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Video Streamers React To Tfue Having To BUY *EVERY SKIN* Because BURSTS Got *VAULTED!* (FUNNY) Fortnite BR
10:07   |   01/21/2019 at 20:29


  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • TV said he would buy skins if epic
  • removed burst get the clip was get the
  • clip works posing him get the clip were
  • exposing good work go to work
  • I remember that actually get the court
  • I'll expose him on Twitter did
  • oh well Turner will be spending some
  • hard cash
  • actually going to go through the vinyl
  • skins
  • well the day I can't shoot a fuckin
  • verse and hit more than the first of all
  • it would be dope
  • Jesus Ben dude this game would be
  • significantly better if they vaulted all
  • the bursts listen Epic Games I will
  • literally support skins until I die if
  • you guys just remove all the verse from
  • the game I want you beat ya'll next week
  • honestly I'd be excited be thrilled bro
  • like it's just like nowadays I don't
  • know man
  • like bad Orioles and three round burst
  • weapons don't mix at all and I can
  • explain to you guys why it's pretty
  • fucking simple Digital so in battle
  • royale games you get in all types of
  • different engagements when you're
  • playing on a map so big but with Pio
  • eyes you know a point of interest in
  • some certain locations you run into
  • close-range combat so you find yourself
  • in close range combat a lot but you also
  • find yourself in long-range combat a lot
  • so you have this burst in the game a gun
  • that is terrible at close-range combat
  • and long-range combat so you might ask
  • what is the gun actually good for
  • hmm let's see fucking dogshit it's not
  • good for anything same iteration come
  • back baby
  • I might agree with you but there's
  • better alternatives in the game I think
  • some people say Amen the verse is good
  • close up dude yeah you know what else is
  • good close up a fucking double-barrel
  • right to your face
  • my man now the various men long range
  • let's think shreds yeah man if you
  • fucking use a scope they are before have
  • you sniped before dude I'm so like I
  • don't know man maybe the burst would be
  • good if they took out the score in the
  • game and made to take an only carry two
  • weapons like gun is literally irrelevant
  • as phone I would literally rather use
  • like the only time you ever use a burst
  • is like if you can't find anything else
  • like who the fuck is to take a burst
  • over a scar when a scar is not only just
  • as good close up but also it has first
  • shot accuracy amen but guess what the
  • FAMAS has first shot accuracy - Oh true
  • it does have first shot accuracy but in
  • order to shoot one accurate bullet you
  • have to wait for two other inaccurate
  • bullets to come out of the gun before
  • you can shoot it again so the gun is
  • completely irrelevant and there's not
  • really any way to balance it uh he did
  • like bursts and BRS are either gonna be
  • shit or just completely broken because
  • the only way to make a burst good is to
  • make it first burst accuracy which just
  • means the gun would be a complete lazer
  • all the fucking time did you honestly if
  • I had if someone put a gun to my head
  • and said name one thing you like about
  • the burst rifle
  • I would say it's good at fucking hitting
  • people through walls
  • let's the only thing I maybe say I think
  • oh I think you could shoot 3 bullets out
  • of Hamas faster than a scar so that's
  • the only upside to the burst if
  • someone's hiding behind a wall you could
  • fucking break the wall and hit them more
  • like you with a famas on a scar other
  • than I don't have anything even remotely
  • decent say about it
  • [Music]
  • Salman
  • know what
  • how'd he do that what the heck yo he
  • might see that did anybody see that he
  • was shooting through his his wall he was
  • shooting through his wall
  • someone clipped that please someone clip
  • it he edited it and then he unedited and
  • he can shoot through it I think is a
  • small indie 56 meter sniper out of the
  • air box
  • what's up Instagram I was here Pacquiao
  • just in the 10-man do it do it now
  • so what is this guy gonna do let the guy
  • in the house die
  • push up to try to save him
  • what's it gonna be dude what are you
  • gonna do here man you gonna try to peek
  • me and get one tapped or are you going
  • to just sit there forever
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • leaving the mini behind you have a 99
  • dynamite I have nine nine a month tickle
  • my front pocket but ready to steal watch
  • this movement yeah I eat oh my god
  • and then I sprint to the back doored I
  • try to slide the door open and it's
  • locked and I know this story is like I'm
  • starting to sweat it's coming out of my
  • ass so I run I'm in the front yard and
  • for whatever reason and just there was
  • one pine tree on the block and it was a
  • big pine tree in it and really hung low
  • so you could kind of like Crouch get
  • under there and then you were kind of
  • like hiding
  • so I made a quick decision to get her
  • the pine tree and just drop it on there
  • real shit in mid day I'm hunched over
  • and I'm shitting like a dog underneath
  • this was the tree how close was sunlight
  • no honey no it was not me I'm I'm under
  • the tree and I'm shitting and I dropped
  • the biggest shit I mean for like ten
  • seconds I'm just out right and I pull up
  • my shorts I come out of the pine tree
  • real quick and there's my old lady
  • neighbor to stare right at me shake your
  • head at me man she told my dad my dad
  • was paying with the box and my with my
  • dad try to come on it was too late what
  • do you mean it was too late it was too
  • late I had to go I never forgot what red
  • in the face man she hate myself alive
  • she thought I was a freak is that a she
  • clutch that but he could not put that on
  • YouTube without an Oscar content Jimmy
  • is cached be like I clutch a win plus
  • next Nick shit in his neighbor's front
  • door
  • [Music]
  • hahahaha those baby you thought I wasn't
  • coming back for my Lube what how
  • [Music]
  • [Music]

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In Today's Video, we got Streamers Reacting to Tfue now being FORCED to BUY EVERY SKIN in Fortnite because of a Bet he made with Epic 2 Months ago! He made a deal that if Bursts got Vaulted, he would support Skins till the day he dies...Looks like that time has come! MUAHAHAHAH

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