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Video Dynamix Styles FOLK - Roland E-A7 - Korg Pa - Yamaha Tyros & PSR - English subtitles
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  • Hello everyone, my name is Bojan in front of Dynamix Audio team.
  • Today we will talk about our new style pack for Roland E-A7, Korg Pa and Yamaha Tyros, Dynamix Styles FOLK.
  • We finished this package for Roland and Korg, but Yamaha as usual makes everything more complicated, so we need more time to finish it.
  • This is new style package, made for folk music of South-East Europe region, but as you will hear it can be used for many different music genres and music styles.
  • This new package is special because it is made to be very simple, just by playing only 3 instruments: drums, bass, and rhythm guitar.
  • Besides those 3 major tracks that are played throughout all styles, we made the pads with distortion riff patterns.
  • Pads are made to be as virtual guitarist that we can engage just by pressing one button, and disengage the same way.
  • This way we solved the old problem where some variations made to be used for chorus, are very loud and complex, no matter groove is compatible with some quiet part of the song.
  • Now we have very simple style, with all 4 variations made with only 3 instruments, so each one can be used for any part of the song.
  • Further on we can add complexity just by engaging our virtual guitarist on pads, and make any variation suitable for any part of the song.
  • We can use more than one pads at the same time, so we can play Pad1 for rhythmic riff, and Pad6 for legato riff, and that way get 2 virtual guitarists.
  • Now we will try some of the styles, so you can hear what to expect from this new style package.
  • I will try to play some folk phrases, and some other music genres so you can hear that this package is very flexible and can be used for many different music genres.
  • Dynamix Styles FOLK package contains 17 styles, in which all drum tracks is played by the drummer, and then converted to MIDI to be used in arranger keyboards.
  • We did not quantized drummers performance in order to keep his natural feel.
  • There is also 6 drum kits, 2 bass guitars, sampled rhythm guitar, virtual rhythm guitar, and distortion riff sampled guitar as well.
  • Virtual rhythm guitar is made with recorded chords, then mapped and programmed to sound like real guitarist, you will hear later on.
  • Guitar sound is made with Fender Stratocaster Mid-Neck position, played through Fender TwonReverb, combination often used for this type of sound.
  • Some styles have audio percussion loop, that can be mixed, turned up or down separately from the drum track.
  • We have Roland E-A7 here, but everything will be the same for Korg Pa and Yamaha Tyros.
  • all styles have 4 variations, 4 fills, break, and 3 intros, where intros can be used as regular variations or fills depending of the style, as you will hear later.
  • OK, let's play some styles so you can hear what we are talking about.
  • This is Intro 1, very simple and basic. But it can be used as a regular variation.
  • Intro 2 and Intro 3 are fills...
  • As you can hear, all variations are equal, so you can choose just the groove and play whatever part of the song you want.
  • It maybe sounds like something is missing, but not really because you have pads to use them to make each variation more complex and advanced.
  • Or we can add one more pad if you need it to be more complex and you need more dynamics.
  • You are listening variation 2 which can be used for quiet parts of the song, and for chorus and solo as well just by using pads and distortion riffs
  • All variations are universal, and riffs are used to fill the gaps or make them louder and more complex.
  • Those pads will work the same way for Korg Pa and Yamaha Tyros, only there you have 4 instead of 6 on Roland E-A7.
  • But, 4 pads are still enough because those riffs are universal as well, and can be used for many styles.
  • Many of the styles comes in two versions, for example Rumba 90 and Rumba 110. For maximum playability and realism it is the best not to speed up or down styles more than 15 bpm.
  • Now we are listening to Beguine 122 style.
  • As you can hear we have here Darbuka percussion. You can turn the volume up if you like that way more.
  • Now you can hear in this style Intro 3 is fill, Intro 2 is variation, also Intro 1 is some simple variation.
