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  • water birdies and gentlemen welcome back
  • now up until this point I have never
  • posted a video on free gems you guys
  • know that I've also never asked for
  • donations you guys also know that I have
  • never been sponsored by a company except
  • bindle which was not actually a sponsor
  • it was just them asking me to tell
  • people to use their application I was
  • like okay why not this sounds like a
  • cool idea and then what else was there
  • what else to other youtubers do um cash
  • for apps all those that basically make
  • you download applications and do all
  • that junk and then you get a few pennies
  • in exchange for downloading like 500
  • applications never did that either but I
  • wonder if a really good company reached
  • out to me and their intention is
  • completely terrible and it actually
  • makes sense for them to be on this
  • channel which persuading me to do that
  • isn't exactly easy anyhow if they did
  • what would you guys think of that would
  • you accept it and then second of all
  • collaborations also something that I
  • never ended up doing what what's your
  • opinion on me maybe getting sponsored by
  • a few cool companies or need
  • collaborating with a few other classic
  • lines youtubers let me know in the
  • comment section below
  • so now cool thing that a lot of
  • youtubers have been doing is the
  • easter-egg things and I had to go
  • through about
  • 70 videos and I still couldn't find all
  • of them so I went through another like
  • 70 videos and finally I made the
  • ultimate list of every single Easter egg
  • and I was like why did you guys not put
  • this into one video and if everyone's
  • gonna do the same video at least find
  • all the Easter eggs and then post
  • amazing videos on them but no each
  • Easter Egg video had like two Easter
  • eggs in them and then there was some
  • with a few more maybe five or six but
  • none of them had all of them so I
  • thought let's put all of them in the one
  • video hence the title of this vid so I
  • want to show you guys every single
  • Easter egg and of course first of all we
  • got to train up a large amount of Barb's
  • alright we're just gonna wait for these
  • this large amount of borrowers to finish
  • 14 13 12 and I do not got time to this
  • alright so thankfully we have balloons
  • wizards and lava hound I don't know
  • where I'm going to use that but I'll use
  • it somewhere and all these cool troops
  • trained up and I'm actually gonna be
  • using those troops to show you guys all
  • these epic Easter eggs so our adventure
  • begins on payback and it's it's kind of
  • random but as you guys can see right
  • here I'm sure you guys have seen this
  • one since it's the most obvious Easter
  • Egg there's this face here and some say
  • that it looks like the Illuminati thing
  • since there's like a triangle thing
  • going on here other people say it's just
  • a really ugly Pekka some people say
  • that's a mouth this is really
  • weird-looking nose and this is like a
  • one-eyed Cyclops looking thing that's
  • gonna be a future troop I have no clue
  • what it is but there's definitely
  • something there since if you look down
  • here there's also something there this
  • looks like a cat right interesting right
  • and then
  • I don't not exactly sure but obviously
  • that's supposed to be something since
  • these marks none of the other marks seem
  • to make anything except the ones up here
  • and the ones down here which is really
  • cool so I thought we just drop a spell
  • on them real quick and see now he's
  • glowing maybe they'll make it easier to
  • see them alright so we're going to end
  • that battle real quick and then jump to
  • the next one the next base here or the
  • next Easter Egg is on this base goblin
  • picnic and as you guys can see we got
  • these Petco's surrounded by a completely
  • random level of walls now what's cool is
  • if you guys place a jump spell on it
  • which I forgot to bring a jump spell oh
  • come on I trained the wrong spell hold
  • up a sec just going to gem this real
  • quick what a waste of gems but totally
  • worth it for you guys and goblin picnic
  • okay so we're back here now if you drop
  • a jump spell on it something very
  • interesting happens let's just drop who
  • should we drop I'm thinking I'm thinking
  • this one barb that we trained up earlier
  • and it took forever to train and of
  • course you're our barb did not jump over
  • the wall so I decide to put down a
  • wizard and as you guys can see the Pekka
  • activates the Santa Claus thing from
  • like 2013 pops up and there you go we
  • got presents I wish you could open these
  • presents I don't think you can well
  • let's see if it happens again come on no
  • darn cannon just kills my wizard all
  • right well that one's pretty cool as
  • well I kind of a lot of people some
  • people actually still have the presents
  • from back in the day but most people
