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Video Dream Chasing: Expectations vs. Reality - Broke Ep 1
11:22   |   5M+ views   |   10/19/2018 at 23:51


  • Hey, Okay. Don't hurt nobody.
  • Hey. That's a great skip.
  • - Thank you. - Yeah.
  • Kind of want to bring that back.
  • You should. I'm okay with that.
  • I'm already tired of, like, dabbing,
  • - but I like to-- - Ooh! It's perfect.
  • Oh, my God. Who would throw this out?
  • An idiot. This is an original
  • Gi'gel cocktail-slash-lounge ottoman. It's priceless.
  • Oh, really? it's priceless?
  • - Yeah, $75. - Okay.
  • Not including shipping.
  • Well, we got to get it. This is perfect.
  • I can see me writing my very first novel on this baby.
  • Hey. I can see me now.
  • What can you see?
  • Me in the mirror across the street.
  • You see it? What up, playboy?
  • All right, come on, Paul. Bring the ottoman.
  • Bring it.
  • ♪♪ [theme]
  • I lost that dog immediately.
  • Wow. How many days did you have him?
  • - One. - Oh.
  • Man: You should have told me, Henrietta!
  • You should have told me!
  • You should have told me, Henrietta!
  • Ooh, you done done it now, Henrietta.
  • No, wait. You shouldn't have told me, Henrietta.
  • Old lyin'-ass Henrietta.
  • Henrietta, why?
  • [chuckling]
  • You want me to call Henrietta for you, baby?
  • - Because I'll call her. - Laugh it up.
  • But I am preparing for one
  • of three auditions that I have today.
  • Oh, excuse me. Congratulations, Mr. Magic over here.
  • What is that?
  • This original Gi'gel
  • cocktail-slash-lounge ottoman
  • was bestowed upon us by fate.
  • Yes. We found it across the street.
  • What, you brought streetware into this house?
  • Come on, Mo. It's nice.
  • That thing's probably riddled with needles.
  • There were only two needles in it.
  • Stop. [chuckle]
  • Mo, he's kidding. He's playing.
  • He's just kidding.
  • You know what?
  • I can't deal with this right now.
  • I have to get ready.
  • Hey, Mo.
  • Do you have Henrietta's number in there,
  • - or are you just-- - Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • I'm on fire. I'm so on it today.
  • I'm sorry. I couldn't hear you
  • because I'm too busy making strides
  • towards my dream.
  • What are you two doing?
  • We're going to be setting up the ottoman.
  • - You feel me. - Set it up, then!
  • We will.
  • No, Ma, this is a feature film.
  • No, no, no.
  • I did student films in college.
  • Yeah, this is just the audition.
  • My manager, he said
  • I have a really good shot at this one, so--
  • Yeah.
  • Hey, Ma, I'm going to call you right back, all right?
  • Hi. Uh--
  • Hi. Back of the line.
  • Oh, no, no, no. See, I'm not here to be an extra.
  • Sorry, man. No, I'm here
  • to audition for the role of Lucas.
  • Oh, you and everyone else. Back of the line.
  • It's that way.
  • All right, so if you have questions--
  • Okay. Uh. Sorry. One more time. Excuse me.
  • Hey. Yeah. See, I have another audition at 3.
  • Ooh! Golly me, you have another audition.
  • - Yeah. - Let me get right on
  • accommodating you for that.
  • Oh. Hello? Show business?
  • We got a guy. He's coming in for an audition.
  • - Oh, you totally-- - So just drop everything.
  • - Okay, okay. - I'm going to bring him in for his audition.
  • - I see what you did there. - All right, back of the line.
  • Okay. Going to be in the back.
  • Both: Rock, paper, scissors, shoot.
  • All right, keep it coming.
  • Both: Rock, paper, scissors, shoot.
  • - Okay. - Okay.
  • One more time. This is it.
  • Okay.
  • Rock, paper, scissors, shoot.
  • Okay, so obviously
  • we're both going to keep choosing paper.
  • How about I just go first?
  • Um, no. How about I use it first?
  • All right. Let me just throw something out there.
  • How about I use the ottoman first?
  • Idea. And I'm spitballing here.
  • - Okay. I'm gonna go with you. - Walk with me.
  • I'll use it first. You can use it after.
  • Hmm. Allow me to share with you
  • - a tale from my past. - Okay.
  • When I was a young child,
  • my grandmother, who is now dead,
  • said to me, "Miloh, first is the worst."
  • And I remember that so vividly,
  • and I can hear it in my head.
  • Bringing in your dead grandma. All right.
  • - And I remember-- - You got it, you got it.
  • You win.
  • And I want to bear that burden, Paul.
  • I don't want that on you.
  • I don't want you to have that negative energy.
  • I do it for you, Paul. I do it for you.
