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  • and a local Wow excuse me I could not
  • stop that new NASA Administrator Jim
  • bright a scientist
  • anyway they also say bad bacteria can
  • get into those cracks and good bacteria
  • often gets washed away well what about
  • other cracks that means I'm just saying
  • especially if you work out like you
  • gotta catch yourself police say that she
  • walked into the enterprise rent-a-car
  • and incident report says that wal walked
  • behind the counter
  • she pulled down her pants and showed her
  • backside can't make the stuff up folks
  • I'm sorry I tell you what if you want to
  • read more about that full story you want
  • to get to the bottom of it go on I'm
  • gonna have to jump into the water
  • actually it'll be very careful because
  • I've got sound pack on but Sarah Vaizey
  • at MPT Shaw Marie O'Connor been proud
  • and James guy congratulations
  • let's give you all the goodness Alaba
  • birth just look before you get a swim
  • pool in future okay I hope you can still
  • hear me I have to get rather close and -
  • Seth can you continue Sarah do we want
  • to talk about yogurt you don't really
  • talk about me falling in the water all
  • the people watching it are literally on
  • the floor now the police officer was
  • trying to pull this pull over okay when
  • he got out of a car and started to run
  • well he didn't get very far
  • I wonder if the car gets like an assist
  • you know what I mean it's a further
  • takedown or the take out he's like you
  • should have been driving me - of me it
  • was the other me driving it hit me this
  • specific type of monkey which I believe
  • is called a Mike hi
  • [Laughter]
  • [Laughter]
  • [Laughter]
  • [Laughter]
  • in Northern Kentucky we are seeing some
  • dry slits the top allergens right now
  • our ass ash order as well as Burt's
  • clouds will continue to clear intent
  • well I guess I'm done they're wrapping
  • me up so we'll talk more about the next
  • chance for rain which is Easter Sunday
  • and we'll have that coming up in just a
  • bit back to you the low temperature
  • tonight definitely not going to be 90
  • degrees wow that would be a good trick
  • wouldn't it 90 tonight no friends it's
  • going to be 30 tonight the chance for
  • precipitation will be 90% it's 90
  • tonight you should really give me a call
  • if it's snowing in 90 just just reach
  • out call us in the weather office we'd
  • love to hear from you and that's where
  • we had some hail report so I'm gonna go
  • ahead and show you a few of these
  • pictures dang this iPad you know what
  • we're gonna do it's not gonna beat me
  • today wait hold on no no it is gonna
  • beat me today anyway it's gonna be a
  • fine good fine all right
  • could be worse you know has been worse
  • well because you guys are dragging me
  • down you guys people well every time I
  • get done with the seven-day you guys are
  • like oh gosh
  • Oh every time doesn't matter what time I
  • come on 4:30 5:30 6:30 and then you
  • expect me to be chipper for five
  • straight hours it's miserable I want you
  • guys to say wow that's great news it's
  • gonna be 60 on Friday well I mean what
  • you want me to do a line you put so many
  • every day next time Thank You mr. Davis
  • appreciates it he knows when to bundle
  • up yep there's some wind here's some
  • temperature 20s feels like 19 or feels
  • like 70 I don't know 47 partly cloudy
  • Southwest breeze 10 to 15 here's a 60 I
  • don't know if that's good enough for you
  • guys get excited maybe I'll disappoint
  • you with the 7-day here a few minutes is
  • he done I was terrifying the internet
  • would put it this way that was
  • terrifying
  • let's take a look at Leon
  • [Applause]
  • no bueno en train our primero que nada
  • de cuerpo parameter thing idea pushing
  • yes faisal tell us how bad could this
  • week be for her if you can hear me can't
  • see you that's for sure we're gonna try
  • and speak to Faisal he's in portcullis
  • house rather than our Studios don't want
  • empty chair and by his lawyers who had
  • already excuse me sorry just some
  • cursive Oh bit of a crash behind us
  • there I mean such is the media crowd
  • there it has been a very busy here today
  • we've had so much a good time here we
  • had so much support so tell us what you
  • were doing and and what you saw I was
  • sitting at home and I was playing for a
  • night and all of a sudden I just hear a
  • bunch of noise and I look out the window
  • and I started seeing the roof come off
  • the houses in front of me but did not
  • sit back down cuz I only got like a
  • couple people left my gang I was gonna
  • try to finish the game and what's going
  • through your mind is you're you're you
  • said you're in the bathroom with your
  • sister and nephew I'm like no just
  • thinking about the game John Dickerson
  • Dickerson return so stay with us new at
  • six Toledo Lucas County Democrats used a
  • big dick a big duck trying to sorry
  • about that kind of VI I tell you about
  • this is here of time given specs of
  • Compton does violation on Landis Luger
  • started does this urban speeders pad
  • type before soon the size Dawkins ooga
  • Medina diamond Minda Heidi he does he
  • ever shined it is her puppy he's about a
  • six to seven month old schnauzer mix
  • puppy he sees himself in the game right
  • now so
  • [Music]
  • [Laughter]
  • he just doesn't like sing his own why is
  • this something that people do for fun
  • we're still going my awesome photog
  • Cotto's right next to me
  • Alfred keeps saying oh no no and he's
  • running this before so I don't know why
  • you saying this I really don't know when
  • goes here
  • how was Alfred speak loud who's great
  • you'll get the tax break if you marry to
  • yourself this pointy rock specifically a
  • little bit suspicious and take eight
  • Double Stuf Oreos and put them in a
  • glass fill it up with milk and eat it
  • with a spoon usually we're referred to
  • as an embarrassment of a news team push
  • the envelope with the gyrate America
  • wasn't ready did Eileen ask for peace on
  • earth is for a new couch fortunately
  • guys we're gonna have to return that
  • coin six yacht that we bought be that
  • price is right Ken and I have matching
  • tattoos yeah we got yes okay I'm just
  • gonna I'll wait forever you know Jane
  • Austen water men to rocks and mountains
  • things like that I love my Doritos so
  • loud pretty consistent speed even that
  • as it approaches actually that car just
  • blew through a stop sign their second
  • body movie I have space out the window I
  • have many many questions but I also
  • don't really want to talk to anyone kind
  • of ghosted my way in there I was
  • thinking about 98 degrees and how I know
  • that was your favorite boy band to quote
  • a guy we just heard yeah I don't like it
  • I for one am very emotional about my
  • coffee cup
  • yes oh no no no I'm not I think that's
  • really down some poor souls alarm clock
  • went off at 6:15 not on board as China
  • is an example of that one man's trash is
  • another man's treasure pretty much where
  • I'm the trash if you could pass that
  • along to the Queen tell her that I'm
  • upset important message is that a lot of
  • people are texting me that's the
  • takeaway running is the worst but
  • friendship and teamwork is the best I do
  • need to ask my apartment building if I
  • would be safe from a nuclear fallout
  • absolutely

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