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Video 10 Products That Reveal a Secret!
24:09   |   3M+ views   |   09/21/2018 at 21:53


  • Yeah, what's in it, I don't know can you eat oh you can't see because I was hidden just some spit
  • What time it was good, I'm your boy Matthias back at it again with another video you're there boy Matthias
  • I want to be there man tan and this kid Mike
  • What's going on guys
  • Welcome to dope or nope the show where we look at products and try to get Tanner to talk a little less
  • No, not gonna happen everybody
  • Today we're looking at ten products that reveal a hidden secret. That's right
  • Each one of these products Michael has found and picked out and each one of them reveals something
  • That has secret some kind of message. So you're telling me each one of these products here. He goes reveal something
  • Secret
  • Wizarding World of Harry Potter talking animated Hogwarts house sorting hat exclusive
  • Oh So it reveals the secret of which house you should be sorted into
  • My mom's house is where I usually stay where you staying now little hood life. You know, I'm saying little hood life
  • What os that red riding hood?
  • Features animated movement and talking now put it on your head to see what house you get selected for real authentic creation from movie
  • took two years to develop , I can make a hat way quicker than that
  • I guarantee you if we rip this thing open, it's got like maybe like a couple little pieces add to cart
  • straight up just ruined that
  • Heavy
  • Wow, this looks like they spent years developing. look at how cheap this looks. It looks like a dinosaur. It looks nice though. Let me feel
  • How is he keeping so close of my grasp but I still can't reach it you looked like it from Halloweentown are you ready? Yes
  • is he even talking his mouth isn't moving
  • How Dare you sort me into a ravenclaw. Took two years and thats what I get. It's gonna say Gryffindor them two years and that's what I get
  • I've never been rated anything not Gryffindor rated on Yelp. I only get Gryffindor's what I look like
  • It doesn't matter I could I just get Gryffindor a lot. Okay, you gotta take your hat off first
  • I'm gonna disrespect that put a hat on a hat
  • Yours alright
  • Popo
  • This dude dances and he's loyal he's cute. Oh, I'm talking to the Hat. He just wants to be slithering guys
  • It's honestly impressive
  • I rate that a nope, that's dope cuz cuz it got my right just by chance yours right three times in a row
  • I'm Slytherin personalising custom jewelry. Will you be my girlfriend?
  • Personalized the QR secret message high school college graduation gift for her
  • How does it fit all of these roles is what I'm concerned and why is there always for girl gift for her my girlfriend?
  • What about if I want to ask her got any of these questions like you mean whether you want to ask her go?
  • what if I as the purchaser
  • I like didn't know where to go though. Are you telling me something now?
  • Wonderful cost I'm assuming Michael has the the QR. Oh you have a QR reader then huh?
  • so I take the QR reader on Michaels phone and I pointed that there have it I tap we did it cuz there's a glare
  • personal message from Dave Oh Dave
  • Oh
  • No, it's free
  • What a classic meme is that from you Dave Michael
  • I don't I just wanted to know I'm not for you realize if you were gonna be heartbroken if I asked Matt I do that
  • In high school, they were our brother
  • I got it. Will you be my free realistic? What does that mean? Does that mean?
  • Daddy doesn't know the meme. I'm gonna drown your pretty head. Oh, that's some real estate, right?
  • Use it to protect yourself from getting hit. I read that a note. It's not really cool at all. Kind candy secret message lollipop dollar
  • Fluidity in which you did that was impressive
  • It's what's on the inside that counts especially when it's a sweet surprise. You want to have two ugly people
  • And by the way, you get that a lot
  • Can this it's what I look like on the inside look at all these secret messages Oh
  • First off no, you know open these are what mine just says Dylan's Candy Bar. That's my secret message know Dylan's the worst name
  • Tell you Jones out there. I'm sorry like this video if your name is Dylan like this video of your name's not done
  • Oh, I'll get more luck if your name is Dylan comment down below and tell us why what you having trouble with bro?
  • You just open it like this. Why that's where the message is. It's inside here. See I just got mine
  • So you had a like eat the lollipop?
