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Video How to use forums - the basics!
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  • hey everyone swift over here I often ask
  • you guys to join the game on community
  • not just because you know it's my site
  • but a lot of cool people here a lot of
  • great conversations but I also often get
  • asked like how to actually use the forms
  • I know for a lot of you guys not you
  • know might be the first time using forms
  • so I wanted to go over quickly how to do
  • the basics first things first after
  • you've signed in you'll be in the front
  • page over here first thing you want to
  • do is introduce yourself so right over
  • here section number two member
  • deductions let's click on it and this is
  • the section where everyone introduces
  • themselves like check out sackboy tells
  • you a little bit about what's going on
  • but we know that so the first thing you
  • want to do click on post new thread this
  • creates a new conversation in this
  • section and this is where you gonna type
  • in your title and you know a little bit
  • about yourself
  • so we're title beneath my cave what's up
  • I love babies whatever and you know
  • describe like you know how you found the
  • forum's but about yourself were you from
  • what games you like what you play you
  • know anything that you want people to
  • know about you they'll tell us a little
  • bit at you and how you're different from
  • anyone else so we'd love to hear it so
  • in this case let's say me you know don't
  • really love babies but it made you open
  • this thread etc etc 360 I play way too
  • much call duty you get it so you go down
  • here and this where it gets a little
  • annoying the submit new thread button
  • it's not super obvious we're gonna make
  • this bigger actually looks like wayward
  • maven proved it anyway
  • press like some met new thread it'll
  • create new thread in the section and
  • after a moment BAM it's done and you
  • know hopefully other people will form
  • will see this and apply and say hello um
  • we're pretty good about that anyway so
  • cool you've just made your next person
  • you thread your in great now how do you
  • reply to other people's threads well
  • let's go back to the main section so
  • we're gonna press on forum over here and
  • back to the main page let's find
  • interesting section let's go into gaming
  • chatter usually pretty active over there
  • and a lot of stickies the stickies are
  • basically stuff we want to check out but
  • over here favorite Pokemon and why man
  • I'm all over this just a new threats are
  • by soul would its come some love created
  • like a minute ago all right
  • why favorite Pokemon hmm all right when
  • you post you want to make sure you use
  • proper grammar and spelling it'll help
  • you out make you look like less of a
  • noob nothing against soul over here so
  • let's see what is my favorite Pokemon
  • I'm gonna go with uh Snorlax cuz it
  • personally comes to mind
  • I love Snorlax because his weight makes
  • me feel better about myself
  • thanks and relax great so you just type
  • in the quick reply and press post quick
  • reply and you're done you just replied
  • BAM and guess what if you like souls
  • post or any else's post to reverse the
  • like button can't see it over here it's
  • them it's the right side they press like
  • it'll show that you like the post as
  • well so it's an easy way to say you like
  • something without me know bothering to
  • reply so that's great and there you
  • those are the basics of the forum so you
  • know go around explore there are lots of
  • sections the more you post the more Gil
  • dollars you earn the Coe dollars are the
  • fake currency in the forum you can use
  • them to bet during our live shows or
  • enter raffles for like real prizes so
  • it's cool so hang out check it out
  • people who are online over here and you
  • can see some of the new posts on the
  • right side over here and you know links
  • over here you can see if you're not sure
  • where to get started there's a great
  • threads button over here this is a
  • threat with a lot of the more popular
  • easy to get into threads so let's see
  • sounds that make you cringe your dream
  • girl I'll check that later and yeah lots
  • of great stuff lots of topics it's a
  • great page to get started getting them
  • whether everyone else likes you know
  • easy to kind of reply to and you know
  • ease your way into the community it'll
  • be great to have you here and I know
  • I'll see you around and if you really
  • get into it or you just more on the go
  • we have two free apps for the andron you
  • know iPad iPhone iPod
  • cetera they're both free they you've
  • applied to a forum on the fly I'll do a
  • different video for that later well yeah
  • hopefully that cleared some
  • things up for you if you have any
  • questions reply in the comments I'll do
  • my best to answer hopefully something
  • other people can answer as well or you
  • can just go in forums and use the
  • information just learn to ask some more
  • questions yourself so cool glad to have
  • you as part of the community hope you
  • join in and expect more videos like
  • these gonna go into some other stuff
  • like embedding videos or you know
  • entering tournaments and raffles alright
  • thanks guys see you in the forums

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Hey guys, by popular demand, we're going over how to post a new thread, reply to a thread, and Liking someone else's post. We're of course going to do this on our own GameOn Forums. You can find them at

Signing up is fee, there are no ads, I won't spam you, etc. etc. We just want to continue to build the best community of gamers out there.

If you already know how to use forums, awesome, although I know a lot of folks out there have never been on forums before. And I'd like em' to check out our gaming forums at


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