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Video Finally bought the fortnite battle pass...
10:44   |   today at 01:25


  • all right all right I need to get this
  • video over with because I want a stream
  • and I don't want to record this video
  • but I have to record this video because
  • people won't leave me alone about it if
  • you guys didn't watch the last video
  • basically I was explaining the whole
  • situation on how the bursts got vaulted
  • and how I said that if the bursts got
  • vaulted then I'd buy all the skins
  • before at night which I did I did end up
  • buying all the skins in my last video
  • all the skins the I'm shop and then I
  • bought all the skins in the I'm shop
  • yesterday and it's not enough dude all
  • my viewers roasted me and they said that
  • I had to buy the battle pass which
  • wasn't part of the deal but they just
  • keep wanting more so I decided to go for
  • a tweet saying that if I got a hundred
  • thousand retweets I would buy the battle
  • pass and I read it out harder k retweets
  • and I'll buy the battle bus so I tweeted
  • out of course they got a hundred
  • thousand retweets so all day in my chat
  • yesterday people are spamming you got a
  • hundred K by the battle bus not about us
  • I'm like chill I don't need to bottle
  • battle pass right now how late am I
  • already I'm already so late to bind the
  • battle pass why are you guys in a rush
  • quit hammering me and it's the next day
  • and I haven't bought it yet and I'm here
  • to buy it because if I don't then you
  • guys are just gonna keep bitching so
  • you're just gonna go ahead and go to the
  • game and buy the stupid battle pass like
  • this is why doesn't even matter I'm
  • already so late to the battle pass okay
  • but I'll buy it
  • hey screw it maybe there's some cool
  • skins honestly I don't even you looked
  • at the battle pass when it came out I
  • didn't have any skins I didn't care dude
  • for month ever since I didn't buy it
  • people ask me are you gonna buy the
  • battle pass here's 10 bucks here's 5
  • bucks by the battle class and I don't
  • care but I'm here sitting down right now
  • about to do what you guys have highly
  • requested me to do I don't get it but
  • I'm here you know I'm here let me go
  • ahead and load up for tonight I don't
  • mind the background noise I have three
  • hooligans actually more like 10
  • hooligans in my pool doing an IRL stream
  • being loud AF ignorant blowing up
  • fireworks stone eggs at each other
  • splashing each other pillow fights and
  • almost some wild stuff so I don't know
  • they're being loud just ignore him
  • hopefully the noise get it helps a
  • little bit if not yikes
  • alright we're in the lobby season 7
  • or new level 65 battle paths collect
  • rewards should I collect my rewards now
  • it's another video season 7 battle pass
  • how does it work
  • alright played a level up your battle
  • pass the more you play the more rewards
  • you earn level up faster bike elite
  • level up faster by completing weekly
  • challenges and up to 100 more rewards
  • worth of 25,000 V bucks
  • typically a 75 to 150 hours play all
  • this shit alright whatever dude I don't
  • even care what is this another blah
  • what's inside raps oh I get gun raps now
  • I've never owned a gun rap alright
  • creative woohoo I all know like I almost
  • bought the battle pass because they
  • didn't let you like join creative right
  • when this day came out what do we got
  • here dude
  • Zenith wow wow what does this challenge
  • is XP something boost the links this is
  • like the only good skin huh can I have
  • you heard other skins no okay alright
  • gun wraps cool this is honestly pretty
  • dope I actually kind of like this the
  • back leg is not bad I've already
  • unlocked all the free stuff alright
  • grumpy tree spray woo XP boost 100 V
  • bucks festive paper gingerbread
  • background music Gingerbread and below
  • that is hideous
  • alright GG man XP hamster never use that
  • probably bag of coal I don't know that
  • is ignorant I would not use that this is
  • all Christmas stuff dude I'm so late -
  • this battle pass it is ridiculous that
  • is the most hideous skin in the game I
  • swear that is so creepy where where's
  • the variant go back to the like the big
  • face black eye weird thing dude oh my
  • god I want to show it where's other
  • variant whatever dude oh there it is I
  • got a right-click I'm dumb
  • oh wait alright nevermind you guys saw
  • it's creepy alright Ultra red ice puck
  • Jimmer I'm not even gonna wait what tear
  • my 45 I don't even know if I'm gonna
  • unlock the whole thing judges by all the
  • battle pass I kind of have to you huh
  • all right well let's see what else we
  • got more gerbils Ice Cube back playing
  • fiber optics oh my god speaking of the
  • subject chat this is big news I keep
  • saying chat when I'm recording YouTube
  • videos listen Dawg I'm not a youtuber I
  • am a twitch streamer that does YouTube
  • on the side okay don't ever label me as
  • a youtuber he laid me as a content
  • creator a fortnight pro whatever I'm not
  • a youtuber okay I may have almost 8
  • million subs on YouTube not a youtuber
  • ok so just getting that out there what
  • else we got
  • ramus skull okay uh Trog Wow
  • okay yep that skin is beautiful very
  • sexy skin carbon and gold probably the
  • most overused gotten skin in my opinion
  • all right more garbage not a bad skin
  • not about skin the eyeballs kind of
  • throw it off if the eyeballs were on the
  • skin it'd be a lot better to be honest
  • this would be a dope emote if it was a W
  • key but it's an F key whack that would
