail even though I went over it
  • in this video leave in the comment like
  • favorite subscribe blah blah blah blah
  • blah and I think we're good thank you
  • for watching um this short series and I
  • will be back real soon a little Mark
  • Crilley Jab

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