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Video Halsey Watches Fan Covers on YouTube | Glamour
16:24   |   today at 01:59


  • change so much attitude I love it hey
  • guys I'm wall Z and you sang my song and
  • then I got you off your knees put you
  • right back on your feet oh my god okay
  • Wow
  • Alvarado is insane falsetto is so nice
  • well Wow
  • don't hurt my feelings I'll watch that
  • girl's been hurt she's felt the pain and
  • I'm singing about
  • yikes I think artist to artist it was
  • really cool to hear you cover in that
  • way because I could feel what you were
  • singing which is cool cuz it's nice to
  • hear someone relate to your song in that
  • way I love it
  • and also say care that song was very
  • relatable and the first time I heard I
  • just kind of connected with it
  • straightaway so it's really cool to have
  • her say those things and you know
  • especially living in Australia so far
  • away from everything it's definitely
  • just like a very very nice surprise it
  • really does mean a lot when you say
  • those things because you know I've been
  • working for years on my music and it's
  • so nice to get such positive feedback so
  • thank you so much and thank you glamour
  • otherwise she might never have seen it
  • on your own so I tried you if you
  • one of the things I'm learning I lost
  • every single one of my songs that's a
  • swear word in it very not-safe-for-work
  • [Music]
  • alright I appreciate that got good rafts
  • make a good texture in someone's voice
  • and this is like very very controlled
  • and technical it sounds really
  • intentional which is very nice in a
  • record like this
  • wolf Alec oh my god heartstrings it's
  • all right buddy
  • it's gonna be okay that was very
  • unbelievable and you have a really
  • really amazing tone I think songs like
  • this are very good for you because
  • they're really emotional and I'm honored
  • that you chose mine and lended your
  • voice to it was very amazing this is
  • unbelievable
  • it's like she I think sounds like the
  • survivor you get are you serious did
  • your voice to it she was like talking
  • about like my harassment stuff and like
  • I was pulling on her heartstrings it
  • doesn't make me feel like I'm doing
  • something right she definitely inspires
  • me as like a writer and as like a
  • vocalist too I think she's amazing the
  • fact that she had that amazing stuff to
  • say about my thing that I'm made at my
  • house like I don't have words thank you
  • thank you Halsey so much seriously this
  • is unreal everything that's which whoo
  • krishna a plus you have a beautiful
  • voice and then even cooler haircut and
  • very talented
  • that makes me fake i'm doing something
  • right if people like you listen to my
  • music so thank you
  • [Music]
  • that's switch what Krishna are you dog a
  • plus he's a beautiful voice and then
  • even cooler haircut I feel very lucky to
  • have a fan like you I had I can't speak
  • Halsey watched my video she complimented
  • my singing oh my god there are like way
  • too many things that we want to say but
  • the most important thing that I would
  • like to say it is thank you thank you
  • for representing women for representing
  • queer people thank you for being that
  • powerful and having a magical talent and
  • influencing people all over the world
  • because it's really important in this
  • day and age to be able to use your music
  • to make someone's day or to make someone
  • feel something thanks for keeping me
  • strong a bit personal but definitely
  • something
  • [Applause]
  • she can't blame me for trying you know
  • Benghazi I could finally fix me
  • Oh looking at my history
  • he's putting violin
  • [Music]
  • quite violin growing up as a second
  • instrument I ever learned always make
  • the same mistakes yeah always make the
  • same mistakes case
  • [Music]
  • she has so much vocal control I have to
  • spring that part mm it's so wiggle it
  • [Music]
  • Arden Daniel big fan that was incredible
  • and actually really close to the like
  • jazzy rendition that I do when I strip
  • it so I guess great minds think alike I
  • love it
  • she has so much vocal control I have to
  • scream that part Tessa to wail it and
  • she's just like so contained oh my gosh
  • I feel super super encouraged and it's
  • really nice and that makes me want to go
  • sing hey halsy I think it's amazing what
  • you do and what you stand for I think
  • you're such an amazing role model for
  • young women I think you've put out so
  • much authenticity and power and strength
  • and beauty and so yeah I think what
  • you're doing is amazing I feel honored
  • that a boy back home in Michigan in any
  • taste like check what I'm kissing him so
  • I told him that I never would I liked
  • his friends now he's gone and he's gonna
  • be a bitch again bitch is so much
  • attitude she believes everything she's
  • saying she's like yo same