  • This is already and no that makes it way fashionably sweet mine is sweet fortune
  • Friendship is the icing on the cake
  • But what's the cake the icing the cake is the actually me actually is the case meet fortune if I'm reading here realizing
  • That friendship is the icing to the cake
  • solidarity
  • He's a checks like the cereal. What's your selfie fortune?
  • Quit blending in you were born or stand out. So you literally just said you're ugly
  • And out of what out of the crowd the basics like tanner stand out
  • Wait what?
  • Now what?
  • You what's matter with you William, you know mouth full he's always popping noise I can do cotton candy
  • Wait, you just now found out this is cotton candy flavor, like eight minutes another review
  • This experience is subpar like that. He's left-handed bank wait CeCe I
  • Tried to be cool like me dude, I give that a no
  • all right guys before we get into that next product big shout out to all those beautiful people that click the
  • Notification bell icon after they subscribe because I will give one of them a shout-out nameless dendron actually
  • I don't know what your name is. So I can't give you a shout-out Michael needs to grow up beard
  • See you all can be the beard boys too bad. Michael can't grow a beard cuz he's got too much head on his hair
  • whoops too much happens
  • My god too much hair on his head project mc2 secret message decoders
  • I6y order a scythe dick. What size is that the smaller for like pinky? No, it's like a child's size
  • There's a size 6 pad on you know
  • I think I think I got the size 10 the fabulous ring was originally created by retro work stainless steel spinner ring
  • So that means we knocked it off big-time
  • Recently created by these people, but we're gonna do it. Now comes an original collector's box. Plus. It just looks cool
  • Tell me about that. You've never put that is like one of your product features
  • We are very sorry that it looks like the size six will sell out. Wow
  • We never anticipated this ring would be popular in this size
  • People buy this
  • Alright you see this puppy boom, baby
  • Boom how it works spin the secret window over each letter in your message
  • The window will show a number for each letter means have fun. Oh, why would you encode the message? Have fun?
  • Can you imagine like you're in you're a spide you're like in this like moment where like your life's at stake and someone just sends
  • you that
  • What is this have fun
  • That is a size six if I've ever seen a size thing, bro. Are you kidding me? Yeah
  • This guys have never bought a ring before it is live play this this is this is my pinky
  • It doesn't does not
  • Pinky ring really difficult to read if we had gotten a bigger one might have been easier
  • Nah
  • 26 is T. Would that be possible? There's only 26 letters in the alphabet
  • Well to be fair 24 was H and I like know for sure
  • 24.8 now he is number 4. Why would you start on number 4 maybe so 0 can't be?
  • Oh, maybe you get rid of like X
  • Next but you get rid of like oh and maybe L and I so they don't get mixed up with one
  • Uppercase and lowercase zero looks the same, you know, okay, but I like the L know I you can still make it
  • Sage advice
  • All right, someone give me a code twenty four eight six twelve. It's just gonna be random numbers
  • You don't even know what the numbers are on this. Oh
  • Look at all these right here 514 one
  • 515 what is that? I have 14 one 515 you have my price. It's right front of you
  • I honestly don't feel like even figuring out what that says, but I will defy this see
  • Oh, they just they went from ten to twenty four. Just be like follow they're doing it out of order
  • They're doing it one is L. All right, I can't tell because it's any
  • Blue and one one is L. You can even see it
  • It's so small if click the first one is click Subscribe and Bella and if you don't I will scream
  • Did you do this? How did this?
  • Design the whole project
  • Form novelties crystal ball withstand prank haha joke gag gift with the ha come from there's a prank
  • Haha, prank joke. Haha. Why would you say prank and Joe feels like that's kind of redundant Z. Bring someone has a joke
  • Yeah, so why would you say both and on people take some?
  • Size 1 size color I'll have a drab. What color is that? Like it's pretty drought it kind of like Boba Fett's on it
  • Yeah, crystal ball would stand to give your psychic. Why'd you air quote psychic? What do people are actually sight like oh
  • No I kissed ism is real like is that a real word psychism? Is that what it's called?
