Video Everyone thinks I'm cheating in Rainbow Six Siege...

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Everyone thinks I'm cheating in Rainbow Six Siege...
Everyone thinks I'm cheating in Rainbow Six Siege... thumb Everyone thinks I'm cheating in Rainbow Six Siege... thumb Everyone thinks I'm cheating in Rainbow Six Siege... thumb


  • does he guide lists you next to me I
  • hear him scattering across the
  • floorboards he breaking the barbed iron
  • Exton even ran past me that's two of
  • them oh my mom you're a good sort now
  • one last time a bullet mate
  • everyone below in this gun may add a
  • single bullet out it bit that was some
  • stuff 100 type shit oh my god it's all
  • on you just wanna never meet you oh my
  • god I can't stop there's one of this
  • yank on this side to the right I'm a
  • right bearish it's that one missed that
  • one if I hit fire ace man gonna suck
  • suck in you better engine
  • [Music]
  • [Laughter]
  • let me know when they're in there yeah
  • yeah man in there is a fine man I'm at
  • the extraction point I'm a step ahead
  • man thinking outside the box he's gonna
  • see you ppit's where's he gonna take the
  • hostage get the bugs
  • oh yeah easy dog he's pissed aloud dude
  • look how confident he is that's what I
  • like to see his confidence he's dead
  • okay
  • I like to throw what is he gonna die
  • nobody knife and dismiss or what
  • how are you how's it so what the fuck
  • come downtown Etana she does the frost
  • match she didn't see the frost much she
  • doesn't see the frost but she didn't see
  • the frost man she's gonna step on it -
  • wait a minute
  • why didn't I tell him that I'm so scared
  • of being a backseat gamer that I can't
  • even make basic cool
  • [Music]
  • [Laughter]
  • [Music]
  • now there's gonna be a guy huh you see
  • mr. Oki Co okay
  • away from scrape or echo in chat but hey
  • yeah
  • [Music]
  • poor guy he's been bullied hey what was
  • my role in this net well big okay I mean
  • I have suppressed personal shopper
  • [Music]
  • welcome back
  • oh I'm low I'm Lola be careful what are
  • you doing you're mad man goddamn right
  • no way no way no way
  • Oh Baby what HP yeah but I've got
  • passion Hey a game a passion to make him
  • leave
  • I love a couch bumpy such a good time I
  • didn't know is what real sledge sledge
  • please tell me this isn't real slice
  • and Beyond the kid I'm just a minute
  • oh it's your mate who's my fucking
  • friend Sims kayid is a good guy wasn't
  • was he coming for you
  • you stay right there butter oops caps
  • holding up his praying
  • I don't get it get it I can't stop
  • disrespecting people man
  • he said you not the face yeah you caught
  • me take it away tiger I'm Camilla what's
  • what's bait bro what mostly look at them
  • judgment you do the same watches cable
  • oh you did the same Ozzie and I can
  • cannot no they clearly not communicating
  • much like she stare at you in the are
  • you stopping oh okay play setting you up
  • with the home run there's one another no
  • way no way you're doing it to Holzer
  • another
  • what is it just one more that's last one
  • get him get him
  • no way I'm not coming back boys defend
  • you from the outside Lisa corrected
  • himself and I'm gonna do as soon as Dave
  • like a charge of warning why is it
  • taking up a shield in that situation
  • just do that that would make them up on
  • earth it's gonna work I think it might
  • work where's he going
  • where's he going you have a head sir
  • what also comes a real man they mess
  • with ash rush right what what what's
  • going on why is there a little red
  • triangle by my name the fuck's that mean
  • you did some damage mate you're on a
  • warning not 50 HP but you still killed
  • us weapons all right that's fine which
  • barley you gonna kill me betrayed pussy
  • [Laughter]
  • here we go it's a registered offender
  • that was actually pretty mangling the
  • drone no I got myself a yawn go and then
  • get get behind him with the claim law
  • alright screw out the way mate else is
  • good huh
  • cuz I'm probably gonna die here let you
  • know wait I'm gonna wait this is gonna
  • be strategic all right watch this
  • because I'm gonna put this down and I'm
  • gonna reset with and I gotta go down and
  • you can reset me I bet I'm ready to pay
  • my respects met with a little one Tablo
  • there in there man right you didn't mean
  • that boy forever what is that I shoot
  • the fucking hostage let's go right we
  • need a word about that
  • that was the worst round of Rainbow six
  • siege I've ever experienced in my life
  • [Music]

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Is it really a one tap if you have more than 1 bullet in your gun?

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