  • don't anymore so it's really cool to see
  • that little throwback obsidian towers
  • have some loot to collect from here that
  • I'll do later but for the time being as
  • you guys can see
  • there's this one little
  • suspicious-looking tombstone right here
  • from last year and as far as I'm
  • concerned nothing happens when you put
  • down a spell but as soon as you put down
  • a wizards
  • poof all these skeletons just pop out
  • and take out my wizard without even care
  • look how many there are this isn't even
  • funny my wizard got destroyed in like
  • ten seconds so yeah this is a cool
  • little throwback I am not exactly too
  • happy about this since you know that
  • some poor kid is going to release like
  • his troops here actually trying to
  • defeat this base and like 56 skeletal
  • troops are gonna pop out he's gonna be
  • like what never coming back here ever
  • again now the next one is a rumor
  • actually read in the comments and I've
  • yet to try it out but rumor has it that
  • if you go on full frontal and I could
  • find it there it is and drop troops on
  • the rock rocks or something along those
  • lines and something happens I'm not sure
  • what I'm running long wizards so let's
  • go ahead and release barb King no
  • nothing all right what we try oh there
  • you go
  • hello pumpkin appears and explodes so
  • that's interesting it's kind of Ren I'm
  • like I what are the odds that I won't
  • not really found that this is why I was
  • in the comments I'm like no I don't know
  • if youtubers did this by now but
  • according to the vids I saw no one's
  • done this yet my barb King is gonna die
  • but anyhow who literally went through
  • this whole base dropping rock or
  • dropping troops all over it until they
  • were like oh that's what happens when
  • you put all wizard on that exact spot so
  • that's pretty cool do any of the other
  • walls do this
  • no it's funny though cuz I just happen
  • to pick this walk dis rock right here -
  • all I read was rock oh wait it does
  • happen to the other rocks that's pretty
  • cool alright so that's interesting I
  • decided to be a little bit more fun to
  • do this video with a few wall breakers
  • so the next one on our list is in rat
  • valley which is not a very pleasant name
  • where are your rat valley my evil
  • bait-and-switch triple a full-frontal
  • who named these like some guy just sat
  • there naming things and they were like
  • oh let's call this one fifi Cova and
  • this one Danny Boy because why not right
  • so the next one I want to try something
  • because I saw the school thing and I
  • doubt it works but since the jump spell
  • thing worked on the last base maybe will
  • work on here as well now there's maybe
  • two things that are special about gold
  • rush but for now there's only one thing
  • and the main specialty is that if you
  • look right here this is the Christmas
  • tree from 2012 so that's pretty sick and
  • then let's see okay obviously nothing's
  • gonna happen here but it would be cool
  • if something did happen oh let's just
  • take out these walls anyway Wow Wow wall
  • breaker
  • and maybe maybe that's the special thing
  • like if you like draw if you like take
  • out someone do this if you take out all
  • the walls maybe something happens maybe
  • actually I'm gonna do this afterwards
  • but not now because I won't waste time I
  • know what you guys are thinking I on
  • logic and place this jump spell and put
  • stomp walcreatures
  • ok so the next thing we're gonna do is
  • go into Smoking Barrels and this one is
  • a little bit more interesting it's more
  • subliminal if that's the way to put it
  • and let me just jump there real quick
  • all right so the letters are all like
  • backwards and unusual but this does
  • spell something and as you guys can see
  • this is an H and then I think this is
  • you hu this is meant to be a lowercase n
  • hu N and this is meant to be a really
  • awkwardly shaped tee that could also be
  • a plus sign but if you add all those up
  • all of a sudden it adds up to hunt now
  • the way that the walls are placed here
  • is also interesting I feel like the C C
  • and then there's like this little thing
  • here this kind of stands for like clash
  • of clans like a subliminal way of doing
  • that so that's why they decide to put
  • this on this map and any other one so
  • it's kind of like hunt clash of clans I
  • don't know some message or something
  • along those lines but it's kind of
  • interesting not much to do on this map
  • besides watch a 51 hey there's exactly
  • 69 messages you just threw in that real
  • quick
  • and we are going to go on to Gobbo
  • so the original time I tried making this
  • vid it didn't come out correctly because
  • I accidentally clicked on Gobbo campus
  • instead how do you say that instead of
  • gobo town apparently there's two of them
  • so this time I'm gonna make sure I click
  • on the right one rat Valley there it is