  • I don't know if I just convinced myself
  • Look at this picture what resolution they take this looks like it was literally painted squares all over it in the top
  • It's not even a circle
  • Mr. Ball analyst oh, thank you Michael. Yeah, what's in it? I don't know
  • Can you oh you can't see look at that because that was hidden
  • That's just some spit pretty sure the lint what's hidden about this. It's like cloudy though
  • It looks like snow on the bottom are n that means real number
  • Number one three one four seven to the crystal ball was made in China Shocker bag creation Factory bad creation
  • Quality's not bad though compared to that picture. Does it have a floating loogie?
  • Yeah, it looks like someone really just put a body fluid inside of something else. What's what's with me secret
  • All right. Here's what's gonna go around. I'm gonna rub this ball and tell you guys your future, okay?
  • Wait, but it doesn't use making it up
  • No, it does. It has a little transmitter that goes to my brain this I kiss I'm a psychosis amidst
  • Yeah, you're thinking a cyclist. I'm a psychotic. Okay, I'm a psychopath
  • Rub my crystal ball why you oh
  • That actually made me really uncomfortable. I don't know why I'm rubbing my crystal ball
  • Yeah, they do that
  • No, you don't you just look in it. You're thinking of a genie
  • All right, your future has a lot of spit Michael and a couple kids and you'll get what you want your turn
  • That's touch it. There you go. That's good enough. I'm the genie. I'm the cycle pad. Not you. Okay. No, it's not. It's no blow
  • For the magic 8-ball so for you
  • You're gonna be buying a new cotton mattress soon is that I think it's cotton. It does not look good yours at home
  • let us know you think this looks like
  • The dope for sure I've already had way more fun than I could ever imagine
  • Pieces capsule message and a glass bottle love letter half a bitter pill to use hundred capsules in bottles
  • So the only problem is what you want to tell your lover right a secret love note to cure her
  • /n broken heart every meal every day
  • Are you all these but can we address eight?
  • Sentences back really quickly hurry him a broken heart exam anyone. Yeah
  • This looks like a little bit Allison wonder man type thing here. This capsule cannot be touched the water
  • So weird maybe this is for prison think about that
  • You could give one of these to an inmate and he can just eat it
  • No, and then he hits it out capsules are water-soluble. That's what they just said. Yeah, so he poops out the letter
  • No, he'll digest it he/she when we can do crimes to
  • Someone's like women do more crimes and men doubt it
  • Yeah, those are water-soluble, all right everyone open one up I actually took the message out
  • It's like got a little gold and the loop on it. Oh my gosh. Oh these handwritten. Did you write these?
  • I all right rock star. Why am I sir Oh somebody here wrote this. It's Machu Picchu. Someone wrote it even he wrote it
  • Yeah write these you think I have time to write these are they how are they fit so perfectly in here though?
  • Hi good time. I took the deal never put a sock in a toaster, Eddie Izzard
  • We waste time so you don't have to you're only as good as your last haircut
  • Roustabout my like previous haircut like my final haircut you're as good as the last never deed in spite of management. I'm management
  • You just took one I heard you I heard it in your mouth yeah
  • It is water-soluble the word it didn't even have anything on it. What a waste of my time
  • I was gonna be a fat note for me before we get that next fret. Hey, how come I got stuck doing bull shout. Hey
  • Product guys. Guess what? We got a subreddit
  • Whoa, it's called strange products our slash strange products
  • Go there, if you come up with any cool items, let us know if they get lots of up folks
  • We might actually make a video out of them might be pretty cool as now. I'm at shut up. Yes. It is. Cool
  • Into the mug God changing coffee mugs bunny coffee cup bunny smiley face magic mug, what a wasted opportunity. This could have been sad
  • Yeah, it is kind of sad. It's got no face could have been sad
  • I wish it was sad and then you pour coffee into it and then it's happy check out its nose. You're a problem noses
  • Yeah, oh my god. He's got a big nose. You got a smell you mean you got a decent actually
  • Came back at me from Sadie's got a big nose
