Video 70 Year Old Blackhawk Hydraulic Jack Restoration

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Jul 17, 2019


70 Year Old Blackhawk Hydraulic Jack Restoration
70 Year Old Blackhawk Hydraulic Jack Restoration thumb 70 Year Old Blackhawk Hydraulic Jack Restoration thumb 70 Year Old Blackhawk Hydraulic Jack Restoration thumb


  • 1940s Blackhawk hydraulic jack
  • Model AA8.5 - 5 ton capacity
  • Dramatic proof that Blackhawk jacks are your best buy.
  • Clevis pin.
  • Clevis pin number 2.
  • Missing clevis pin someone replaced with a carriage bolt.
  • I'll have to make a new one.
  • Release valve screw.
  • A little bent. Will need to be straightened.
  • Stuck!
  • Impact driver. Greatest tool ever!
  • acetone
  • Foaming degreaser. Like regular degreaser, but more fun!
  • I'll probably need to buy a new toothbrush after this.
  • The extension screw is totally seized up in the ram.
  • The bent relief valve screw.
  • I need to fabricate another one of these.
  • One new clevis pin.
  • The rivet heads snapped off.
  • Not much left on the name plate.
  • Ready for reassembly.
  • Anti-seize compound.
  • A little tight without any oil in there yet.
  • Couldn't rind a replacement piston seal, so I'm making one from an O ring.
  • Hydraulic oil.
  • The nameplate is beyond repair so I decided on a simple decal of the logo.
  • It needs a handle.
  • Let's make one.
  • Knurling the handle.
  • Rilling out to reduce the weight.
  • Acetone.
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Restoration of a 70 year old Blackhawk hydraulic bottle jack.
This is their 5 ton model, in Blackhawk red, although there was almost no paint left on it. According to the Blackhawk tool catalogs I was able to find, this jack was manufactured right around 1949.

The restoration took about 20 hours not including video. Lots of very difficult to remove parts on this one. I made the handle because it needed one but I don't believe these jacks were ever sold with a handle.

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My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/acmerestorations/

THE DECAL: Yes, you're correct, it's crooked. Hard to work around a camera sometimes. Literally "around" a camera. I didn't notice it until after the video was posted. SO, I've soaked it off and replaced it with a straighter decal :) Check out the instagram post for August 2 for a photo of the newer, straighter (used a t-square) decal. Thanks for watching!

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