  • up there somewhere there's gobo whatever
  • I just said okay so what's interesting
  • about this is that if you guys trail all
  • the way around first of all there's some
  • awkwardly placed trees over here no one
  • knows why those are the way they are as
  • you guys can see usually there's just
  • trees all around the base but in some
  • cases around here they're actual trees
  • placed but the main oops just dropped a
  • bunch of looms so it's okay the main
  • showing I don't know how to say this
  • attraction of this base is the Christmas
  • tree from 2013 it's a cool-looking tree
  • and it's something they'll never be back
  • so it's pretty cool to just have a
  • little throwback
  • I guess we're just gonna watch my
  • balloons take all this out and tech
  • what's this not like let's just let
  • Quinn do all this work as well
  • got that Town Hall and you loot left a
  • little bit I don't know if that mm is
  • worth the wait but whatever greaser
  • ability and I believe I already three
  • start this so whatever all right so I
  • don't know if this is an easter egg or
  • just a glitch in the code or something
  • because it's kind of hilarious so a lot
  • of people on iOS have been telling me or
  • not just that yeah just iOS not Android
  • or on a computer wherever you're playing
  • so point man apparently on iOS is really
  • hard to click and so you can click all
  • these perfectly fine and when you try to
  • click point man and like jumps to this
  • one or jumps to that one I'm not sure if
  • that was a random glitch that was fixed
  • later on but apparently this is the
  • thing and the comment sections were
  • raging about this for a little bit all
  • right so the next one is located on
  • natural defense if I could attack it
  • there it is and if you guys take a look
  • the base looks perfectly fine everything
  • is all casual and then and then there's
  • this gold storage over here they're like
  • wow free gold storage that's awesome so
  • you go ahead and you release the troop
  • and Tesla's pop-up I know how
  • interesting and random is that there's a
  • pestle right there there's a Tesla right
  • there there's a Tesla right here and as
  • you guys can see it sits let's let's
  • take some of that gold real quick so a
  • free way for you guys to get some gold
  • and that's all I wanted so we're gonna
  • end the battle alright so the final one
  • isn't as amazing as the other ones but I
  • left this one for last because I found
  • it all on my own I kind of went through
  • a lot of these I was like wouldn't be
  • cool if I found my own Easter Egg and I
  • did which I presume by now someone else
  • has as well so I'm not getting credit
  • for it obviously but literally when I
  • was just like going through these I was
  • going through and I'm like what is that
  • doing there and I was like and then I
  • placed a troop thinking like some epic
  • Christmas tree thing would pop up or
  • something but it was you guys we'll see
  • you all right so the special I see
  • exclusive is right here look at that
  • what is that guys what is that that's so
  • unusual so it takes up sort of this
  • impress or cumference
  • of an army camp and yet it's you can't
  • attack it you can't do anything to it
  • like why isn't anything happening come
  • on things happen I'm just playing guys
  • so yeah that's something interesting
  • that you'll see and I was like okay no
  • other map has this and I didn't see it
  • before when I originally played it so
  • that's something did I would just waste
  • a bunch of spells yeah but was it
  • totally worth it
  • heck yeah because absolutely nothing
  • happened all right guys if you enjoyed
  • this video if you really like and don't
  • forget to subscribe thank you guys for
  • watching this is going to be me locking
  • off I'm / just let me play hurt each
  • other cuz I knows no compare/contrast
  • this competition he's black cuz
  • everybody be pigs laughs variety yes
  • very fast like hundred videos they get
  • past those ion lanes you better play cuz
  • his videos are sick you better
  • so cuz I've been saying that iron
  • clashes took place to claim I born a
  • monsters your people goddamn respect let
  • me get my bubble thanks for being my
  • closest friend for helping me through
  • everybody I hope you make it to seven
  • days of doodoo cells on both the calcia
  • talent and you got large amounts in
  • YouTube views to lots of chemistry go
  • alright here's a little bonus Easter Egg
  • for you guys if you guys take a look
  • down here this looks like the staff and
  • I believe this is a hidden sneak peek at
  • the staff of the wizard Prince or
  • whatever is going to come out in the
  • town hall of an update at least that's
  • what I think others say it's a face some
  • people say it's a penguin I don't know
  • at the top of the base you guys can also
  • see another one and this one looks like
  • a tiger so that's interesting as well

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