  • As I said, here we have Roland E-A7 for this presentation, but everything will be the same for Korg Pa and Yamaha Tyros.
  • Also, we decided not to use DSP effects because they make the difference in sound between all those keyboards, so this package will sound the same for all 3 brands.
  • And Beguine 90 style...
  • In this style all Intros 2 and 3 are fills that can be used as any other fill, where Intro 1 is some calm basic variation.
  • Let's listen to Devetka 180...
  • As before, Intro 1 is some basic variation, Intros 2 and 3 are fills...
  • Intro 4 on Roland E-A7 is always break fill. The reason for this is because Roland does not have break fill, so we made Intro 4 to act like break.
  • This should not confuse you, because Yamaha Tyros and Korg Pa have 3 Intros, and this fourth will be made as a regular break fill, the way it should.
  • Pads can be used for 9/8 and 7/8 styles as well.
  • Pad 4 is not suitable for 9/8 and 7/8, but all others sound very good.
  • Dynamix Styles FOLK for Roland comes with some User Programs already prepared, and thirds made for playing intervals only with one finger.
  • Each of those styles is base on a different drum kit.
  • Let's hear Disco 140 as well...
  • As you can hear, you can play different genres and music styles with Dynamix Styles FOLK.
  • So on matter drums are sampled to sound as live as possible, using just close microphones, they sound very rich and thick so they can be used in many different applications.
  • Again, Intro 1 is always some basic variation, Intro 2 is some other variation, while Intro 3 is a fill...
  • There is also 2 Dvojka styles, made in 2/4. I will not play them today because those are very specific, we will make another presentation with all the styles played later.
  • Let's hear Funk 126 style. You can hear it as well on our SoundCloud...
  • We have Greece 110 style as well. First two variations are regular 4/4, while variations 3 and 4 are shuffled.
  • This is Orient 150 style...
  • Reggae 96...
  • And of course Rock 170...
  • Now let's hear Rumba 110...
  • Let's play with different drum kits here on this style...
  • We use Folk DK4, but let's try some other drum kit included in this package...
  • We can try Folk DK5 for example...
  • Maybe to turn percussion volume up...
  • We talked about all those restrictions on Yamaha Tyros, no matter, everything you hear and see here will be available on Yamaha Tyros.
  • As you can hear, snare drum is playing always minimum 2 notes, with 4 velocity layers, so for each variation we hear 8 different samples.
  • Let's listen to Rumba 90...
  • As you can hear and see, I am not very good folk music player, so please do not listen to my right hand. I will try to make this presentation as useful as possible, so you can learn what Dynamix Styles FOLK brings to the table.
  • Now let's listen SaSa 145 style...
  • Here is also Intro 1 and Intro 2 that can be used for regular, but basic variations...
  • And SaSa 170...
  • We hear different drum kit, because the drummer played this style different, on the edge of the snare, so we used that set of samples to reproduce the same sound drummer made while recording.
  • And Sedmica style, 7/8 bar...
  • Again with some very useful intros...
  • That would be all for this presentation. Again, this is the way I can play, do not be confused by my playing, I am not folk keyboardist.
  • As you heard, Dynamix Styles FOLK can be used for many different music genres, and many different styles.
  • If you have any question, please leave the comment down bellow, I would be glad to answer and help you about anything.

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Dynamix Audio predstalja novi paket stilova, Dynamix Styles FOLK, za Korg Pa, Roland E-A7, Yamaha Tyros i PSR.

U ovoj video prezentaciji ćemo se upoznati sa osnovnom idejom iza ovog paketa stilova, kao i sa svim što dolazi u paketu.

Ovo je prvi deo prezentacije u kojoj ćemo vizuelno pokazati šta ovaj paket sadrži, dok će drugi biti napravljen od snimaka odsviranih svih stilova, kao što je to bio slučaj i do sada.

Za prezentaciju FOLK paketa za Yamaha Tyros, pogledajte sledeći link:



Dynamix Audio presents new style package Dynamix Styles FOLK for Roland E-A7, Korg Pa, Yamaha Tyros and PSR.

In this video presentation we will talk about some basic info of Dynamix Styles FOLK, what it contains, and what to expect.

This is the first presentation made with Roland E-A7, for Yamaha Tyros video video, please click this link:



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