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Video Lake Proctor TX Crappie Spider Rigging Southwest Outdoors Report #11 - 2012 Season
21:49   |   today at 12:58


  • it's time now for your weekly fishing
  • reports and real-time outdoor news
  • business Southwest out
  • hello for one I cannot believe that we
  • are this deep into the 2012 fishing
  • season here on the show and I have not
  • yet done any crappie fishing well on
  • today's show in the next half hour I'm
  • going to fix that and we are going to be
  • introducing to you for the very first
  • time my first attempt at a form of
  • fishing that was invented for crappie
  • over in the southeastern part of the
  • United States it was invented in Georgia
  • and Alabama and Tennessee for some of
  • those deep clear lakes over there and
  • it's a very effective technique for
  • catching a lot of crappie in the late
  • spring through the summer and through
  • the fall it's called spider rigging on
  • today's show I'm gonna show you the
  • equipment and that technique or at least
  • a form of it what we'll be doing is not
  • the traditional spider rigging but it's
  • very similar to it and it will work on
  • lakes all around our southwest region to
  • do that like to welcome you into Lake
  • Proctor it's a pretty small Lake located
  • in Northwest Texas a little bit west the
  • city of Dublin Texas it's a good crappie
  • Lake and a good test tube for us to use
  • to demonstrate this technique while I'm
  • doing that we're taking you around the
  • region for this week's fishing reports
  • from Louisiana Oklahoma Texas fresh
  • water the saltwater report along the
  • Gulf Coast will also have the Marant hot
  • Lake of the week the Costa big catch of
  • the week show off some of your big fish
  • photos the ask the pro and much more but
  • first we take you back to the def SN
  • studios here is Julie with this week's
  • weekend place let's get you set with all
  • the information you'll need to plan your
  • weekend fishing trip according to the
  • saloon or tables this will not be one of
  • the best weekend's of the month for
  • fishing fair conditions are predicted
  • for Saturday with peak times beginning
  • at 350 in the afternoon
  • and Sunday is listed as four with the
  • best activities starting at 4:20 a.m.
  • expect sunrise to take place at 6:22
  • with sunset happening at 8:27 and we'll
  • have a crescent moon 28% illuminated in
  • the evening we'll be right back with all
  • the current fishing reports from around
  • the southwest and Wally Marshall will
  • join me for this week's water burger at
  • the pro features stay with us
  • the Southwest outdoors report is brought
  • to you by tracker boats fish the finest
  • by Lawrence and the all new HDS Jim -
  • with structure map overview by strand
  • fishing lines the standard of
  • dependability by costa sunglasses and
  • see what's out there and by Academy
  • sports and outdoors right stuff lope
  • writes every day
  • welcome back everybody and let's begin
  • by explaining what a spider rig for
  • crappie fishing actually is now a true
  • spider rig like they use in the
  • southeast has specialized rod holders
  • that hold four rods each so they'll put
  • eight rods up front eight rods in the
  • back for a total of sixteen different
  • rods and I've actually got something on
  • here what in the world that's a white
  • bass I didn't mean to do that I was
  • trying to explain all this and a white
  • bass ran up there and grabbed it we'll
  • go ahead and finish up our explanation
  • here so what I've done is I have rigged
  • six rods on my nitro bass boat that's a
  • white bass that's a trash fish today by
  • the way so we've got a rod holder in the
  • back and these are atwood adjustable rod
  • holders I'll show them to you close up
  • on the Academy right stuff put one in
  • the back two up here on the front and
  • then I've done the same on the other
  • side for a total of six rods and what
  • we'll do is use these to cover a lot of
  • water we can cover a 30-foot wide spread
  • very evenly and locate where the crappie
  • are at what dip they are and what color
  • and bait they're biting and I'll explain
  • how that works a little bit later on in
  • the show but we've got ourselves rigged
  • up we're gonna go look for crappie today
  • on lake Proctor let's get out there and
