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Video 2015 Honda CBR300R - Entry Sport Shootout Pt 3 - MotoUSA
03:29   |   126K+ views   |   08/19/2018 at 17:28


  • the 2015 Honda CBR 300r launched
  • initially with its sights set on its
  • green 300 rival the nish has changed
  • dramatically
  • solid Hammond a smooth transmission an
  • updated styling complete the new Honda
  • package and make it a formidable foe in
  • the entry-level sport bike segment but
  • will it be enough to claim top honors
  • if there's a bike that is most
  • transformed for 2015 it's got to be the
  • CBR 300r I was never a big fan of 250 R
  • but 300 I like a lot that's a little bit
  • displacement it makes a big difference
  • so the bike comes off the corners a lot
  • harder than before it's got a nice
  • character to it a nice exhaust note just
  • makes it fun to ride big big upgrade
  • from from the 250
  • so the Honda CBR 300 is a very typical
  • Honda bike and that it does everything
  • pretty darn good but nothing exceptional
  • the motor is a little flat but as far as
  • these bikes go I don't find that to be
  • egregious it'll handle fine it'll do
  • what you wanted to do and I think the
  • freer a and Kenyon riding and Street
  • riding it's a great all-around tool but
  • it doesn't just wow you at first the
  • steering felt a little loose the
  • handlebars definitely moved around a
  • little bit more than some of the other
  • bikes but once you got used to that it
  • was you know it was great power delivery
  • was really smooth it was really linear
  • it topped out sooner than some of the
  • other bikes so you were shifting through
  • a little bit more off the bottom it has
  • a good amount of torque bottom and man
  • it's pretty good the top kind of falls
  • off a little bit so you I think you need
  • to short shift it a little bit more than
  • maybe some of the other bikes in the
  • corners I really like the way it handled
  • it I felt really connected to the
  • chassis and you kind of push the bike a
  • little bit harder than you could some of
  • the other three hundreds the suspension
  • package on this is super stable I found
  • myself going faster and feeling better
  • in the corners and any other bike on the
  • Honda I'd say that the suspension and
  • and and just the overall feel the bike
  • was one of my favorite
  • the dimensions of the bike are much more
  • welcomed or ssin is a little bit bigger
  • this bike was probably the most
  • comfortable out of all of them
  • it's a full-sized motorcycle finally
  • overall I think Honda's done a really
  • nice job with that bike great wind
  • protection and an improvement over the
  • 250 model where I wouldn't consider it
  • before now I would actually buy that
  • bike it's it's a really nice motorcycle
  • on this new CBR 300r is a definite
  • improvement over its predecessor it's
  • larger engine provides for a more
  • spirited ride and is coupled to a
  • chassis which inspired confidence
  • through corners for our testers invested
  • its Kawasaki rival but still can't match
  • the challenge set by KTM and Yamaha so
  • places 3rd overall in our shoot up
  • you

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Honda’s CBR300R is new for 2015 but Big Red is no stranger to the entry-level sportbike segment. The little CBR put up a big fight, with impressive handling and performance. Read the full comparison:



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