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Video 7 Guitar Gadgets You Should Have
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  • [Music]
  • more years ago we invented the
  • award-winning roadie tuner and help tune
  • more than 2 million strings today we're
  • proud to introduce roadie to and voting
  • base to use roadie
  • just select your instrument place roadie
  • on the peg and pluck just like that
  • you're in tune and ready to play roadie
  • 2 is the world's first stand-alone
  • automatic guitar tuner each roadie comes
  • pre-programmed with your most-used
  • alternate and open tunings even in noisy
  • environments roadies built-in vibration
  • detection allows you to tune perfectly
  • it makes getting in tune faster and
  • easier than ever before and this makes
  • roadie the most versatile tool that you
  • can put in your kit bag for bass players
  • roadie bass sports an even stronger
  • motor bigger battery and special
  • programming to let it handle low
  • frequencies it's not just a tuner the
  • optional mobile app can be used to
  • create custom tunings custom instruments
  • and dig into some cool advanced features
  • roadie lets you keep track of your
  • instrument health wind your strings when
  • you're restraining and much more it's
  • like having a guitar tech in your pocket
  • really - and Rohde bass in tune any of
  • your string instruments with guitar
  • machine has seven and twelve string
  • guitars ukulele mandolin banjo you name
  • it so no matter what you play or how you
  • play roadie will help you to less and
  • play more the jam stick plus is the
  • easiest way to learn how to play the
  • guitar
  • period it comes with apps for your
  • iPhone or iPad to help you learn how to
  • play download Jam tutor on the App Store
  • and learn without having to guess where
  • to put your fingers the chapstick Plus
  • never needs tuning it uses your iPad
  • iPhone or Mac to generate sound and it
  • already works with more apps than we can
  • keep track of you can learn and practice
  • on your terms with the jab stick
  • we've seen users start playing forwards
  • in minutes with your jab stick and its
  • portability can turn just about any
  • environment into a practice or less than
  • studio the original gem stick was
  • well-received in 2014 but we knew there
  • were improvements we wanted to get into
  • more users hands
  • we started by adding a magnetic pickup
  • to give the gemst ik+ a more traditional
  • feel to your picking hand and thanks to
  • advances with Bluetooth 4.0 technology
  • we equip the gemst ik+ with wireless
  • Bluetooth connectivity that works
  • seamlessly with Apple's new Bluetooth
  • city software majestic plus are the same
  • real guitar strings and real frets just
  • like the original to best match the
  • experience of putting your fingers on it
  • at all and yes the jam strip plus
  • handles string Bend and vibrato the gem
  • stick plus works with your iPhone or
  • iPad to get great musical performance
  • out of apps like GarageBand you will be
  • hundreds of others the chapstick plus is
  • also a great MIDI controller for your
  • Mac in Yosemite you can play any sound
  • available in logic Ableton Live Pro
  • Tools and other deities I created the
  • jam stack because I felt like the
  • process of playing the electric guitar
  • was in fact there were things I just
  • couldn't do easily from playing wherever
  • I wanted to to getting going with
  • effects and recording right when I felt
  • inspired
  • four years ago I set out on the journey
  • to create a more compelling guitar
  • playing experience well our team has
  • done it and now we're ready to bring it
  • to you meet the James act the world's
  • first attachable guitar amp and also the
  • first integrates seamlessly with your
  • smartphone our priorities would create
  • the best all-around guitar playing
  • experience as possible prioritizing the
  • absolute best tone at practice volumes
  • and complete and total portability the
  • jam stack allows you to play the
  • electric guitar anywhere by leveraging
  • the awesome power of your smart phone
  • and super lightweight speaker technology
  • in the past acoustic instruments were
  • the ultimate and portability being the
  • only real option for travel or playing
  • outside the jam stacks 10 watts of power
  • easily outperforms acoustic guitars and
  • hand drum you can be a unique part to
  • any outdoor transmission in fact your
  • guitar and your amplifier can fit easily
  • in the same case as well as being
  • uncompromising the portable it's also
  • the fastest way to play the electric
  • guitar with layered effects at any price
  • point James tech snaps on to the back of
  • any standard electric guitar body using
  • the existing strap button unless you
  • have something like a Flying V the jam
  • stack can be attached with one hand in
  • under three seconds we designed the
  • James Tague to work with all major
  • smartphones including iOS Android and
  • Windows phones as well as the iPod Touch
  • we have the opportunity to free the
  • electric guitar and bring it out into
  • the world in a way that has never been
  • possible before we just need your help
  • to make it a reality
  • I created the jam stack because being an
  • electric guitar player was part of who I
  • was now I'm thrilled I can carry that
  • with me anyway
  • [Music]
  • okay so we invented it you kind of
  • guitar except people can learn to play
  • in a matter of it
  • only around 10% of the population plays