  • [Music]
  • but you can't blame me Harmonie some
  • really good might be lying saying
  • so I ran out of Chester you guys crushed
  • it whose incredible duet and both of you
  • have played but our voices than me so if
  • you just want to take over and record
  • the next album I'm good and give me a
  • call help you out being a first-rate but
  • I always make the same mistakes yeah
  • I always make the same mistakes guys but
  • you can't blame me for harmony sound
  • really good chase so much attitude just
  • so I love it so so much she believes
  • everything she's saying she's like yo
  • same and both of you have what you but
  • our voices than me so if you just want
  • to take over and record the next album
  • I'm good well if she thinks that I could
  • relate cuz you go that her writing has
  • definitely inspired me and my journey
  • and writing and everything I just love
  • her lyrics and how real and honest and
  • rah they are being able to get that kind
  • of feedback from the artists themselves
  • and super rewarding and especially from
  • somebody like her cuz I really do look
  • up to her and her journey her and
  • specific it's really cool to hear that
  • feedback from an artist like her
  • hi Halsey its Savannah thanks for the
  • kind words thanks for being such a real
  • true artist and for having this crazy
  • awesome message to spread and for being
  • a really awesome role model for all of
  • us girls so thank you
  • I'm on my mind we got that out of the
  • crazy kind I am his and he is mine in
  • there and a man is a man I love when
  • people do covers and they don't change
  • the pronouns I think it's really
  • important it's really brave I really
  • like that a lot and I love love love
  • when people do acoustic covers of songs
  • that are like a little more hip-hop
  • leaning and they bring them into a more
  • folk space that's how I started writing
  • and that's how I learned that I really
  • liked to do like percussive melodies and
  • I learned that doing my verses in a more
  • rhythmic manner were better for my type
  • of voice it was covering hip hop songs
  • on an acoustic guitar and he totally
  • made this one his own Carlin who killed
  • it
  • that is amazing Carlin killed it that is
  • amazing you made that time your honor it
  • is amazing
  • I feel excited I didn't use it because I
  • want to be known and she's there I think
  • she's a huge feminist and I really
  • respect that because I consider myself
  • as a feminist you and I feel like it's
  • like a bit of recognition that she
  • actually saw the cover I made of her
  • song I'm really happy right now you made
  • my day
  • I don't like them famous scene I don't
  • want to face fashion
  • [Music]
  • this is actually how I wrote this song
  • ghost was the first song that I ever
  • recorded in the studio was the first
  • song I ever made ever when I wrote it I
  • wrote it on an acoustic guitar just like
  • that and I was very young like Jody
  • seeing her in what appears to be your
  • bedroom with the webcam set up doing
  • that and they could see guitar makes me
  • very nostalgic and it's very sweet I
  • really love watching you play guitar in
  • your bedroom because it reminds me a lot
  • of where I came from so I hope that you
  • keep recording covers and writing songs
  • and playing guitar because that's very
  • important they are young women who plays
  • guitar you sound beautiful thank you for
  • coming my song hmm meant a lot to me
  • today my husband
  • [Music]
  • this doesn't even feel like it's
  • actually happening Jodi a plus everybody
  • loved watching you play guitar in your
  • bedroom because it reminds me a lot of
  • where I came from I feel like that
  • didn't just happen but it just happened
  • little 15 of me did not think that
  • anyone was gonna watch that video at all
  • let alone like Kazi herself issues like
  • below in my mind it just very motivated
  • me to keep going that someone so big in
  • the industry and I just feel so
  • motivated and to hear that like that's
  • how she imagined that song yeah it's
  • just crazy I would just like to say
  • thank you for right in such amazing
  • music and to hear you say that I made
  • you feel nostalgic about the way he used
  • to write it just motivates me to see
  • where I could be one day I can't like
  • thank you
  • [Music]
  • this is sick mr. circle oh my god
  • I'm watching my friends cover my songs
  • because they think that all my songs
  • inherently like come from like a very
  • like rock driven mentality so when I get
  • to see them before me like that psycho
  • yeah that's how I heard lead over my
  • head it look like they've been playing
  • together for a long time they've every
  • comfortable around each other and
  • they're so young Wow guys Rose Garden
  • that was unbelievable it makes me want
  • to join a rock band really badly and
  • makes me wish that this would have
