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Video Shoot the Orange (Garry's Mod Trouble In Terrorist Town)
11:43   |   today at 12:57


  • do you rack the VESA you got the motion
  • Rock the Vote don't rock the boat baby
  • it's going enjoy that fire here we go
  • looks like old toolbox is at it again
  • set off a smoke grenade in the room hey
  • I put incendiary there because it
  • prevents people camping on the weapons
  • yeah in surgery and small hand oh shit
  • yeah great great plan you got guys
  • Todd's funny listen I'm innocent I'm
  • innocent I'm in here with Lewis Oh God
  • Smith be careful everybody don't worry
  • Trott okay we've got the detective here
  • and we've got tips for Becca I'm okay
  • I'm still with the starting area with
  • Lewis and he's okay let's go sis go
  • Smith one holster on three ready
  • all right 1 2 Z 3 oh fuck
  • sorry I want there we go selected I
  • don't know who it is
  • Tubbs you just show me yeah I know and I
  • want 5 health now I think I've suffered
  • enough guys you need to work with me so
  • I can work on you I reckon it sips I
  • honestly think it sips why'd we think
  • about everything about it says it's you
  • oh it's time fuck you the traitor
  • I just RDM turps and he's an innocent
  • who's father fuck was that
  • did we win no we love makes me show me
  • you Edison Davis tapes
  • yes ever you were great detective psyche
  • you trips deduce I thought this is meant
  • to change the map near on begins me is
  • in five seconds 1o maybe it'll 7 3 v 7
  • holy shit that's a lot of it iteration
  • oh shit what's going on us gonna be a
  • good one well I was thinking it's a
  • sixty-fifth way there we go wasn't that
  • great you know it wasn't as good as the
  • original but apparently later sequels
  • have
  • past the greatness when 266 and it was
  • okay it was good it wasn't bad panic so
  • it tends to be what happens with sequels
  • you know like you're they get better
  • every time and that's right and then
  • they get reloaded 30 years later and
  • they're always amazing like the matrix
  • got real all that was good Power Rangers
  • dude yeah / yeah they could have called
  • it the matrix rebooted that'd be good
  • yeah we'd do a new one and neo can be
  • played by sips ah with blackjack and
  • hookers sponsored by Red Bull guys vote
  • yes I can I just want to have you on one
  • of those wires now likes like sailing
  • through the air doing the kungfu yeah
  • Babel do care about bamboo where those
  • mafia soma sometimes it's the most
  • overused music on YouTube oh shit
  • I am literally stuck in around Oh guys I
  • live I can't get out of this room a
  • really quaint office and I'm going to
  • stay in here I can't actually get out
  • leave oh thanks try the door it's a
  • crashed firetruck you can actually lock
  • someone in here look coming in easy
  • come on in and try and get out looks
  • really good what how do you lock in 67th
  • way is it alright guys there try and get
  • out oh shit
  • you can actually lock people then he's
  • ruin anybody out that room
  • alright that's that's one protected
  • suite don't anyway oh these rocks he was
  • locking people in rooms and we
  • systematic about this shop I'm innocent
  • so I'm okay I'm an innocent as well I'll
  • let you out then I trust you oh he's
  • fucking rdfa door
  • he's our DME maze turps get him what the
  • hell it's turps it's not I'm trying to
  • shut my door you just shot the share
  • army yeah because I thought you knew I
  • was innocent why open it he's dead he's
  • dead because I gave you a chance okay
  • let me do an investigation chance for
  • what to die it was such an innocent
  • Terrace and I'm dead right uh drop dead
  • he was terrorist - Oh mother see I was
  • right to shoot I know see I trust my
  • instincts you say RDM is that was really
  • audio no it's not it's my instant you've
  • got doors open fire on him war is not
  • random it is because I said whoa I'm
  • innocent and he was like Oh in that case
  • you can come out was that that hinges on
  • the fact you saying you're innocent and
  • I was believing it
  • doesn't it yeah well that's the whole
  • point is I'm sorry this is the thing I
  • was telling the truth
  • I'm also the shrill I'm reading like a
  • book they're like the other half of the
  • map you're miles away doesn't no idea
  • where they are you have to run through a
  • massive tunnel complex I don't want to
  • go there though cuz I was a cashew is a
  • traitor it's a bomb asking to happen
  • isn't it in there what if I go there
  • then that's that's just the end what so
  • there's another whole part to this map
  • you serious and I can't yeah yeah look
  • move out as a group be careful it's
  • really yeah he was a traitor we're
  • looking for Lewis um yeah I'm not a
  • traitor yeah no no cuz drops the life
  • isn't it I know Charles the trainer he
  • designs a truck I'm actually straight on
  • a truck so trying to get off oh yeah I
  • see you do it let's get you anyway you
  • punch me to get behind you ready over
  • with I'm gonna just I'm the fucking
  • catapult you ready yeah BAM okay for
  • sure yeah but your chair tried to Scott
  • that's amazing come on let me give you a
  • nudge give me a little nudge very much
  • punch me is almost full oh are you