  • Yeah, you got a big smile I think mine wider yours longer you just doesn't look big
  • it looks proportional but it's big mine's giant, but everything on my body is
  • Now give me some special kinds for all my boys
  • whoa
  • The chance is one of these breaks boom baby. Can I open one? No, thank you
  • Okay, I'm not sure which one I want. Oh, yeah, that is nasty. Looking wait
  • Where's the no, I don't want this one. I want this one. I want that one on the ball
  • That's the one I want the world. I don't get this one
  • Yes, this is cool, wow, that one's awesome look at it it's like when it's dark out when it's all ice
  • And then when it gets hot, it's gonna light up my world
  • Just like my coffee does my wife's. All right, too. Just like my wife makes my cotton
  • Yeah, she's really good at yes you way better a Nespresso person. Why is this cutting busted? No, it's just got some protect
  • No, it's just got some shit plastic. It's crazy. Yeah, what the heck? It's actually busted
  • Yeah, I'll call you like first was gonna tell me I'm wrong. I know I'm wrong
  • I'm right, you know, this is a piece of junk god, it's not mine. Hi, Liz Chuck's my girl Liz
  • Knickers like Sheila's like she got no shoes
  • I once was changing my office walked around my roof my office with without shoes and I was like, this is nice
  • I wish this was socially acceptable turns out it is anything is if you care little enough. Thanks, Liz
  • All right now check this out guys. This one's gonna be the most impressive
  • Line you're just way cooler though. That is so much cooler
  • Here's this actually when I would keep yeah, it's actually showing the land waters
  • Not that blue usually a lot more yellow at least in the pools I go into this thing is steamy hot. So that's mine
  • Mine's not your pour into that cup. See this will work right away
  • This is way hotter. You know my name back in high school with hot tea right
  • Look how cool it looks huh? That's really awesome
  • Okay, so I'm gonna pour this back now pour cold water in and now I'm gonna show you look at that
  • I actually change the entire cup you could see the land and when it gets cold, it's just gonna show you know
  • The darkness and the lights and stuff. This is really cool. I really like it. No, I like it
  • I like it the most and therefore I get to keep it since I like it the most I asked him and she said I
  • Could have it. She's the boss
  • Free up any birthday in a couple months. You're gonna have it. Thank you. I raided a dope irate massive dope mine
  • And Michael's a note. I'm gonna put this right here by the end of the video
  • It's gonna be black again and you won't even notice the transition customs sequined pillow with a hidden message silver slash red
  • Is that the message?
  • No, listen, it's color. Thanks for the response guys. You guys really quick over. Here we go. Were you talking to me?
  • I'm gonna bunch of different colors Oh
  • These actually have some cool colors. I don't get why you'd want to pill that says your text here though
  • Don't you just get it with something else on it like your text? Yeah here
  • I've custom message to reversible sec wind pillow simply swipe your finger hand across I always saw that was pretty cool though sequence
  • Well, just how they work. Yeah, the fact that they can just like that. Yeah, like fish scales
  • I wish it was socially acceptable to have a sequined shirt and I could just change the shirt color and pretend that I took a
  • shower
  • You know what I do
  • I just wear the same shirt like two three days in a row people pay so little attention to me
  • They don't notice a difference customized
  • Aura. Alright first test I always do with pillows one is the face test Oh
  • Sequins on the face bad move surprisingly comfy. No, I can test no impossible. Oh pretty comfy. Not bad. Yeah
  • He thought it'd be way worse. I'm gonna go ahead and go to the second test but test
  • Yeah, the tables not passing your butt test even softer on the butt, the table is screaming. Why does it say safe word?
  • Are you guys reading that too? how is that the luckiest thing i pull? safe word?
  • Safe password to a safe. Oh, do you think this is the password to the safe in your block?
  • Guys, if you want to find out go check out Matt's vlog. It's all wrong - blogs. Oh, it's pretty cool
  • The butt is really nice the back the back is very nice, the butt? what is wrong with you today?
