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  • hey youtube viewers today i am
  • presenting the new / to new
  • constellation luxury android smartphone
  • the new constellation comes in with a
  • price of four thousand nine hundred
  • euros which works out to around six
  • thousand six hundred nineteen dollars in
  • exchange for that pile of cash buyers
  • will get an android 4.2 smartphone with
  • a 43 inch 720 p display up from the 37
  • inch 800 x 480 screen on the titanium as
  • well as a 17 g hurts dual-core
  • Snapdragon s4 processor paired with one
  • and jagged suggests could be an Adreno
  • 320 GPU also included are 13 megapixel
  • rear and 13 megapixel front cameras 32
  • GB storage NFC Wi-Fi and an 1800 mAh
  • battery as one might expect with a
  • multi-thousand dollar handset the
  • constellation is also made of some
  • materials that are a bit more premium
  • than most smartphones Purdue has
  • constructed its new device with a large
  • piece of sapphire glass on its face and
  • forged grade 5 titanium case the
  • constellation is round in calf leather
  • that's available in black cherry dark
  • brown light brown and orange rounding
  • out the constellations feature set is a
  • few unique software features owners will
  • have access to the ipass global network
  • of Wi-Fi hotspots as well as a special
  • preloaded version of kaspersky antivirus
  • software additional security goodies
  • include support for encrypted VoIP
  • calling from silent circle with support
  • for encrypted messaging coming and
  • support for personal tracking from
  • security firm vs
  • comparing the constellation to the
  • titanium produce newer smartphone looks
  • a tad more streamlined thanks to its
  • less more nade camera housing earpiece
  • and navigation keys in exchange for this
  • less flashy design though the
  • constellation gains a featureless that
  • slots it into the mid to high-end range
  • of Android hardware / 2 says that the
  • constellation will be available in its
  • boutiques later this month and that
  • interested customers can set up an
  • appointment to check a unit out in
  • person watch more latest videos
  • subscribe law tech media or visit thank
  • you for watching have a nice day
  • you

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