  • [sighs]
  • [sniffing]
  • Hey, if I make cookies, would you have some?
  • Yeah.
  • Okay. So I'm thinking
  • how about I make
  • maple bacon brown sugar cookies, all right?
  • Mm. Sounds good.
  • Do you think I eat too much sugar?
  • I don't want to die of betes.
  • Hi. How are you guys doing?
  • Can you state your name for the camera, please?
  • Yeah, sure. Uh, ahem. Hi. I'm--
  • Actually, I'm going to stop you there.
  • Uh, we-- I need to fix this lighting.
  • Carl, do you have a light? Can we get a light in for him?
  • Do we have any extra lights we can bring in?
  • Can we get a light? Can we get, like, a--
  • like, two or three lights?
  • Can we get some lights for this--
  • - Hey, Paul. - What's up, girl?
  • Hey, um,
  • so I have some-- some spider bites.
  • - And I-- - And?
  • And I think that they
  • may or may not have come from--
  • from the ottoman, from Gi'gel.
  • Miloh. Miloh, Miloh.
  • Spiders are everywhere in L.A.
  • You probably got one from outside, silly.
  • I'll tell you what.
  • I'll take my turn with the ottoman,
  • and if I get bit,
  • we'll cross that bridge when we get there.
  • - All right? - Okay.
  • Just-- Just be careful, Paul.
  • All right? Spider bites can be really dangerous.
  • Girl, danger is my middle name, okay?
  • I'm joking. It's Philip.
  • Miloh?
  • No, you scheduled these too close together, man.
  • No, I'm at the third one now.
  • I didn't go to the second one!
  • I didn't go to the second one
  • because I was at the first one for three hours.
  • And when I finally got in the room,
  • they took 15 minutes to set up a light
  • because nobody's prepared to light a black man in America.
  • Uh, excuse me. I'm sorry to interrupt.
  • I don't have your audition fee of $60.
  • Uh, audition fee?
  • - $60. - Yes.
  • One second, please.
  • Bruh! An audition fee?
  • Come on, man.
  • Hello?
  • Hello?
  • Hey, Paul?
  • Paul?
  • Gi'gel?
  • Hey. What's wrong?
  • We got any beer?
  • Yeah, but, Mo, what's wrong?
  • Mo. Ohh!
  • What?
  • Oh! Oh! What happened to your face?
  • Sick, right? I think I had an allergic reaction to my sandwich.
  • - What? - Yeah.
  • Paul, those are spider bites.
  • No.
  • And where could he have possibly gotten spider bites?
  • Please tell me it's from this upholstered gutter trash
  • that you two insisted on bringing in here.
  • I swear to God, man.
  • Get rid of that thing.
  • I'm serious.
  • [door closes]
  • - Man. - I think it's cute.
  • Hey, Paul.
  • - Hey. Hey. - Hey.
  • Hey, don't move for, like, two seconds.
  • - Okay. - Watch what I do.
  • Just don't move, okay?
  • What the hell was that?
  • You said don't move. I trusted you.
  • I know! There was a spider on your cheek!
  • That's where my face is.
  • Okay, well-- Ugh!
  • - [chittering] - Oh.
  • That's not good.
  • No, Ma, I, uh...
  • I don't think I got any of them today.
  • Well, I know you'll get something soon.
  • Yeah, Ma, that's, uh...
  • that's real sweet.
  • If you change your mind, the rec center back home
  • is still looking for acting coaches.
  • You can save your money, and then move back out.
  • Ma,
  • I'm not changing my mind.
  • Thanks, though.
  • I just hope she knows how much I loved her.
  • Who? Gi'gel?
  • Mm-hmm.
  • Aw.
  • She knows, Paul.
  • She knows.
  • - Thanks. - Mm-hmm.
  • Mo: Today was tough.
  • It's like
  • when everybody tells you to follow your dreams,
  • no one tells you how fast
  • they're running away from you.
  • - Is he rehearsing again? - Mmm. Sounds like it,
  • but whatever it is, I hope he gets the role.
  • Be good for him.
  • In every story you read,
  • every-- every biography
  • is all told from a point of success.
  • Uh, I guess they don't write biographies
  • about people who didn't make it.
  • I'm not complaining.
  • Complaining's not going to...
  • help me pay my mom back
  • or get me that life that I'm trying to live.
  • Plus, complaining's for losers,
  • and I'm from Philly, man.
  • I don't lose at anything, so...
  • [sigh]
  • But you know what?
  • I'm just going to keep working...
  • and keep believing.
  • And we're going to make it.
  • I truly believe that.
  • We're going to make it.
  • You know, guys, I'm really sorry about--

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Miloh and Paul try to dress up a piece of furniture found in the garbage. Mo struggles through a day of auditioning.

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