  • It's just very comfy you want to lay on this side, I don't want to I like it it works pretty well
  • It's very comfy. It's not poking your face anyway on it. I can have a pillow fight
  • No
  • I'll say dope though. So - secret agent in color alert color colored boy
  • Go secret message kit top secret retro Spidey to unleash your inner spy with this clever secret kit though
  • You pretty much you write with these little pens or then, how's it gonna come up invisible though? Those are colored pencils
  • These are your dropping the
  • Smell and put it right here the item dude. I was like something's oddly quiet right now what's happened chills?
  • Go wait, these moves along the side container scream
  • Secret agent, are you saying Oh agent. Is it Asian or agent?
  • Oh, your saying like, dang that old man is Asian,he's not being clear at all.
  • Comment down below. Hey, you just said Asian again. Okay now say Asian asian asian
  • Asian, Asian,Asian
  • Suns exact same agent are you being for real?
  • Agent secret agent, you know, you're not saying the tea right? It's there. It's just like a guy gets quiet
  • Oh, you get the truth? You don't get to choose what letters are silent in workers
  • Decided announces tea secret Asian color codes secret message - times color code pads - color decoder filters
  • Secret boring cross-product. You got some pads one for you. What are we doing? I playing clue but in real life, yeah
  • All right. I choose Michael of the killer. Alright, say alright
  • We're gonna take these guys. We're gonna write a little message that massage or message. Yeah
  • Yeah
  • Absolutely
  • I'll be the Asian unity agent. What are you trying to write here? Well, I don't understand what secret wait wait
  • It's about all the colors together. So it's like it's about doing this bro. This is what you got to do
  • See what I'm doing here. See what I'm doing here
  • Scribbled all over like you wanna see. Yeah, I can still read it. Yeah, see now you can read the Wow
  • See I can't I can't read it with the red on it
  • So maybe if I do like this like look at my paper?
  • So if I put like a gin like this and then I put the tea like this it'll be like what Michael says it like
  • This looks like it's translucent
  • I think it's doing it the whoa. Don't look now. Stop looking. Okay man, Jim
  • No, it doesn't look you can't see what it says right now
  • You see that and then you and then you go like this and it goes ta n
  • Ma n is L AM II I see the end. So it says Lehman. I know that one's a
  • Layman I think it's a word take a bit of yes a No, uline hidden message security tape
  • Oh, this is for the void stuff. Oh, no, it says open open do boy open open void
  • That's all let me show you what this is about a because art so check this out. This is how you do it
  • Check this out what you're supposed to tape like this, right?
  • So then when you open the product and you're like yes, I love this. I'm going to open it
  • Finally guru the hair in between my eyes. So what's supposed to happen is I'm supposed to be able to like peel this okay
  • Okay, let's set on an actual bar, I don't want to eat it it doesn't mean
  • No, you're not giving it a tattooed God chill I don't got time your last cut boy give it a back massage
  • It doesn't have any soaking. You gotta give it some love now. Did you see what he did?
  • It was there's two separate parts of the tape. Yeah, you keep ripping cuff
  • I know but that's the whole point of the product though
  • Is that someone's gonna rip off the tape?
  • If you can do it the other way, then it defeats the purpose don't you see what I'm saying?
  • See if I peel this off. Okay. I'm I'm
  • The tape doesn't work you can't do it wrong that's my point you can't do it wrong
  • No, you understand, okay, so this is no no this tape is designed. Do you know how this what this is for right?
  • This is for when you tape something up and then someone else will go and take the tape off and it'll void the warranty
  • My point is that if you can take it off without the warranty
  • voided it's defective because
  • The other person that's taking the tape off is going to intend to take it off without it saying boy, you're laughing at me
  • But I was doing it right ha ha we were right the whole time
  • I
  • Give this one an is e note guys. Thank you very much for watching
  • if you enjoyed this video make sure you click either one of these videos to watch more dope or no, and if so,
  • We'll see you next time. Peace you

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Join us today on DOPE or NOPE as we unbox 10 products that reveal a SECRET, back by popular demand! From the sorting hat from Harry Potter to a pillow that transforms to reveal a message, we've got it all - give this video a like if you enjoyed this one and want us to find MORE products that reveal a secret!

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