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Video 1byone Lithium Portable Auto Car Jump Starter Battery 9000mAh
04:23   |   137 views   |   09/20/2018 at 20:32


  • hey guys welcome back to another episode
  • of edges and 30k media thanks for coming
  • by and watching this video today i have
  • very special treat for you guys i'm
  • going to be reviewing this one by one
  • multi-function jump starter kit this is
  • something that has saved me multiple
  • times it's a pretty much an all-in-one a
  • phone charger jump starter kit and LED
  • light you can actually use this to
  • jumpstart your car literally and don't
  • be fooled by the size of this thing you
  • might be small not sure you guys out in
  • a bit but this thing is powerful it
  • comes in about 9,000 milliamps and you
  • can charge this for about a few hours
  • and you can just are about four or five
  • cars continuously before battery removal
  • oh yeah let's open this up and take a
  • look by the way there's come in a case
  • like this so when you buy this product
  • you can actually carry this with you in
  • your car so we'll go ahead and open it
  • up in here and inside as you guys can
  • see it comes just like this you guys get
  • the unit itself which the battery pack
  • right here this is this these are they
  • click the mouse that you actually
  • attached onto the third component the
  • product and this is actually the
  • cigarette lighter that you would have to
  • plug into the your car and actually it
  • can charge this battery pack so let's go
  • ahead and take out this unit so it's
  • fairly small it's about the size of my
  • hand and I have medium sized hands this
  • device is probably i would say about
  • nine inches 503 inches so if you guys
  • can see close-up pierced where the power
  • is
  • on the side right here this input right
  • here is for the mouse and I'll show you
  • guys how to connect that in a bit this
  • is the mouth this right here is the
  • power so you plug in your power cable
  • and you charge this is slaughtering and
  • this is USB so you actually plug in USB
  • cable you can charge your Android phone
  • your iPhone if you charge it or like
  • iPhones whatever it takes us keep our
  • you can charge em right here and to turn
  • this unit on vs karbonn you're going to
  • push it down and this actually becomes
  • blue this shows that I have 107 I
  • realize because i discharged it right
  • behind here is where the LED light is so
  • you're going to push power right here to
  • activate it push it once before to turn
  • on and push it once again to the have it
  • / it's pretty useful because I get
  • through strand outside the road and you
  • need to help you can actually turn this
  • feature on has couple modes it's pretty
  • nice um once again it's a 9000 milliamp
  • capacity so you have quite a bit of
  • juice in here this right here is the
  • mouse you can honestly need to plug this
  • together in order to jump out the car so
  • you flip this flap open right here mouse
  • can click goes right into here and you
  • hear a beep meaning that it's connected
  • successfully and this screen right here
  • goes off because these are that live
  • right now so when you plug these these
  • into the car to the battery terminal
  • right into positive black ground and
  • negative this will actually show a
  • 30-second timer and usually really have
  • 30 seconds to jump your car and start a
  • car because it's sending to the search
  • power to the battery so you could just
  • start but yeah this little thing is
  • pretty awesome I really recommend this
  • you guys don't necessarily need to buy
  • the exact same one but i'll try to put a
  • link to the description but if you have
  • the kids if you travel a lot or you can
  • take road trips it's really handy to
  • have something portable to take with you
  • so yeah you guys have any questions let
  • me know please post in the comments
  • below and I'll try my best to reply and
  • give you guys some more feedback so
  • thanks again for watching guys I know
  • you guys have a great day
  • [Music]

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This is a portable jump starter pack that I've been using for the last few years. I just decided to do a quick little review on it and tell you guys how awesome it is.

On a full charge, I can jump up to 4-5 cars before the battery starts to go down. It's a must have for people who travel often or take long road trips. In my opinion, it's much more convenient than carrying around big jumper cables.

It's extremely easy to use and doesn't spark when you attach the cables onto your car battery. That's a plus because sometimes the surge in voltage causes you to blow fuses and it's annoying to replace them.

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Buy your kit here:

Please like, comment and subscribe!


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