  • a musical instrument but 80% wishes they
  • could our guitar has strings for
  • strumming and finger picking just like a
  • traditional guitar but instead of
  • strings going up the fretboard we have
  • but all you have to do is use a single
  • touch play entire chords our mobile app
  • can display the song for you with the
  • lyrics and the court numbers did you get
  • started like right away our vision is to
  • see a lot more people sing playing and
  • making music together bad no no
  • the guitar had the built-in speaker so
  • you can just grab it and go play or you
  • can even turn the speaker down and play
  • through your headphones you're not
  • disturbing anyone if you ever wish that
  • you could be musically expressive by the
  • way put this instrument
  • now you can this is spread Zeppelin fret
  • Zeppelin is a state of the art led
  • addition to your guitar it fits just
  • above the frets and shows you exactly
  • where to put your fingers to play
  • anything you can imagine let's take a
  • look at how learning to play guitar
  • usually turns out you head to your local
  • music store and pick out a guitar it's
  • beautiful you love it and you couldn't
  • be more excited to get started you get
  • home and immediately try to play
  • something you're prepared you have your
  • book tablature online videos websites
  • everything or so it seems
  • after hours of dedicated attention the
  • frustration sets in you've done
  • everything right what's wrong the
  • problem is simple human nature you
  • naturally want to be shown exactly what
  • to do so that's what we did add a fret
  • Zeppelin to your guitar and it shows you
  • exactly where to put your fingers so all
  • you have to do is strum or pick it
  • cannot be any simpler use the smartphone
  • app to select what you'd like to play
  • and you're instantly ready to rock
  • you can display chords note scales and
  • any key and of course any light show you
  • can imagine for those fun times or use
  • AI mode to have the next finger location
  • displayed automatically after you strum
  • LED technology has only recently
  • progressed enough to make fret
  • Zeppelin's possible fret Zeppelin is
  • only half the height of your guitars
  • breath that means there will be
  • absolutely no interference with the
  • strings or your hand as you play fret
  • Zeppelin was engineered with musicians
  • in mind
  • you picked a playing style and fret
  • Zeppelin teaches you the connections
  • between each fret are on the top side of
  • the guitar where your hand doesn't slide
  • but even if you get into some advanced
  • playing techniques the sleek coding
  • seamlessly aligns with your guitar neck
  • so it isn't noticed
  • fretts Epson lets you learn guitar fast
  • and intuitively whether you're a
  • first-time player or experienced fret
  • Zeppelin works for anyone with any
  • guitar what's next is up to you
  • Jax the first wireless guitar lead that
  • works over Wi-Fi setup is simple press
  • the button to switch it on and then plug
  • it into your guitar you see that it
  • articulates to fit any guitar type i've
  • already plugged another jack into the
  • guitar amp ready to go the jack allows
  • for real-time streaming over a secure
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • it delivers studio quality sound better
  • than CD with ultra-low latency for
  • real-time playback with no need for a
  • Ritter or internet connection you could
  • use this setup at the top of a mountain
  • so no cables no audio interfaces just
  • crystal clear sound and it's not just
  • for amps download the Jack app and
  • without any other hardware you can
  • connect to any Wi-Fi enabled device your
  • PC tablet or phone
  • I want to send the computer you can do
  • what you like with it
  • record it edit it upload it anything you
  • want if you don't know jack it's about
  • time you did
  • there are three ways to hold the guitar
  • trailer
  • of new techniques and effects the chord
  • position allows you to strike trill and
  • roll on all six strings at once the lead
  • position allows you to play one or two
  • strings at a time by trilling harping or
  • harmonic tabbing the pig position allows
  • you to pick tap slide or pinch you can
  • easily switch between positions to
  • combine these techniques and unique and
  • creative ways there's obviously a
  • variety of ways that you can play it I
  • think all genres can play with this the
  • guitar chillin is great for every type
  • of guitar player this incredible
  • handheld tool can be used on bass
  • acoustic electric guitar or any threaded
  • instrument and the new sounds that it
  • creates can be incorporated into any
  • style of music we've spent the last few
  • years tweaking and perfecting the guitar
  • trailer so that every element performs
  • with precision the weight length and
  • shape have all been carefully calibrated
  • and meticulously crafted for maximum
  • recoil optimum motion and an ergonomic
  • design every prototype along the way has
  • been tested and improved upon and now we
  • have the perfect guitar trailer
  • [Music]

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7 Awesome Guitar Gadgets That Will Teach You How To Play.
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Whether you are looking for a gift for a guitarist or a little something for yourself, this video will help you find the latest guitar gadgets maybe you never knew existed.

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#2.The Jack➡
#1.Guitar Triller ➡


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