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Elizabeth Olsen  -  Funny  & cute moments
Elizabeth Olsen  -  Funny  & cute moments thumb Elizabeth Olsen  -  Funny  & cute moments thumb Elizabeth Olsen  -  Funny  & cute moments thumb


  • I mean hello I love it Elizabeth Olsen
  • has weird it's true I do yeah weird
  • [Music]
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  • [Music]
  • what is a good morning breakfast for a
  • superhero in a super villain you see why
  • they yeah super villain what are they
  • probably see a coffee or just like
  • fresher or just like babies hearts
  • Oh babies in this time became more in
  • control of the her powers I think she is
  • in in more control of her powers and and
  • I think she's she's going to be just
  • fine
  • yeah yeah
  • I love you always forever near and fico
  • sick together everywhere I will with you
  • I like to say you love me love you
  • forever never stop steppin we're never
  • even far enough food and everywhere I
  • don't know the work through song you
  • have so many intense stunts in the movie
  • everybody's jumping off stuff and flying
  • around some of us had intense stunts
  • well because your character is mostly
  • you'll have people just going yeah she's
  • at a rave the whole movie yeah I mean
  • yeah yeah yeah Rob Jack her up huge I
  • started feeling uncomfortable seeing
  • Paul look like this far more weight when
  • we were instructed by children but we're
  • in Scotland I was just looking at him
  • like he looks so weird with your skin
  • Jennifer Connelly's is the same thing
  • all the problem Elizabeth's let's see
  • Scarlet Witch this is rather
  • [Applause]
  • I was trying to draw a necklace and it
  • looked like hair so I had to specify
  • there's this character Scarlet Witch
  • that I'm interested in for you to play
  • and then he said and when you go home
  • and google her just know that you will
  • never ever have to wear what she wears
  • in the comics this is sort of a basic
  • Scarlet Witch right there and that that
  • probably made you fairly happy yeah
  • because you know I I did ballet growing
  • up but that's not a confident look you
  • come up with the hand stuff yourself I
  • work I work with Johnny white who's this
  • amazing like choreographer British
  • dancer this face could sell any product
  • on earth look at look at this worms look
  • like
  • it's thing why it just wants to come off
  • it's really hot it wants to come off the
  • whole day the greatest is sometimes if
  • it's a really hot day in Atlanta you can
  • just kind of squeeze right here and it
  • just kind of pours you watch it good I
  • got it yeah why are you this yeah thank
  • you and maybe and I'm worried about what
  • I'm allowed to say oh there's bow and
  • arrows is that and you just have to do I
  • end work yeah I do I get to do a lot of
  • this I mean I feel like it's not just
  • like that some of the moves what are you
  • going give us some of the moves I mean
  • we start off with like a center energy
  • kind of gonna close up on the fingers
  • you want to move it around and you kind
  • of play 200-300 person crew they're
  • working their tushies off to get things
  • done well I don't know what I can say
  • you can say what you want but she was
  • kind of adorable she's off then go
  • really girly or you just throw in the
  • towel and become blow-dried loca fine
  • I rather just hold my own without having
  • to be extra girly or blow cough I yeah I
  • think just like hanging as your self is
  • good okay we get a bit of lights out you
  • move you get a little bit you need to
  • see you soon ami tongue this is good
  • now have you been approached by any hand
  • modeling agencies since the films come
  • out not yet he's very talented
  • let's just watch these actors blow each
  • other for a minute shall we
  • now you say nice things about her that's
  • literally the nicest thing you've ever
  • said to me I thought you were great too
  • buddy let's try and move this cup to
  • there you're the most powerful let's go
  • you may be a show maybe be a medium I'm
  • gonna call again
  • thank you so much congratulations
  • tonight believe this you're my favorite
  • Avenger okay
  • I don't know if you can put tamale great
  • okay let's oh I'm so sorry no I'm
  • keeping it thank you so much
  • I think the skill I'm most proud of is
  • being really nurturing to my friends I'm
  • kind of like a mommy to them I think not
  • like I'm talking down to them but I like
  • taking care of everyone yeah I missed
  • them
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • yeah I don't embarrass you but I heard
  • you just met Harrison Ford huh you I
  • heard you froze does that happen to you
  • a lot or no how do your hair colors
  • change I go to a hair salon and then a
  • woman puts chemicals on my head and
  • makes it change colors I dye my hair
  • yeah I wore a wig on my head
  • Oh mine's gonna be spicy
  • [Laughter]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]

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