Video Jimmy Freaks Out Riding Puerto Rico's "Monster" Zip Line

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Jimmy Freaks Out Riding Puerto Rico's "Monster" Zip Line
Jimmy Freaks Out Riding Puerto Rico's "Monster" Zip Line thumb Jimmy Freaks Out Riding Puerto Rico's "Monster" Zip Line thumb Jimmy Freaks Out Riding Puerto Rico's "Monster" Zip Line thumb


  • -Hey, guys. It's Jimmy.
  • I'm here in beautiful Puerto Rico at Toro Verde,
  • and I'm about to ride The Monster.
  • It's one of the longest zip lines in the world.
  • Now, Tariq, you've done zip lines before.
  • Where have you zip lined before?
  • -Fiji, Hawaii, New Jersey.
  • -Jersey? -Yeah.
  • -Quest, we asked you, would you like to ride the zip line?
  • And you responded with --
  • -Ah, heh, no.
  • -Guys, I am actually scared of heights.
  • I don't know how I'm going to do this.
  • I'm just gonna close my eyes and go for it.
  • Are you ready to do this, Tariq? -I guess, yeah. Let's do it.
  • -Here we go. [ Breathes sharply ]
  • ♪♪
  • That's the zip line there. You're our guides?
  • -Yeah, we're the guides. -Hey. Jimmy.
  • -Jimmy? Nice to meet you. -Nice to meet you, too. Jimmy.
  • -First we need to do The Monster, buddy.
  • We're gonna do the second longest in the world.
  • First one in the Americas. -Okay.
  • -We're talking about 2.3 kilometers to go down.
  • 400 meters up. Have fun with it.
  • -We're gonna have fun with it. -Have fun with it.
  • -[ Laughs ] -Jeez.
  • -Let's go. Come on, Tar-- -Are you sure about this, guys?
  • -Wait, can I just -- I conquered The Monst--
  • Can I just take a photo here now and then...
  • -Nah, nah, nah, you cheatin'. -...act like I did it?
  • -That's cheating. That's cheating.
  • -That should be at the bottom. -That's cheating. Come on.
  • -I just want to make sure you're gonna do it.
  • -Who's been doing -- who's been working here the longest?
  • -You want that answer? -[ Laughs ]
  • -Extra tight. -Yeah, I gotta.
  • I mean, dude, I got things I gotta worry about in there.
  • My phone and my wallet.
  • What were you thinking I was talking about?
  • A backpack? -Yeah.
  • -Why would I be wearing a backpack?
  • -There's a parachute there.
  • Something happens, we need to make sure --
  • -No, dude, absolutely not!
  • What is going on? -Come on. Come on.
  • -...the one you're gonna use for --
  • -Your hair, man, is going to get messed up.
  • -Fun. This feels like fun.
  • This is what people do to have fun, I guess.
  • -You good? -It's the silliest --
  • Yeah, no it feels good. -Feels good?
  • -My double chin is --
  • [ Deeper voice ] It's altering my voice, but...
  • Yeah, I guess it's a little tight,
  • but I guess I'll just talk like this for the rest of --
  • I sound like Shaggy. ♪ It wasn't me ♪
  • ♪ And then did it on my counter ♪
  • ♪ It wasn't me ♪ -Say "Harry Potter."
  • -Harry -- Harry Potter.
  • -Old San Juan is down there.
  • That's the whole North Coast, completely.
  • -Wow, it is -- -Really high up.
  • -Just beautiful. -Beautiful, man.
  • -Yeah, I'm good here. I mean, I can take this
  • and go home and be psyched.
  • ♪♪
  • -I'll try it later for you.
  • -Nah. -Stand up right here.
  • -Why you shaking, buddy? -[ Chuckles ]
  • -Can you hear that shaking?
  • -If this bridge was so safe, why would they need that?
  • ♪♪
  • -Oh, my gosh.
  • Oh, my gosh!
  • Stop shaking the bridge!
  • Tariq, it's not funny, dude.
  • -This could potentially mean
  • "The Tonight Show With Questlove."
  • [ Wind whooshing ]
  • ♪♪
  • -[ Sighs ]
  • Whew...
  • Oh... -Are you ready to fly?
  • -Ohh! -And in this series finale
  • of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" --
  • -[ Exhales ] -Hey, Jimmy...
  • -Yeah?
  • -You have done zip line before, right?
  • -Never. -Oh, my God.
  • -The harness will feel weird on your knees.
  • -Okay. -That's normal.
  • Once you lay down, you're almost ready to go.
  • -Ohh!
  • ♪♪
  • -Oh, man! -Walk up front.
  • -Dude, I do not like this at all.
  • -You're gonna stand right -- -Oh, dude!
  • -You're going to stand right here, sir.
  • -Now, the thing is gonna get real.
  • I need you to start laying down on your stomach
  • like doing pushups.
  • -Okay, let go.
  • -[ Grunts ]
  • -Oh, my God!
  • Watch it! [ Shudders ]
  • -Sir, comfortable? -Oh! Oh!
  • -Am I comfortable? I wouldn't say comfortable.
  • -Just a little bit.
  • -I'm going to throw up. -[ Speaking Spanish ]
  • -All set?
  • -Have fun. Tariq, have fun. -Have fun, guys.
  • -Thank you so much for having me. Thank you.
  • -You're welcome. -He's counting down.
  • -In 5, 4, 3,
  • 2, 1, go!
  • -Hey, Jimmy. Hey, Tariq!
  • -Viva Puerto Rico! -[ Laughing ]
  • -Puerto Rico! -Wow!
  • -Yo!
  • -[ Shouts indistinctly ]
  • -Oh!
  • -[ Shouts ]
  • -[ Shouting ] -Wow!
  • -[ Shouts ]
  • -Ohh!
  • -Oh, my God!
  • Ohh!
  • Oh, my God!
  • Oh, my God!
  • -[ Laughs ]
  • -Whoo!
  • -My lips are sticking to my teeth.
  • -Oh! Oh!
  • -Beautiful!
  • -Oh! Oh!
  • -[ Speaks indistinctly ]
  • -Coming in fast, dude. -I know.
  • -Ohh! Oh, yeah!
  • -Ohh! -Ha ha!
  • -Yo, that [bleep] was amazing!
  • -Oh, my God. -Yeah!
  • -Oh -- oh, my God.
  • -Dude, that [bleep] was dope. -Get me -- Oh.
  • Oh, my God. Get me home.
  • Get me the hell home.
  • -Oh, man! -Oh, my God!
  • Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
  • Oh, my God! -Oh, man.
  • -That was insane. -It was amazing.
  • -All right, get me to a bar or somewhere.
  • I need some Pitorro. -Pitorro.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • -Oh, man.
  • -We did it. We conquered The Monster.
  • And now it's time for a cheers. Cheers.
  • -Salud.
  • -Man, get out of here. You don't get --
  • -Get out of here!
  • -Dude, you're drinking alone. Cheers, buddy.
  • ♪♪

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Jimmy and The Roots' Tarik "Black Thought" Trotter strap on GoPro cameras and take on El Monstruo, the world's second-longest zip line at Toro Verde in Puerto Rico.

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Jimmy Freaks Out Riding Puerto Rico's "Monster" Zip Line

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