  • became a Paramore cover band kind of
  • love female rockers keep doing it and
  • your drummer has great hair
  • guys rose-garden that was unbelievable
  • it makes me want to do in a rock band
  • really badly and your drummer has great
  • hair there are so many people on YouTube
  • that are covering music and stuff and
  • for someone not to see like us doing it
  • it's really empowering because I think
  • this one on like keep going like we
  • could actually make it somewhere I just
  • want to say thank you Halsey and that we
  • love you and we think you're so cool and
  • it's super cool that you like us on our
  • cover and I like your hair too histone
  • listen see me down I gotta be honest
  • with you and I wrote the song I kind of
  • just wanted to give it to someone with a
  • voice like that to sing it and then
  • let's go micron theme I guess I'll keep
  • it for myself and now hearing him do
  • this I'm like maybe I should have given
  • it to someone else because he's like
  • totally owning it
  • it's not easy to do
  • but I need you to love me now now Tony
  • you have more cool in your fingertips
  • and I have them in my entire body you're
  • very handsome crazy this is actually her
  • I gotta be honest with you and I wrote
  • this song I kind of just wanted to give
  • it to someone with a voice like that to
  • sing it and then it's kind of like on
  • theme I guess I'll keep it for myself
  • and now hearing him do this I'm like
  • maybe I should have given it to someone
  • oh my god that's wild what I'm feeling a
  • little overwhelmed and shoot and the
  • fact that she was like hey when I was
  • writing this song I had somebody with
  • this like tone in mind it's just crazy I
  • think it means to me that like hey hard
  • work that you're doing right now it's
  • paying off and you're going in the right
  • direction it's it's a it's a great
  • feeling this is Wow like I my mind is
  • blown and I can't even like properly
  • like speak out sentences thank you so
  • much 17 gotta clean everything 70 the
  • energy
  • [Music]
  • 23 no he got pressure for taking her
  • that more serious
  • I was very cool I'm a lot of change was
  • really interesting my friends are no
  • enemies
  • [Music]
  • with a son really I was amazing
  • some people have told me a long time ago
  • that the way you can tell the good a
  • record is good as if when you strip it
  • down to its core it could sound like a
  • country song so hearing her do it like
  • that really made me feel like it was
  • it's a pretty good song it goes really
  • well in the style that she was singing
  • it those minor changes are really brave
  • and my creative as well so I've been
  • she's probably a songwriter I can tell
  • based on the the changes that she made
  • Bailey of a beautiful beautiful voice
  • and I hope you're a songwriter because
  • you sound like you are one if you're not
  • you might secretly be once you should
  • probably start writing thank you for
  • covering myself yeah so I just watched a
  • whole bunch of really incredible
  • incredible young artists cover my songs
  • and it's always awesome and an absolute
  • honor to watch someone reinvent your
  • song as a songwriter when I first
  • started out I was covering other
  • people's music and doing that kind of
  • helped me explore what my voice was and
  • what my narrative was and pick up on the
  • different things that other artists were
  • doing that maybe I would do for myself
  • or maybe I would have done differently
  • and doing those covers is kind of I
  • created my voice so being a part of
  • someone else's exploration and someone
  • else's journey is a massive massive
  • honor if you have covered myself or are
  • you one of the people that I just
  • watched a cover of please keep
  • performing music please keep writing
  • music and be thankful to your viewers
  • because everyone who's watching your
  • videos and sharing your videos and
  • supporting your videos that's going to
  • be the vehicle about what you ride to
  • your inevitable stardom take a word from
  • someone who got famous on the Internet
  • thanks guys

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On this episode of "You Sang My Song," Halsey watches fan covers on YouTube Music of her songs "Without Me," “Bad at Love," "Colors," "Him & I," "Ghost," Gasoline," "Eastside," and "Now or Never." Fans react to Halsey watching their music.

Watch the covers here:

Without Me: Sup I'm Bianca - /watch?v=53rF8FukJ44
Alec Chambers - /watch?v=0BNv7yiEcTs
Colors: Krishna K - /watch?v=Yx1Ty9Kle54
Bad At Love: Savannah Outen and Chester See - /watch?v=Z-Q5AqV-cXc
Daniel Jang and Arden Cho - /watch?v=v4wkVg0TdOo
Him & I: Carlyan - /watch?v=7T_qjjVPbX8
Ghost: Jodie Mellor - /watch?v=oGYN-gBr4kk
Now or Never: TONYB. - /watch?v=W3uzTjrMUU0
Gasoline: Rosegun Vibe - /watch?v=kHu7BeVFsJE
Eastside: Ben Schuller and Bailey Jehl - /watch?v=Dn_RpdGMgpE

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