  • actually be the most fiery mode Epic
  • Games if you're watching this ad this
  • exact emo but a W key that is a great
  • idea that's a great idea
  • you know I should be like the sails skin
  • developer guy you know okay none of that
  • this guy seriously the last skin is
  • always the worst one dude it's got yeah
  • like dude what are you doing dog looks
  • like you grabbed it on some booties or
  • something whatever dude the Ice King Wow
  • very creative name purchase did what
  • does this mean plus 25 tears what I
  • don't know I guess I'll buy that
  • wow dude incredible next item next out
  • of next item next item okay well I went
  • through the whole battle bash just so I
  • can have it unlocked alright got uh you
  • know my boy uh Gandalf Dumbledore
  • looking ass all right
  • [Music]
  • was that the Grinch dude all right well
  • oh my god is that closely
  • alright ski your chick she's actually
  • not bad this is like very pleasing to
  • click though 72 items collected is that
  • normal
  • I don't know purchase tears do I just
  • had to purchase alone cuz it's not me
  • well I don't want to pro I don't want to
  • purchase them I really really don't but
  • if I don't purchase them then people are
  • gonna roast me there we go it's not it's
  • not only a video of me buying the battle
  • pass but buying all the tears left in
  • the battle pass so I hope you guys are
  • happy got the Ice King we put on real
  • quick yeah
  • the ice king whoo so pretty Wow what
  • else is there mmm there you go check
  • click my rewards nah all right
  • I bought the rest of the tears in the
  • battle pass I'm officially a noob you
  • know got support skins forever you know
  • I'll keep supporting skins epic games as
  • long as the supportive creator option is
  • available to the beautiful people of the
  • world you know if you guys haven't
  • already make sure to use my supporter
  • creator code tpho in the bottom right
  • corner for night item shop if not you're
  • blowing it you're just just a noob ok
  • you're a child you're a bot dude if you
  • don't use my code all right I wouldn't
  • buy the whole shop in this video but I
  • hi cute it waited you know an hour
  • before the new shop so I didn't have to
  • buy them you know because I'm going
  • broke out here I really am I'm going
  • broke so you know that's just how it is
  • what else is there boys
  • hmm got my gliders got some backlinks
  • some gerbils that's it it's pretty much
  • it my locker is getting slowly slowly I
  • wouldn't even say better like is it
  • actually getting better or is he getting
  • worse I'd like know cool skins I have
  • like a few cool skins this is honestly
  • this guy's swaggin but I don't know ah
  • dude it's good my OCD is killing me dude
  • I gotta just click all these do you guys
  • do that let me know in the comment
  • section does this does this trigger you
  • there's two types of people in the world
  • the people that just leave these and the
  • people that just click on all of them
  • let me know the comments section below
  • what type of person you are
  • cuz this just generally perks me what
  • does these gunskins okay music I didn't
  • know there was music to be honest I'm a
  • bot when it comes to this type of stuff
  • alright there we go up clean nice and
  • clean you know I'll mess with like what
  • I'm gonna wear and stuff maybe on stream
  • because like last video when I upload
  • this video I'll be live on Twitch
  • providing the best content in the world
  • and crazy crazy news that is a super big
  • deal and is why I do not want to travel
  • right now and I want to sit my tuchus on
  • my seat and grind is because I'm so
  • close to being the most subscribed
  • twitch streamer on the entire platform I
  • don't want to throw shots at anybody but
  • I may have just passed shrouding subs
  • and I may be coming for a ninja who
  • knows not a big deal it's not a big deal
  • anything not a big deal or anything but
  • yeah that is true alright I hope you
  • guys enjoyed
  • know what else I have to cover here
  • listen guys I shouldn't even brought
  • this they're gonna tell me to buy this
  • aren't they can't afford it honestly you
  • guys are gonna have to use supportive
  • care Cote Phu if you want me to buy
  • those because I don't even know if I
  • have enough V bucks for him but anyway
  • Oh back there alright anyway this isn't
  • a game place to look video of me you
  • know messing around talking to you guys
  • giving you information that's on my mind
  • right now
  • bought the battle pass hubby hopefully
  • you guys are happy I will be buying the
  • next season battle pass I'll be buying
  • all the skins until until I die because
  • that's what I said dang UT foo why did
  • you have to say that ah but at the end
  • of the day I would rather buy all the
  • skins in the game knowing that I made a
  • change in getting them the burst vaulted
  • I'm not saying that it was all me that
  • got a vaulted but I definitely helped a
  • little bit there's definitely a little
  • bit push on that but I hope you guys
  • enjoyed the video I'll see you in my
  • streams tomorrow I got some banging
  • uploads some good content but anyway I
  • think I'm done here I'm gonna go ahead
  • and hit the record button I'm cut I need
  • to stop talking start my stream go slay
  • out play some teef all scripts I'll see
  • you guys there love you guys peace
  • [Music]
  • by next year these pollen how to be be
  • right

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Finally bought the fortnite battle pass...

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