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Video Why Aya?
01:27   |   394 views   |   06/21/2018 at 22:01


  • do you believe that a symbol can move
  • communities and change the world well we
  • do we believe that all communities
  • deserve opportunity and healthy choices
  • whether east of the river in Washington
  • DC or in Accra Ghana through community
  • people find a richness of spirit and the
  • strength to endure and persevere that's
  • the spirit of aya and it was in
  • McCulloch market in a cry that we found
  • the spirit of this adinkra symbol and
  • that is the spirit that infuses aya
  • community markets
  • you
  • come experience the spirit of this
  • adinkra symbol at if' community markets

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The goal of Aya Community Markets is to accomplish the following goals: (1) to expose the community to goods and services to assist in building mental, physical and economic health and (2) to provide a platform for vendors and entrepreneurs to sell, trade and promote goods and services in keeping with the ethos of "aya." AYA is an Adinkra symbol -- that comes from Ghana -- literally meaning "the fern," a symbol of endurance and resourcefulness.


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