  • try it there right now check it in with
  • pages bill and Kevin
  • hi friends taejun filled here with your
  • Fox Louisiana Fisher report where do I
  • start I tell you what fishing right now
  • is good just about everywhere let's talk
  • the Toledo Bend though I talked to Joe
  • Jocelyn Joseph's Cajun right now Selena
  • VIN we're catching lots of bass they're
  • pretty deep though he's catching at
  • fifteen eight foot of water either drop
  • shotting bar Carolina rig and bass
  • assassin plastics up at Caddo Lake
  • they're catching them under the Lula
  • pass the reason why the sun's coming
  • down it's getting hot faster under that
  • cover they throw in frogs they're also
  • throwing light weighted plastic lizards
  • that throwing them really slow pull them
  • across the lily pads let them fall in
  • all the little cracks and crevices there
  • catch us a pretty good batch right now a
  • bit late Caddo as far as the salt water
  • actually goes I tell you what I don't
  • really know where to begin let's start
  • with let's start with Venice Louisiana
  • offshore is great they're catching tuna
  • amberjack Wahoo's in shore right hand
  • Venice Louisiana you want to go kids
  • jack my pitch I pump it thirty
  • thirty-five pounders put on some
  • topwater lures you better get you some
  • 50 or 60 pound fins brave because it's
  • going to take that with these giant red
  • fish that's right offshore now in Venice
  • Louisiana up around Hopedale Delacroix
  • they catch you lots of speckled trout
  • own live under the Papa car lots of
  • redfish on spoons and spinner bait until
  • next time this is Cajun food for captain
  • Kevin said happy fish it and may God
  • bless it I tell you what friends we go
  • see you right here Fox for Southwest
  • actually
  • here's a bot look at this look at this
  • got him alright we've got something
  • oh nice crappie right there coming up
  • out it fairly deep water alright hey
  • welcome back everybody your soö are
  • talking about spider rigging today and
  • world like proctoring that's just a good
  • sized crappie right there already
  • spawned out we're gonna let them go back
  • I'm not keeping crappie today but I want
  • to show you something let's up kind of
  • head over on this side where you can see
  • my rods a couple of things about this
  • technique we've got these rod holders in
  • here and I've got two different lengths
  • of rods I've got one Wally Marshall reel
  • and this big 14 footlong Wally Marshall
  • rod got the longer one extended out on
  • the back and then I've got a shorter rod
  • this is an 11 foot mr. crappie rod
  • yellow color and I've got it up on the
  • front rod holder so what what you can do
  • is you can stagger these rods out around
  • the boat where you can cover a big wide
  • swath I can cover 30 feet of bottom as I
  • slowly drift along here another thing I
  • can do I can try different depths this
  • one's down on the bottom this one's
  • about 3 feet off the bottom I can vary
  • in stagger the depths and see what depth
  • of crappie you're holding at the last
  • thing I can do is try different colors
  • now that one hit on a a Bobby Garland
  • slab Slayer crappie jig and it was a
  • blue and white color so we can try
  • different colors in if they're like in
  • one color on a particular day you can
  • change the rest of them out to that same
  • color so it's a great method a great
  • technique for experimenting around with
  • different depths different baits
  • different colors alright got a red
  • working here it's gonna work nice
  • crappie to get it going let's check in
  • right now with Brian Hughes your Texas
  • weekly fishing reports
  • hi everybody and welcome to this week's
  • Lone Star Lakes
  • brought to you by a-1 locksmiths where
  • they're experts can help you pick out
  • the right gun safe for your needs
  • plus they have free delivery options for
  • lone Starr Lakes viewers now it's a
  • holiday weekend there is going to be a
  • lot of recreational boat traffic on many
  • of our lakes Texoma Louisville Athens
  • you name it there's probably going to be
  • a lot of jet skis and skiers out there
  • that will kind of interfere with your
  • fishing so why not go to a lake like
  • Little Lake aquila
  • down by Whitney it's only about a
  • thousand acres it's got some great
