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Video Best Tech Gifts under $200 !! - Get ready for Christmas 2017
06:09   |   today at 08:37


  • hey everyone Jimmy with Jim's review
  • room welcome back to another buyer's
  • guide video this will be from $100 to
  • $200 and showing you the best value in
  • tech that I've personally tested on this
  • channel as always I place my affiliate
  • links down in the description below
  • click on those links for the most
  • up-to-date prices in real time you never
  • know when these things might go on sale
  • the very first item provides you tons of
  • value when you compare it to the
  • competition I love my boys QC 35 and I
  • love my Sony 1000 X's both of those are
  • around $350 but if you're on a budget
  • this has the most value of any active
  • noise-cancelling headphones out there if
  • the Sennheiser 450 BT 10 C's they're
  • Wireless they have great audio for its
  • price range and they offer active
  • noise-cancelling fun nearly half the
  • cost the headphones are quality built
  • and offer someone Sennheiser's premium
  • feel as they're more expensive products
  • out there that when I weighed them they
  • are more than the lightest pair of ANSI
  • headphones that I have ever tested about
  • the same weight as a bose qc25 and these
  • Sennheiser PXE 550's now they are
  • foldable for stone and transport the
  • better life is up to 19 hours with anc
  • on or up to 25 hours with anc off the
  • sound signature is very balanced while
  • providing a good amount of detail and
  • resolution again the values in its price
  • they're going for $200 right now at the
  • time this video and they are the perfect
  • alternative to the other flagships on
  • the market check out my links in the
  • video description for the most
  • up-to-date prices now for the active
  • consumer or just someone wanting quality
  • wireless earphones in general with water
  • resistance get the chamber extras that I
  • have right around my neck here they
  • retail for 130 dollars but their
  • performance
  • sounds like a pair of $200 earphones
  • with my testing I'm getting about eight
  • and a half hours of better life
  • Bluetooth of range was confirmed great
  • and possibly the biggest reason why I
  • would buy these or get these the audio
  • performance jaybird includes their own
  • app that allows you to tune their audio
  • signature to your liking and from my
  • experience compared to boasts an JBL etc
  • Jaybirds have been the easiest to adjust
  • and offers the least amount of
  • distortion a loss in audio quality
  • compared to the others when you do tune
  • them that they're very loud having very
  • bright mid ranges a lovely bass boosted
  • sound signature and with the ability to
  • go deeper with the app and the
  • soundstage on these for support wireless
  • earphones it's
  • one of the best tonnes of value on this
  • one I wouldn't be surprised if it did
  • drop he's down to $100 and some of those
  • holidays coming up here or any kind of
  • special sales even at $130 there's a lot
  • of value in these now next up I'm
  • someone cheating on this one but I had
  • to tell you guys both of these first up
  • is the JBL charge 3 is super rugged it
  • can handle the outdoors when spring and
  • summer is here the charge store is also
  • waterproof stain proof and offers up to
  • 22 hours of better life and it's still
  • one of the best sounding models out
  • there the audio is direct it's bright
  • it's loud and for its size speaker has a
  • good amount of bass as well also it's
  • normally $150 the other day I saw it for
  • less than 100 here's a screen shot as
  • proof again I'll leave my affiliate
  • links in the video description hopefully
  • there's still on sale now looking at the
  • apps and the spectrum here tossing this
  • to the side B pulse 3 it's hands-down
  • the best looking LED lit speaker out
  • there now I'll admit it's not as rugged
  • because of its glass or plastic housing
  • but the trade-off you get to control
  • your lights a hundred percent of it you
  • can get into the app and make your own
  • animations or use the presets available
  • having this in your dorm room personal
  • bedroom even at your end table and have
  • friends over they're gonna talk about
  • this this thing is seriously cool now
  • the other benefits the policy offers 360
  • degrees sound and battery life on this
  • thing is rated at 12 hours substantially
  • lower but if you're planning to leave
  • this plugged in and indoors I think
  • you'll be fine now for those not knowing
  • what to get someone that Fitbit products
  • are always a good way or a good option
  • or alternative in my personal opinion
  • with the Fitbit Alta HR retailing for
  • $150 this counter steps records your
  • active moments and activities and new to
  • the Alta this year was the added feature
  • of having heart rate tracking I
  • personally love the Alta HR because it's
  • compact and a bit more discreet as you
  • can see here compared to the other
  • activity trackers on the market now its
  • water resistance both splash and sweat
  • proof that is sorry about that and
  • battery life is superb capable of
  • moderate use for a little over a week
  • without needing to be recharged able to
  • see your steps heart rate calories
  • active minutes and resting heart rate
  • throughout your day which wirelessly
  • backs up to your smart phone now my
  • biggest use is recording how much sleep
  • that I'd get every night or barely any
  • sleep and the quality of sleep as well
  • people don't often realize how useful
  • these features are
  • now last but not least these ten hazards
  • were more of a balanced audio sound
  • signature but if you're looking for more
  • bass
  • either one of these are great but when I
  • tested these Sony's 650 BTS they sounded
  • nearly as good as my beats solo threes
  • and I'm saying
  • it's really really darn close retailing
  • for $130 but I did see them on sale the
  • other day for less than a hundred it's a
  • pair of headphones I would not pass up
  • on great value perform close to the
  • expensive stuff out there and head from
  • themselves are well built so if you can
  • spend a little bit more there are also
  • the xB 950 B ones with even more bass
  • they retail for a hundred and
  • ninety-eight dollars but click on my
  • link in the video description hopefully
  • there's still on sale I saw them a few
  • days ago for a hundred and thirty
  • dollars here's a screenshot again as
  • proof here the biggest difference
  • between these and the 650s the
  • nineteen-fifties allows you to control
  • more bass and I do have the 950 and ones
  • which includes active noise-cancelling
  • but when I tested those it didn't
  • perform as well as not even close to be
  • honest with you
  • so save your money and get the B ones
  • instead both headphones or Wireless both
  • offers great - decent better life at
  • 650s I believe they have up to 30 hours
  • of use while the 1950s have up to 18
  • hours of use either or I tested both of
  • these and if your bass heads these are
  • the way to go
  • so that's it folks for this price list
  • let me know in the comment section down
  • below what other items you think I
  • should have added on here I can only
  • test so many products in a week so I
  • know I'm missing something out there
  • either or at this list does have tons of
  • value and all these items are parts i've
  • personally tested again I'm Jimmy with
  • Jim's review room and I'm here to help
  • you make that purchase decision you guys
  • take care and I'll see you on the next
  • one bye
  • you

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Best gifts for Christmas 2017 !
Best gifts under $200 2017
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