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Video GMod Prop Hunt Funny Moments - Vanoss, Tax Accountant! (Garry's Mod)
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  • hey did you pay your taxes Vanna CPA
  • certified public accountant wow that's
  • amazing
  • that's um congratulations on your new
  • business
  • Evan all right everybody listen up it's
  • tax season all right hey hey you down
  • the hall hey did you pay your taxes huh
  • yeah over here you know look at me when
  • I'm talking to you hold on I was just
  • saying I'm coming over in this computer
  • I got em all in this computer here yeah
  • see you later bitch hey he's still the
  • computer burn good boy huh but you know
  • if you shoot this computer you're
  • technically destroying the data right
  • right so you shoot me that would be good
  • for that movie okay all right let's stop
  • moving they just read this way over here
  • you over here Busey opened Oh hohoho
  • gonna smooth check the chick that move
  • oh just doing taxes push me hey that's
  • right fuck you ass uh well no no to pay
  • taxes this is great there can't oh dear
  • oh dear the office is a mess mm-hmm
  • there's a fucking fridge on table around
  • here I saw can no you didn't see nothing
  • oh you did sure you did
  • [Music]
  • you close the door oh sure breathe that
  • sign we got sign myself a CPA calling
  • now hash to our number coming never need
  • your taxes done need it cheap and fast
  • vanoss is right for you oh that's right
  • card oh shit Wildcats car man it must be
  • all these fortnight money
  • what were you going anything
  • oh you can't call anything ho what God
  • he's gone you ain't finding in man you
  • should just go back into your mill - Oh
  • what oh um you saw my dog run from I saw
  • the caller you are being audited
  • oh you definitely saw that yes coming to
  • the meeting coming to the meeting
  • yeah nothing about he's ever meeting
  • with these other kinds and drinks we
  • gotta talk about our products Pepsi
  • what can you do Oh shake the moves
  • oh no he's a tricky little hey I can
  • anything
  • what killed you
  • frigging plant wait wait alright vanoss
  • CPA certified public accountant that's
  • it we're entering here to this year
  • Stanley's audited van our CPA tax tips
  • bring all required forms bring your kids
  • don't have kids just take your
  • neighbor's got welfare we can work with
  • that
  • being audited not our fault all right
  • I feel good I feel like this is a very
  • long your work NOLA ha you do your work
  • no play
  • I'm just doing my man I'm gonna you want
  • a reward yes I'd love little work I've
  • come to the hallway comes the hallway
  • sure hand out free hand job dude
  • how do they get in here
  • leave you gotta go here come here you
  • motherfuckers the door so many fucking
  • filing cabinets here if the clock is 0 0
  • you could go in that door
  • really yeah all made the map he knows
  • yeah 0 0 0 0 4 minutes we're good this
  • is normal completely normal this is
  • normal anything over here go somewhere
  • else go somewhere else goes the roads oh
  • this is this is suspicious fuck what's
  • so funny here you go to the other side
  • yeah we're good we're good we're good
  • we're good
  • are you so good especially what home
  • goes yeah you good in places unknown
  • that's right question there's a question
  • you need to find if you find the
  • question so - would you find one yes sir
  • [Applause]
  • that's right we had to destroy we have
  • to destroy the information oh yeah
  • something cool let's try this let's try
  • this I think I tried that did you do
  • that Pepsi can this young girl oh uh it
  • could be but it also could be like man
  • I'll help you well yep yeah I'm just
  • gonna do cool in here I'll just you can
  • break blows let's see what certificate
  • he has over here
  • certificate of oh gosh you can't read it
  • all you can't read what's this one say
  • remind manager to stop watching
  • Starcraft Street I'm not lazy I'm a
  • minimalist door open
  • Oh your doors opening huh I am does that
  • trigger you a little bit a little bit
  • what the fuck Marcel Pepsi can there's a
  • little friend huh huh where's your
  • little friend open doors you might be
  • screwed if there's your little friend
  • they realized something something
  • something something and then I need a
  • better hint no no no I'm just saying
  • like there's a clue in this you're
  • trying to be sneaky right you're trying
  • to make this but like see a thieves they
  • got to solve the riddle of clue in they
  • find the treasure
  • alright let's go ahead and here I'll
  • help you myself cold warm warm warmer
  • a little bit warmer hot hotter warm hot
  • hot steaming hot too much Ron did you
  • leave right to the brow no I did not
  • what I just found Donald Trump's taxes
  • no they've been hiding a jima all this
  • time there's nobody in here
  • I don't man homes dumbest dog shit hey I
  • like it myself I like it what are you
  • what are you doing yeah like I didn't
  • see you I'm God he's a cop I saw Tom
  • he's a cup gonna cut ourselves and no oh
  • no City Council's sick jump by the way
  • just saying it's a parking spot
  • closed or have it closed or fuckin going
  • where there you go
  • it's on the right market on the right
  • you know what's suspicious there's a
  • Lamborghini in the fucking garage and
  • you're supposed to be accountants as far
  • as I know accountants can't afford a
  • Lamborghini you have a lot of clients
  • they can a lot of clients not paying
  • taxes and paying ye-yeah oh I heard that
  • did you hear that
  • yeah you know nothing what here you
  • heard that myself
  • oh they're definitely in here oh that
  • couch is slightly moved yes he's on to
  • us
  • done well stealing you see that
  • company's me senator avid sorry I left
  • you
  • it's okay it's okay you promised me a
  • Lamborghini okay dude maybe they're
  • downstairs in the Lamborghini area wait
  • a second I don't remember a second hey
  • Chloe
  • this cop is hiding vehicles they
  • accountants again audited now count the
  • vehicles here myself why not two or
  • three four six eight nine ten the last
  • time you were here listen listen listen
  • today's another day and there's another
  • taxi I need a taxi
  • I need it's actually all right hop on it
  • in that taxi that you talk call me an
  • uber table yeah this is weird all the
  • time we can both go in here great taxi
  • look if you crouch we can see
  • no you like to shoot inside this taxi no
  • oh wow
  • goggle is truly an accountant I told you
  • I count stuff for a living I even know
  • how many brain cells I have how many 12

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