  • bashing right now if you'll pick up
  • shallow with top waters to start your
  • day then move to a Cinco and then
  • finally a Texas rig worm fish around the
  • laydown Timbers and the little channels
  • in the timber and you should catch a lot
  • of fish on Aquila this weekend
  • that's Lone Star Lakes brought to you by
  • a-1 locksmiths remember click on my
  • picture on the web page for more texas
  • fishing information let's check in with
  • mr. bill Olson he's on the coast
  • hi folks and this week's report is
  • brought to you by Port Aransas on
  • Mustang Island the fishing capital of
  • Texas where anglers enjoy pristine bays
  • estuaries 18 miles of serve and the deep
  • blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico plus
  • the local restaurants will even cook
  • your catch come sundown come fish and
  • play Texas Island style for more
  • information visit the website on the
  • screen well the first long weekend of
  • summer is upon us and that means we'll
  • have plenty of company along the Texas
  • coast this Memorial Day weekend recent
  • light wind days and an influx of bay
  • have had trout and redfish working under
  • birds on Sabine and Galveston bays if
  • the winds remain light to moderate then
  • try the surf or jetties around the near
  • shore rigs offshore good catch is a red
  • snapper king fish ling and Dorado have
  • come from rigs
  • in
  • state waters out to 9 nautical miles out
  • of Port Aransas and port O'Connor while
  • offshore also keep an eye peeled for
  • weed lines as well as rips on the
  • Midcoast get your trout's on the boat in
  • the first or second gut then tie on a
  • titanium leader and go after king fish
  • on days when the winds have blown SS
  • flats have been good respects on top
  • water lures the Lord Laguna Madre
  • continues to sizzle with fish on long
  • bar the potholes southeast of long bar
  • as well as on Mexican flats and in South
  • Bay don't forget the summer long CCA
  • star tournament begins this Saturday and
  • runs through Labor Day Monday this
  • weekend both Saturday and Sunday have a
  • single tide schedule of one high and one
  • low tide each day I'm bill Olsen and
  • I'll see you on the coast
  • got him all right what is it oh it's a
  • little crappie and hooked in the tail
  • but I was getting the fight on this
  • other one too got it all right oh that's
  • a nice crappie right there if we were
  • keeping them that would be a keeper all
  • right well we're gonna take a quick
  • break for a word from our sponsors
  • Spyder rig and today takes a little time
  • little effort a little expense to get
  • this thing rigged up but it can pay big
  • dividends and let me mention to you can
  • also do this for white bass catfish
  • stripers hybrids lots of fish you can
  • catch a bunch of them very efficiently
  • with the spider rig hey before we go to
  • the break I'm going to throw that one
  • back and mention to you the time is
  • running out for you to register to fish
  • with our Oklahoma insider reports on our
  • sweepstakes going on on our Facebook
  • page right now go to slash
  • Southwest outdoors report you need to
  • click the like button in the top right
  • corner if you haven't done that already
  • and then you can register to enter our
  • sweepstakes the winner gets to fish with
  • a guest for a day in Oklahoma and one of
  • Oklahoma's hottest bass fishing lakes
  • with our on-camera reporter Gary
  • dollahyde and the second prize winner
  • wins an audix
  • outdoors rain sleet high-quality rape
  • suit from one of our spot stay with us
  • the Southwest outdoors report is brought
  • you by mercury the official outboard of
  • the Southwest outdoors report for 10
  • years running by Exide start positive
  • stay positive
  • if I lose reels and rods build the
  • difference by Whataburger proud his
  • servant cotton fresh 24 hours a day
  • and bionics personal floatation devices
  • and rain we're keeping you safe on the
  • water
  • that's a better poll look at that
  • crappie good crappie pulled him up out
  • of kind of deep water all right Oh swing
  • him aboard it's the first crappie I've
  • ever caught on a 14-foot long rod in
  • fact don't you two look at this this is
  • a huge rod pen that camera up to the
  • very tip of this rod look how far up
  • there that rod is I am out here fishing
  • with a 14 foot long fishing rod