  • putting me back guys fucking oh there we
  • go
  • oh I'm standing up now what's going on
  • here Lewis hasn't moved where are you
  • helicopter I can hear a hell I can't I
  • see Lewis I got eyes on our cheese it's
  • a man hat I got eyes on me I still see
  • sir traitor they go Lois I'm innocent
  • because I killed
  • I killed the to chop the traitor read it
  • oh okay I won't you then Oh fun less
  • easy feel sure it's tasteless
  • Jesus Christ it's got a good spot - what
  • are you gonna do about this I'm bound
  • book up a bow bow well you're facing off
  • again really her a bona fide pro here
  • yes it is bleeding profusely he's
  • already hit me twice I'm not afraid
  • predator 50 / 50 the path the pillar
  • fucking Yolo steer
  • oh this is quite the showdown what are
  • you doing Oh dead dude ah what a shot
  • who's next
  • hahaha shit who's next he's fucking next
  • oh god you bring it there's no fucking
  • approach to this part of the map though
  • it's just that like so you can do
  • he needs to gun it out of there hi hug
  • the wall and hope he can survive its
  • fucking jump shouting
  • do that he sees noscope music fee
  • fucking boys this where am I getting
  • shot from so fucking noscope action is
  • happening here you see that on my screen
  • I just see a tiny flicker of a head for
  • like one frame Oh fucking you holy me
  • wisten around he was doing the 360s two
  • years much I needed to do the 360s but
  • he just can't help it show but I tried
  • to go back to be a can't do then skim
  • really yeah you can't do this in this
  • game Mike that was some bullshit
  • so she Oh so shit guys I found a traitor
  • tester nice really oh cool where is it
  • the old game breaker you were in the
  • game when you use those guys oh the old
  • game breaker game where's the trade test
  • ah why did you go out fear betrayer no
  • guys ah - tray up I run just shoot drop
  • on site I found some food supplies oh
  • shit
  • who's that oh your food tips can be
  • detected motherfucker suited me all
  • right Louis that's holdout in here right
  • don't pull that shotgun at me though for
  • God's sake where's here I think whoa
  • fucking don't shoot my melons I was
  • gonna use those use as target practice
  • mr. Trejo why cuz the way you speaking
  • what do you mean because the way he
  • speak yeah he's on his own again sis you
  • absolute is gonna fucking lost Anna -
  • lost on his own Louise don't fuck up the
  • kitchen oh look at this oh look we can
  • make a cool barricade okay how do I lift
  • stuff with the magneto thing you really
  • can I click once I think these ones are
  • too heavy to lift up and I'd like to
  • know if you want some lotion
  • I like submission I'd like to know where
  • you put the lotion could you come to me
  • and give me a Medi pack because I uh oh
  • you'd like that wouldn't you I just see
  • you can slice me up an eBay gonna cut
  • them up guys o8 me oh yeah oh shit is a
  • sniper up there there's a sniper up
  • there sips you need your vitamin C okay
  • it's orange I'm here watching a ball see
  • if he can shoot the orange no it's right
  • in front of the window y'all ready go
  • come on Ross let's see what you got if
  • you can shoot the orange he gets a med
  • pack it's not fair yeah seems fair and
  • reasonable to like he shooted at in
  • lining up the shot okay what is wrong
  • with these coming down the road Smith
  • he's coming down the road I'll do a
  • warning shot
  • well fuck why don't you sure yeah it was
  • me I'll find you something else to shoot
  • the fuck I show that melons already shot
  • the orange in half motherfuckers oh shit
  • it's only half it's Ross Ross is a
  • traitor I'm a detective
  • oh is it yeah hey Ross hey good job up
  • there for us boy hide your hell in here
  • hang on why is max away with that to
  • happen
  • oh fuck is going on hello I saw also
  • happen to you the detective also happen
  • to know he's dead the fuck is going on
  • show me his body lift up his body okay I
  • will we'll handle this map is so huge be
  • possible God have you guys been doing
  • fucking on anyone's dance fucking
  • terrifying I was a fucking Chanukah joy
  • Isaac's his magic powers oh my god I'm
  • just wandering around in the middle of a
  • fucking town let's go head shot by Ross
  • Pierre motherfuckers Tim is this a girl
  • Clara lovely
  • the credit yeah what does that mean oh
  • my god
  • why the fuck is she what could that mean
  • the six is dead in there come on
  • interview I went into the room why are
  • you talking about they were dead and
  • dangling his body at a window obviously
  • me on my approach must have done it I
  • must have used my psychic powers to wave
  • him through the window as I approached
  • that I got going I got pointed get
  • credit for it she's can because you are
  • DNA no I deduced you RDM Dontos trustee
  • alive trot your life trot trot just dead
  • troz fucking dead is he yeah have you
  • got have you ever Nate Smith just not
  • dead
  • yes I knew it all along as you kill
  • Smith nice Ross's boss

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Lewis has a great sniping spot but can’t beat No-Scope-Ross. Sips joins Lewis in the kitchen for some fruit target practice.

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