  • unbelievable and I have caught a good
  • crappie look at that man that's a slab
  • right there that's what we came out here
  • to do too bad we're not keeping them
  • today that one would fillet up plenty
  • plenty nice hey welcome back everybody
  • your SLR is at like Proctor today and
  • we're talking about spider rig fish and
  • I've got six rods set out on Atwood rod
  • holders and not keeping them today so
  • that one's gonna go back see if hunter I
  • appreciate that though that was a lot of
  • fun on that big long rod let's let me
  • give you the next tip on spider rig
  • fishing and that is movement and control
  • you do need to keep moving when you've
  • got these rods out and got them at the
  • correct depth you've got to keep the
  • boat at a slow steady pace you've got to
  • have a good trolling motor so I've got
  • my motor guide digital tour Edition 109
  • pound thrust motor on this big nitro
  • bass boat but you do need a good quality
  • trolling motor don't bring an old
  • brokedown unreliable motor out here
  • because you've got to keep the bow of
  • the boat into the wind
  • and then you've got to keep the boat
  • moving at a steady pace because if you
  • get to spinning around and moving too
  • fast
  • six rods out you're gonna get them all
  • crossed you will wind up with a gigantic
  • mess so movement under control is the
  • key to sweeping a big path with all six
  • of these rods and covering a lot of
  • ground and you cannot do this in brush
  • and trees and all kinds of cover you'll
  • stay snagged all day long here's Gary
  • dolla Hahn up in
  • hey on last week's program Gerty showed
  • you how to catch catfish on Texas waters
  • right now hassles fish are coming into
  • spawn you can do that same thing here in
  • Oklahoma the catfishing reports coming
  • in from all across the state are really
  • good from the small waters to big waters
  • now back on May 7th Larry Newton from
  • Oklahoma City called a new lake record
  • channel cat and linked Overholser near
  • the city 26 pounds it caught it using a
  • slip cork like Barry was doing but
  • bathed with punch bait underneath it
  • then on May 9th up at kaw lake james
  • grades from call city called a new lake
  • record blue cat at sixty six point five
  • pounds he was using natural bait now
  • Memorial Day weekend kicks off the
  • official start to the summer vacation
  • seeing some of you might be getting your
  • boats out for the very first time if
  • that's the case you may need a refresher
  • on your boat safety requirements to help
  • with that if you'll go to my insider
  • report out Southwest outdoor from port
  • comm I put a link up there that takes
  • you to a video interview I did with
  • trooper Larry Norman a while back where
  • he talks about safety requirements for
  • your boats for the state of Oklahoma I
  • might be very helpful to you also while
  • you're on the website this weekend be
  • sure that you're signed up for the
  • fishing trip opportunity with me here in
  • Oklahoma we're gonna go to one of our
  • lakes we're gonna have a fun day on the
  • water catch some bottle fish you're
  • gonna do the Oklahoma fishing report for
  • that week have a great Memorial Day
  • weekend don't think about it you can't
  • catch them if you don't go
  • a few weeks ago here on the show we
  • showed you some really good walleye
  • fishing at Broken Bow Lake southeast
  • Oklahoma and on this week's Lawrence hot
  • link of the week we're going to go back
  • and show you where on the lake the
  • walleye are located and to help us do
  • that we're going to go to the lorentz HD
  • s10 the big widescreen high-res unit the
  • new gen 2 unit that's got the faster
  • processor in it and we're going to
  • locate the lake north of Broken Bow
  • Oklahoma we zoom in to locate the small
  • dam on the south end here and now
  • everywhere we mark in the hatched red is
  • where we caught walleye and you can see
  • that we caught them pretty much all over
  • the lower end of the lake on cloudy days
  • they scatter along the rocky shorelines
  • and on sunny days they school up around
  • the ends of rock points there is a
  • legitimate catchable population of
  • walleye now existing in Broken Bow Lake
  • go up plan a weekend trip and have a
  • blast catching walleye that's this
  • week's Lawrence hot lately when we come
  • back and have the ASP approach the
  • Academy right stuff features show you
  • the gear you'll need to do your own
  • spider rigging for crappie and someone
  • wins free Costa sunglasses on the Costa
  • catch of the weeds
  • you
  • the Southwest outdoors report is brought
  • to you by Nitro performance bass boats
  • fish are best in a nitro by Jeanne LaRue
  • and Bobby Garland lures quality soft
  • plastic baits made in Oklahoma with
  • American pride by Academy sports and
  • outdoors bright stuff low price every
  • day and by motor guide trolling motors
  • engineering for angling
  • welcome back everyone it's time for our
  • water Berger ask the pro this week's
  • question is from Kyle in Paris Texas who
  • wants to know when do crappie move to
  • deep water for the answer let's check
  • with the man they call mr. crappie Wally
  • Marshall most the time here in Texas
  • especially erupted the middle of May our
  • crappie spawn is over and so what's
  • going to happen is a lot of the crappies
  • are starting to start moving out into
  • the deepest waters especially when the
  • water temperature reaches about 80 to 85
  • degrees they will start moving a little
  • bit further out and those frying you can
  • actually see around those trees anywhere
  • to ten to fifteen to twenty foot of
  • water and somewhere submerged up up and
  • down on that vertical structure there
  • will be those crappie underneath that
  • fit on the crappie fries thanks Wally
  • if you have a question for the pro stirs
  • visit our web site at southwest outdoors
  • all over ask the pro link and
  • send us your information now back to
  • Barry with our Costa caterpillar
  • congratulations to this week's host a
  • catch of the week winner
  • he is Gary Mac Mahan of hackberry
  • Louisiana
  • Gary shown here with his 29 inch 9 pound
  • speckled trout what a specimen and he
  • caught it at Lake Calcasieu down in
  • south Louisiana Cajun Phil and Kevin
  • territory
  • Gary wins a brand-new pair of his choice
  • of Costa sunglasses and the Costa frame
  • of the month this month is Jose which
  • comes in to frame colors and five lens
  • colors in both polycarbonate and 580
  • glass you can see all of the Costa
  • sunglasses at the website at Costa Del
  • Mar calm
  • next up it's the Academy sports and
  • outdoors right stuff feature to show you
  • the right gear if you want to go spider
  • rigging for crappie or other game fish
  • and it begins with one of these atwood
  • pro style rod holders and they make a
  • lot of rod holders out on the market
  • i've tried some inferior ones it's not
  • worth your time and effort go for the
  • Atwoods and you can see them on the
  • front page of our website i have those
  • up as the featured gear of the week now
  • we used several rods on today's show but
  • I want to show you just one of those
  • this is the loose Wally Marshall
  • Signature Series crappie rod it's 11
  • feet long perfect for spider rigging and
  • it's rigged with a little Wally Marshall
  • Signature Series reel that matches it
  • and the bait that we used you see it
  • right there on the right hand side of
  • the screen that's a Bobby Garland slab
  • Slayer and they really wanted this white
  • with the blue body today that's a two
  • inch size I will confess to you that
  • today was my first ever attempt at
  • spider rigging and not the true spider
  • rigging like they do over in the
  • southeast with 16 rods scattered around
  • the boat but I can promise you this with
  • six rod holders and six rods if you get
  • into the fish those six will keep you
  • hopping and don't forget you can use
  • this technique not only for crappie but
  • for white bass stripers hybrids even
  • catfish no telling what you can catch at
  • your favorite lake I'll be trying this
  • again for several different species at
  • other lakes in our region thanks for
  • joining us today from Lake Proctor in
  • Northwest Texas until next week hi Barry
  • stone saying be safe have fun
  • you

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This week's show features a technique for catching crappie called "Spider-Rigging." The show was taped on location at Lake Proctor in Texas. Plus all of our weekly fishing reports from the southwest region. - Download Hi-Res Songs

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